The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 213

Chapter 213: What a decesive woman

Lexi attempted to bury the back of her head on the backrest of the sofa but to no avail, it only added a centimeter distance between them. She was caught off guard by his sudden change of behavior hence, it made her swallow a mouthful of saliva and momentarily recomposed her mind.

"Dear, didn't I warned you about my limits? Aren't you afraid I'd do something that you wouldn't like?" Slowly, in a deep low tone, Ethan Lu whispered while marginally raising his right brow.

"Like what?" She intrigued. Fortunately, she got a hold of herself and managed to stay calm after several seconds.

"Like, this" Using his fingertips, Ethan Lu traced her shoulder down to her hand on the armrest before gently lifting it up and place a soft, arousing kiss on the back of her hand.

"And this," This time, he placed a peck on her wrist and on her arms then skipped to her shoulder. Every light kisses he made including her shoulder part that only touched the shirt and not directly on her skin still sent shivers on every part of her body.

"Also this" While gently putting her hand down, Ethan Lu kissed her left cheek then continued to do his activity on her jaw then to her neck.

Lexi felt his breath started to heat up, the same as hers. She was taking heavy breaths whenever his moist lips touched her skin as if her body was involuntarily reacting to him.

Ethan Lu then moved on her other cheek and did the same sequence of slow kisses producing faint smooch sound. When he was done, he slightly retracted his head and stared at her already flushed face. The proud front she usually bore was still there but with the blush on her cheeks, she appeared extra adorable and seductive at the same time.

"I told you, you wouldn't like it when I tease seriously" After these words escaped from his mouth, Ethan Lu leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

It was a soft peck and then seemingly dissatisfied with it, he leaned forward and did it again. He showered her thin lips with soft pecks for as many as he could remember before it settled there for a deep long one.

Once again, their lips were locked together and their tongues danced concurrently in constant motion. With every second, their already heavy breaths turned heavier as their body temperature gradually rose.

Unconsciously, Lexi's hands raised, smoothly wrapping on his neck and her arms rested on his shoulders. Her light touches sent sparks and butterflies in his stomach that made him, once again act on instinct.

Initially, Ethan Lu just wanted to tease her for her cruelty earlier and for giving him mini heart attacks with her advances. However, after kissing her several times in different areas, he couldn't stop or rather, he didn't want to just yet. After all, she was now his lover.

Parting his lips from hers and in one swift move, Lexi's light body was on his arms and he strode towards the bed. Upon seeing where he was carrying her, she pursed lips but said nothing.

For some reason, instead of thinking where this would end, Lexi focused to steady her breathing as she knew he wouldn't stop just yet.

Ethan Lu then tenderly laid her down on the bed as if she was the most fragile thing in the world. As he successfully laid her on the bed while he was on top of her being supported by his hand on her side. Ethan Lu stared at her flushed natural fierce front and appreciate every detail of her facial features.

Raising his other hand, he stroked the few strands of hair on her cheek and gently tucked it behind her ear. He then wordlessly caressed her jaw by the back of his index finger as his eyes turned even darker.

"Love" Through his hoarse, deep voice that came out naturally, his eyes screamed with overwhelming desire both love and lust.

He knew his limits of how far he could go. However, with their disposition right now, he might cross the line and explore the depths of her body her naked body.

"... please resist and say stop." Lowly pleading, his pair of inked eyes gazed down on her nut-brown ones. "I lust for your body clothed or bare, but I desire your heart more than anything."

Upon hearing his last remarks, a subtle smile formed on the corner of her lips as she stared at his breaking resistance. His unruly hair, his eyes that spoke a thousand words, and his honest lips she appreciated it more.

In retrospect, Lexi did preserve his chastity for her wedding night with Morris Lou. However, that didn't mean she wouldn't surrender her body to him if he asked her to even before that. After all, she had given her heart to him and her body was just another bonus. Therefore, even though she wanted to fully heal her heart with time Lexi knew that her heart would eventually be occupied by this man before her.

Then, was giving her body first a losing gamble?

"Alright..." Lexi whispered that made Ethan Lu slightly creased his brows as he was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

After a beat, Lexi leaned forward and initiated a kiss that made him faintly groaned in pleasure. Without further ado, Ethan Lu turned aggressive as he pressed his lips against her deepening the kiss.

She's turning him mad.

She should have said stop when he asked her to yet, she defied and did the complete opposite. Thus, there was no turning back he couldn't back down anymore.

His hand immediately slid inside the shirt she was wearing and stroked her bareback upward. To his surprise that made his groin hardened even more was, she wasn't wearing an undergarment. He only needed to travel a little to the front and he could be able to feel her unsecured breast with his hand.

"Love, " As their kiss intensified with tons of biting and sucking, Ethan Lu lowly growled in between their kisses.

"Ahh, sh*t" He meekly cursed as the desire of making love with her gradually took over him. Ethan Lu nibbled on her neck while his hand on her back tenderly traveled to her front and without a pause, he cupped her right breast that perfectly fitted his hand.

"Mhmm" Lexi let out a soft moan as for the first time, her body was being invaded by a man by Ethan Lu and it felt exclusively arousing. His palm was warm as he gently fondled on her breast and then caressed her nipple by his thumb.

After a second, Ethan Lu slid his knee in between her legs as he stopped from nibbling on her neck and sat on his knees. Since the room was brightly lit, Lexi could clearly see his luscious front that was asking for more.

After a second, Ethan Lu removed his shirt and revealed his honed chest and abs. He unhesitantly tossed his shirt on the side of the bed before owning her lips once more. As he does so, his hand held on the hem of her shirt and slowly going upward exposing her toned tummy.

Knowing that he was removing her shirt without breaking the kiss, Lexi snaked her arms around his neck and as if on cue, he slightly lifted his upper body by a hand along with her without breaking the kiss and slowly removed her top.

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