The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 34

Chapter 34: You should smile more often

Thank the heavens and the Lords that Lexi successfully kept her temper at bay albeit through the skin of her teeth. She smiled,as usual, converse using uttered flowery words, and actually acquired business calling cards from some of the influential businessmen. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Hence, despite Ethan's constant teasing, she survived until they congratulate Seraphina Yue one last time and wished her the best of luck in leading the Yue International Empire.

After the Chairwoman Seraphina Yue took her leave, Lexi humbly waited for the other big names to leave before leaving herself. While waiting, Lexi approached Wren Tanaka who finally separated from the Chairwoman of Yue International.

"CEO Tanaka," All smiles, Lexi smoothly called out. Since Wren, for some reason, wasn't leaving and seemed to have a change of his mood as Lexi took a glimpse of him, clenching his jaw. Alas, just when she called out, Wren instantly got his easy-going persona as if the annoyed expression Lexi saw seconds ago were just a figment of her imagination.

"Miss Yang~!" As usual, Wren's approach was that of an ever-friendly one that reeled anyone who he talked with. "I would like to say I really appreciate you granting my invitation." He added with a wide grin.

"No, CEO Tanaka, it was me who should sincerely thank you for allowing me to meet all these respectable men." With an open heart, Lexi candidly spatted her gratitude towards the man. Indeed, this opportunity opened doors for different opportunities that the Yang Family could take in the future and Lexi could not be more grateful to Wren.

Sensing the profound genuineness of her words, Wren smiled brightly as he gestured Lexi to accompany her for a while. "Miss Yang, mind if you assist me for the time being?"

"My pleasure."

With that, both of them exited the spacious dining hall keeping their professional distance. For Lexi, seeing that Ethan Lu was dragged away earlier along with those other businessmen, she was relieved that she doesn't have to put up with his teasing.

Glancing at the man beside her, Lexi muster the courage to ask the real purpose of why Wren Tanaka invited her to such an event. Moreover, just like what Churu told her several days ago, she should ask every once in a while instead of guessing all the time.

"CEO Tanaka, if you don't mind me asking, I have been wondering why you gave me this opportunity?

"As you know Miss Yang, I had a habit of seeing something or even someone's potential to the betterment of my company… so, I always take the gamble."

Hearing his nice response, Lexi was somewhat flattered. She was reminded that in recent years, she never felt appreciated with all her hard work she did for that certain man. She almost forgot her worth despite keeping her proud front.

Lexi slightly bit the lower of her lips as she restrained herself from showing a huge grin. She didn't notice the figure of the dazzling Ethan Lu ahead of them as she briefly cast her gaze down.

Ethan Lu, on the other hand, had a glimpse of the smiling Lexi as if a kid that has been flattered by something and constraining herself to show it. For some reason, a glint flashed across his bewitching eyes and approached the two figures ahead of him.

"CEO Tanaka, Miss Yang," slightly bowing his head, Ethan Lu greeted. Lexi who heard Ethan Lu's voice again raised her head to meet his momentarily. For some reason, she saw an inexplicable gaze from Ethan as he glanced at her before turning his attention to Wren Tanaka.

'Huh? What was that?'

"CEO Tanaka, I'm sorry to interrupt your time with Miss Yang but --" However, before Ethan Lu could finish his sentence. He was abruptly interrupted by Wren.

"Director Lu, if you were jealous of someone, how will you look at that person?" Out of the blue, Wren who seemed to be bothered by something asked which puzzled Lexi and Ethan.

Yet, even though Ethan Lu wasn't certain of what he was referring, he still smiled that showed his even white teeth. "Such a shame but I never felt jealousy… from then and now, CEO Tanaka." Ethan bluntly responded with confidence.

Lexi who perceived his answer nodded inwardly in agreement. If anything that she agrees with Ethan Lu throughout his nonsense the whole night, this statement actually convinced her without a question.

"Oh?" Wren who didn't probe any further but unlike his mood earlier, it was as if something was bugging him yet, Lexi was appalled how fast Wren Tanaka could change his personality in a split second. However, just as Ethan Lu could continue what he was saying, Wren's assistant suddenly came out of nowhere.

The assistant whispered something which made Wren Tanaka nodded before turning his attention back to Lexi and Ethan's direction, "Well, it seems I have to excuse myself first. Director Lu, we'll talk again some other time." Wren pulled something from inside of his tailored blazer and then gave it to Lexi.

Of course, without looking at it, Lexi smiled as she accepted the obvious business card of the man. For her, even though she missed the chance to open the discussion of her main concern, with Wren Tanaka's contacts on her hand, she'll surely get her chance soon.

"Call me if you need anything, Miss Yang. Director Lu, I would like to meet you again in the future as well." With that said note, Wren slightly bowed his head and left with his assistant; leaving the two alone.

Lexi looked down on her hands and confirmed that the small card Wren Tanaka gave her was his business card. Only several businessmen could contact him without going through his assistant thus, she felt honored. Just the overwhelming feeling from her experience and having a sliver of hope for the dilemma of the Yang Family, Lexi could not help the side of her lips but curled upward in glee.

"You should smile often, you know." Ethan commented seeing her concealed smile.

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