The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 126

Chapter 126: I love you

The moment she opened her eyes, Ethan's sleeping side profile is what welcomed her. Seeing this, Lexi heaved a light sigh before turning her head towards the windshield.

Currently, they were still inside Ethan Lu's car but, it was already parked in the hotel's parking space. When Lexi slowly sat, the jacket that was covering her slid down which caught her attention.

'Sissy, what time is it?' Lexi inquired telepathically before she glanced at Ethan's sleeping figure that was perched on the driver's seat.

On the other hand, Churu was sitting on the car's hood. The moment she heard Lexi, she turned her head to see Lexi's tired countenance.

"Past midnight~ you have already arrived two hours ago but Mr. Main task was afraid to disturb your rest~" As usual, Churu's response had a few more extra information that Lexi didn't ask.

For some reason, instead of waking him up, Lexi leaned her side to the comfortable front passenger seat while staring at his side profile. She then used his jacket as a blanket again.

'Why why me?' After some time, a thought hovered on her mind as she watched his peaceful profile.

Initially, Lexi wasn't serious about the whole system thing. She was just going with the flow because of Churu. However, thinking about her previous tasks, most of it was accomplished by Ethan. She didn't actually break a sweat for him to like her.

Unlike how she chased Morris Liu, Lexi was rather apathetic towards Ethan Lu yet, the man still fell for her without any reason.

Moreover, his confession was the thing she didn't foresee that gained respect from her. She already knew his personality but to stripped himself and reveal all his shameless deeds, Lexi was in awe. Even her, she took a huge devotion to reflect on her misconduct and accept that she was wrong.

Hence, this night not only made them take a step forward with each other but also, she sees him in a new light.

'Comic relief? Huh, Sissy, you are wrong I guess?' Smirking, Lexi spoke inwardly as she was reminded of Churu's information back then.

"In my defense, Mr. Main task is indeed a comic relief but now, he could be considered a second male lead~ and soon the male lead hihi~" Churu cleared her throat as she properly sat on Ethan Lu's forehead like an innocent maiden. She placed her two little palms on her lap as she inhaled and exhaled as if to calm herself.

Lexi rolled her eyes as she shook her head with a smirk on the corner of her lips. Just then, Ethan Lu moved and turned his head to her direction.

"You're awake" He dawdled as he smiled towards her. His gaze softened with satisfaction seeing that Lexi was still there.

"Hmmm. Just resting a little before going back to my room." Humming a tune, Lexi slightly nodded as she immediately found an alibi why she didn't wake him up. After all, she's been awake for tens of minutes but she chose to linger around.

Suddenly, Ethan Lu laid out his palm towards her which made her brows arched in confusion. She altered her gaze to Ethan's smiling face and his hand that was seeking her hand to fill.

"One hour."


"Kidding. 5 minutes." Ethan faintly chuckled as he gently shook his laid out palms.

"Woah, the moment he wakes up, he was already flirting with you~! Just flirt back, you will never know maybe if you do something for once, you'll fall for him as well. Hihi~" Churu as a solid Ethan supporter urged Lexi to give Ethan an opportunity. After all, it was just holding hands and their current status is half dating and half not. Hence, it would be normal for some physical touch.

"Why?" Arching her brows, Lexi ignored the talking dumpling that always instructs her to comply with him every single time.

"Some energy boost." Winking, Ethan continuously raised his brows up and down as if he was certain that she'll hold him. He added,

"I'll have to go home later and I will surely miss yo --" His sentence was interrupted midway when Lexi abruptly placed her hand to his.

"Five minutes."

"Hehe," Ethan chuckled a little louder as he was amused at Lexi's strategy to shut him up.

Looking down on their tangled hands, Ethan's gaze turned even more gentle as he played with her slender and soft hand. Though their relationship was rather complicated, Ethan Lu was more determined to make their relationship official.

"Can I pick you up on your last day here?" After a minute, Ethan asked without turning his head towards her.

"No need. Manager Abi will pick me up."

"Oh alright," He nodded in understanding. Ethan didn't insist further; afraid that she'll be annoyed with his never-ending demands.

One minute before the said time, Ethan indulged himself with the warmth of her hand as if he was treasuring every second that he held her hand. Soon, he broke the peaceful quietness around them.

"I never thought that holding hands can be this satisfying."

Upon hearing this, Lexi pursed her lips as she almost fell asleep because Ethan's touch was too gentle.

"Times up!" Ethan announced as he put her hand back on her lap. At that very moment, Lexi prepped herself to exit the car and go to her room.

It didn't take long enough when Lexi grabbed her purse and the two flowers from the back seat with Ethan's help.

"Uh, thanks. Take care on your way" Lexi awkwardly uttered as she cast him a glance before opening the door and without a word, she exited the car.

Just as Lexi stepped her foot outside, the car's window rolled down and Ethan was smiling while looking at her. He uttered,

"Hey, I forgot something."


"I love you." He grinned widely that revealed his even white teeth.

On the other hand, Lexi shook her head as she rolled her eyes. "Drive safe." She tapped his car's hood before resuming on her tracks towards the hotel's lift.

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