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  • The Rise Of Xueyue

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The Rise Of Xueyue summary:

Xueyue“s life was filled with nothing but unfortunate events. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father abandoned her for another family, her stepsister stole her beloved, and she was framed for a murder she didn“t commit. Sentenced to death by beating, Xueyue thought her horrible life would finally end. After her body was thrown into the forest, left for the animals to c...

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The Rise Of Xueyue Chapters

Time uploaded
183 Red17 hrs ago
181 Alone2 days ago
178 All Yours3 days ago
171 A Dimwi6 days ago
160 What Ifa week ago
154 Moving On2 weeks ago
153 Scars2 weeks ago
150 For The Bes2 weeks ago
149 Part Ways2 weeks ago
146 Pitiful2 weeks ago
145 One Hear2 weeks ago
141 Bachelors2 weeks ago
138 Scheme3 weeks ago
136 The Truth3 weeks ago
134 Paranoid3 weeks ago
133 Speechless3 weeks ago
132 Cruel3 weeks ago
128 His Woman3 weeks ago
121 My Woman3 weeks ago
118 I Cant.3 weeks ago
117 Selfish3 weeks ago
116 A Genius3 weeks ago
115 Sensitive3 weeks ago
113 True Colors3 weeks ago
112 Lonely3 weeks ago
108 You Traitor3 weeks ago
107 Admitting I3 weeks ago
101 Suitors3 weeks ago
97 Tender Touch3 weeks ago
96 How Weird3 weeks ago
95 Last Nigh3 weeks ago
93 Bruises3 weeks ago
92 Stalk Me3 weeks ago
91 Protecting3 weeks ago
89 Miles Away3 weeks ago
85 Faul3 weeks ago
85 Eye Candy3 weeks ago
84 Eye Candy3 weeks ago
83 Liar3 weeks ago
80 Promised3 weeks ago
76 Foul Things3 weeks ago
68 Please3 weeks ago
67 Little Lady3 weeks ago
66 Drop3 weeks ago
64 Loving You3 weeks ago
63 Naive3 weeks ago
61 The Studen3 weeks ago
60 Jewels3 weeks ago
58 All Nigh3 weeks ago
57 Tea3 weeks ago
54 No One3 weeks ago
53 Evidence3 weeks ago
52 Strange3 weeks ago
50 Control3 weeks ago
49 A Lie3 weeks ago
47 Spinster3 weeks ago
46 Hairpin3 weeks ago
45 A Wish3 weeks ago
42 A Wall3 weeks ago
40 Clingy3 weeks ago
36 Oblivion3 weeks ago
34 Black Jade3 weeks ago
32 Ancient Fox3 weeks ago
31 Injured3 weeks ago
27 Crazy Girl3 weeks ago
21 Hes Royalty3 weeks ago
19 Thats Enough3 weeks ago
16 Never Forge3 weeks ago
15 First Kiss3 weeks ago
13 Young Master3 weeks ago
12 Not An Angel3 weeks ago
8 Mourn For You3 weeks ago
7 Gentle Touch3 weeks ago
6 A Ghos3 weeks ago
5 Not Her3 weeks ago
4 Li Minghua3 weeks ago
1 Prologue3 weeks ago
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