The Rise Of Chapter 50

The audience was astonished by the development happening before them.

Carla who was battle just a second ago was hit and blasted off the stage.

Carla looked at her opponent in shock and then shame and at last an uncontrollable anger.

She crashed outside of the stage, she wanted to get up and kill the bastard before her, but she couldn't do anything because of the unimaginable pain in her cheat.

Lloyd original wanted to knock-out his opponent, so his attack was heavy.

Because of the change in the direction of Lloyd's attack, entire energy was focused on Carla's chest.

Seeing that Carla was off the stage, Elder Wade announced, "Lloyd wins"

Carla knows that she lost but when Elder Wade finally confirmed it, she couldn't take it anymore as she vomited blood in anger and lost conscious.

Hearing Elder Wade, Lloyd walked down off the stage and towards the waiting area.

Seeing that Lloyd was acting like nothing has happened, the youngsters in the crowd was enraged.


"I want to beat the hell out of him"

Lloyd didn't know the influence of the twins.

They appeared as a goddess to them. Their beauty may take anyone's breath away with one look.

Combined with their talent for cultivation which was the one of the highest in the clan.

Men were taken back by their beauty and talent and wanted to conquer any one of them. Some even worshiped them as a goddess.

While women fancied them and wanted to be them. They even felt that even being jealous was meaningless.

"I can't take it anymore. I don't care even he is the second young master"

"At first he cheats then this"

"A Cheater and Pervert"

They started to shout and make a nuisance.

Nobody knows about Lloyd actual power. Seeing how easily he won the first round, they sub-consciously believed that he was cheating. they don't want to believe that he was strong.

The number of people who started to hated Lloyd increased at a rapid phase.

At first, there were only ice phoenix juniors, but fire phoenix juniors also joined them.

Lloyd who was walking didn't hear any of it. Normally he would have heard even small discussions in the crowd but now his mind was distracted.


"So soft"

"Howhow can it be so soft"

Lloyd murmured as he was still looked at his hand with an excited expression.

Among the crowd, only a few of them saw how the battle ended. Alder and Rodney were among them.

"Alder, it is getting out of control. Should I explain how it really happened?" Rodney asked.

"NO," Alder said.

"butthis will ruin Lloyd's reputation," Rodney said.

Alder didn't say anything but was looking at Lloyd.

'From the looks of it, he didn't seem to care at all about it' Alder thought.

'let's see how you manage it' Alder thought.

To remove even one black mark from one's name is a very hard process. So, Alder wants to use this opportunity.

Just as Lloyd return to the waiting area, Leland who was waiting of Lloyd and wanted to congratulate him on his battle but just as he opened his mouth, he closed it immediately.

'If I congratulate now, wouldn't be I encouraging his action' Leland thought.

Derek, on the other hand, patted on Lloyd's back as he laughed and said, "you made even more opponent than me"

Just as Derek patted on his back, Lloyd woke up from his trance with a confused face on the remark of Derek. that's when he heard the crowd and astonished by them.

Elder Wade who was about to announce the next was caused by the uproar.

'these brothers are really something' he thought.

'one of them made the crowd admire him so much that they may even kill anyone for him while the other made the crowd hate him so much that they may kill anyone who stood up for him' Elder Wade thought as he sighed.

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