The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 55

Chapter 55: I'm a changed fairy now, chu~!

Seeing Morris Liu's icy glance that can freeze anyone that very instant, Lexi was about to take a step back. Alas, somehow, she didn't.

'I didn't do anything wrong.' That thought hovered on her mind which made her remain to where she stood. 

If it was before, Lexi would have felt that she cheated on him hence, she kept her distance to any guy -- whether they had ulterior motives or just pure interest. Alas, with her strong conviction of moving on from him, Lexi must keep going forward and not take, even a step back.

Ethan on the other hand blinked several times before a huge smile formed on the side of his lips.

"Bro!" He greeted.

"Why are you here?" Alas, Morris Liu ignored Ethan's joyous greeting as he fixed his cold gaze on the person behind him.

"Why, why, why chu! She's here to seduce Mr. Initial task -- got a problem with that, chu?!" Churu humped and instantly retorted just seeing Morris Liu's cold countenance. She was utterly disappointed just having a glimpse of the man and if she could, she doesn't want to see even Morris Liu's shadow.

Lexi's jaw tightened as her ex-fiance slash first love peered at her with that kind dubious look. It's as if piercing her heart with hundreds of needles. Yet, she bravely held her chin up as she mustered all the courage she could gathered and responded calmly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Nice seeing you here, CEO Liu. Di -- Ethan, I'll excuse myself first. I had a good time." She turned her gaze and purposely softened them to Ethan. She then meekly and professionally smiled again to Morris Liu before she began taking stride outside.

Morris Liu who had an unreadable expression when he heard her address Ethan Lu on the first name basis emitted a much colder aura than before. Just as his hand moved, Morris Liu's wrist was caught by Ethan.

"Bro, you here for a girl consultation? Well, you went to the right place! But first, lemme send my girlfriend off." Ethan grinned widely as he loosen his tight grip on Morris wrist and followed Lexi.

Lexi only passed by Morris Liu when she heard Ethan's ambiguous statement. For a second, its as if time slowed down and her heart raced not because she liked it but she feared the outcome. 


"Wowow!! Is that what you call showing his sovereignty, chu~?!" From a steaming hot headed bun to a sparkling little dumpling, Churu's transition of mood was faster than the speed of sound.

When Ethan caught up to her, Lexi looked at him with disdain as she spoke in disbelief, "Girlfriend?!"

"Uh huh, aren't you my girl, friend now? What are you thinking, eh?" As usual, Ethan had a mischievous grin plastered across his face while raising his brows and clarified his side. 

However, unlike the pause he added now, he didn't say it from the beginning and could make a huge misunderstanding towards Morris Liu's end. On the second note, Lexi doesn't need to clarify or explained her abrupt friendship with Ethan to Morris Liu as she no longer his fiance nor unofficial lover.

Unbeknownst to them, Churu who gave a last glance to Morris Liu and saw that he looked at the retreating back of Lexi and Ethan while massaging his wrist that was held by Ethan earlier, made the corner of her lips curled into a mischievous smile.

She sneakily flew downward up to Lexi's foot level and activated her second reward she got from the system.

[Help the host physically activated]

That very moment, Churu held and pulled Lexi's stiletto which caused her to lose her hasty balance and nearly tripped -- face front. Fortunately, Ethan's reflexes were fast enough to catch her.

His firm arm wrapped across Lexi's abdomen and his other hand on her back. "Woah, be careful!" Ethan worriedly reminded her.

Seeing this, Churu turned her victorious pair of eyes on Morris Liu's standpoint and saw his eyes constrict.

"Ha ha, right, die from anger scumbag, chu!" Churu sticked her tongue out as she mocked Morris Liu. Aside from her facial session, Churu never felt this satisfied in her whole dumpling existence.

When Lexi got back on her footing with the gentle assistance of Ethan Lu, her gaze shifted to Morris Liu out of habit. Since Morris just entered Ethan's villa, she didn't know if he saw what just happened or not.

"Thank you," She thanked Ethan before she shifted her gaze on him. Alas, Lexi didn't catch the inexplicable expression on Ethan when she turned her gaze on Morris direction.

"Told ya, I'm a reliable big bro. Go now, take care on your way home alright? Or, you'd like me to drive you home?" Ethan offered with his usual playful tone which distracted Lexi from her thoughts.

"No need, thanks." She waved him off then nonchalantly hitched on her ride and sped away.


Inside her luxury car as Lexi drove herself home, she glared at Churu.

"Churu, why did you do that?" Now that only her and Churu was inside the car, Lexi could now confront the little dumpling without thinking of her surroundings.

"Chu~! Forgive me chu~! I know my wrongs and reflected on it chu~! I'm a changed fairy now chu~!" On her knees, Churu held both of her hands high as she apologized. By the looks of it, Churu seemed the whole world wronged her unjustly which made Lexi's brows twitched.

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