The Sacred Ruins Chapter 574


The third in the cosmosPrincess Yaoyao’s fiance during that timemust have been a stunning character. Otherwise, Yaoyao’s parents wouldn’t have given him the time of day.

However, some of the events that had happened back then made people feel bitterly disappointed. Nearly the entire group of talented geniuses from the Kunlun mountains died in the war, and in the end, Yaoyao alone remained to meet the geniuses of the universe. The betrayal of the Xilin clan’s Wei Heng, known as the ninth under the starry skies, was nothing, but even the third under the starry skies, Yaoyao’s fiance, had abandoned her and left.

At that time, his teacher, a ferocious heaven-illuminator, had taken away his disciple. However, if the third under the starry skies had been sufficiently resolute, there would surely be a different story about them.

Thus, Yaoyao had always downplayed the old matters, saying that this person had already died and that she had no relationship with him. She didn’t deliberately evade the issue and did not actively bring it up; instead, she treated it with an air of disregard.

Now, the third under the starry skies had come. This shook the sea of stars and frightened all of the races, but Yaoyao herself was fairly indifferent. She only exposed a slight look of surprise.

“Yaoyao.” Her name was called out from the space. That person had come. He too belonged to Earth and was the strongest genius to leave this place. After an endless period of time, he had come back once more.

This was the first step he had stepped on the path home since his departure back then.

In the space beyond Earth, the experts from various races had yet to leave. They were all watching this somewhat hazy person who was respiring starlight. It seemed as though the heavens lay all around him, and he was going to illuminate it!

At this time, the saints’ hearts were all pounding in complete shock because this person’s power was too strong and somewhat excessive. The entire heavens seemed to hold him supreme.

“Yaoyao!” the third under heaven called out once more from beyond Earth. His aura was terrifying and made people tremble restlessly.

Presently, he was a legend, referred to as the person most likely to become a heaven-illuminator. Some said that he already had one foot over the threshold and would arrive at the realm very soon.

“Kun Yu, you have some nerve coming back to this planet!” Lin Qi spoke that person’s name.

Everyone gasped. Normal people didn’t dare mention this name. They were all incomparably afraid because he would be able to look down on the various races very soon.

Lin Qi’s hair danced in the wind. His handsome face was frosty, and his aged eyes were filled with coldness and dissatisfaction. He was filled with disgust for this person.

“Lin Qi,” said Kun Yu gently, “long time no see.”

“Actually, I’m unwilling to see you again in this lifetime. You have some gall coming back to this planet. In order to survive, you abandoned your fiance. Do you have any courage fitting of a man?

Kun Yu took respired all of the starlight in the solar system. Clearly, he had now cultivated himself to a level incomprehensible to ordinary people. He was on the verge of a breakthrough, and even while coming here, he wouldn’t set aside his cultivation. He continued as before.

He pondered for a moment and said, “You don’t understand.”

Then he took the first step. He was as powerful as Lin Qi; even those referred to as the strongest of the saints couldn’t block him. He stepped over unhurriedly.

Afterward, Kun Yu spoke through spiritual transmission once more, saying that he wanted to meet Yaoyao.

“This person”

Outside of the Earth, a young person wanted to speak, but in the end, his race’s saint immediately unleashed his suppressive might to shut the youth’s mouth tightly. That person couldn’t say a word.

This was because the saints were all afraid of the consequences. They feared he would say something disrespectful and provoke Kun Yu. Even the saints had to fear such a legendary character.

Kun Yu sighed lightly and let out a terrifying rumbling sound from his mouth and nose. It was as though heavenly thunder had blasted through the void, and it was so shocking that everyone trembled.

He swept his eyes in all directions; his gaze changed and became incomparably deep. Even all of the saints couldn’t help but lower their heads, and none of them dared to look him in the eye. The hair on everyone’s body stood up.

“Princess Yaoyao, do you need me to spread word of his crimes and drive scold him until he leaves?” Black Ox wanted to say ‘drive him away’, but in the end, he changed his statement. He knew that it wasn’t realistic, and that he could only scold him.

“Sister Fairy, this guy is so troublesome, isn’t he? Let me go and spit perfume all over his face!” Ouyang Feng said while patting his chest.

Chu Feng also looked at Yaoyao. He had never anticipated that Yaoyao’s fiance, the third under the starry skies, would appear. It was so unexpected!

“Don’t rush into action,” said Yaoyao. With a whoosh, she transformed into a stream of light and arrived at the peak of the heavenly vine once more.

Beyond Earth, that person was standing in front of the heavenly vine. His silhouette gradually became clearer, and his real face was exposed. His white clothes were flawless, and he had a heroic and mighty appearance. He was truly an exceptionally beautiful man.


With a brush of his hand, the entire heavens dimmed, and only this area retained a hazy light. He seemed to have suppressed all of the suns, moons, and stars. Everything went dark.

As for the Origin Beast Platform and heaven’s eyes from other organizations, they were unable to capture the situation. They were all disconnected.

Meanwhile, outside of Earth, the cultivators from each race and those powerful evolvers were horrified as well. This was because there was only pitch darkness before their eyes, and they couldn’t see the scene in front of them.

The peak of the heavenly vine was here. It was as though it were isolated from the world, and outsiders couldn’t perceive it.

Kun Yu spoke. He was as radiant as jade, and his face was no longer gentle. He exposed his true appearance as he discussed with Yaoyao.

However, others couldn’t peek in at them because this place had formed a world of its own. All of the saints felt fear and trepidation under Kun Yu’s strong aura.

Many people realized that this area of the heavens was trembling, caused by the long breath of a powerful expert. This was Kun Yu’s intentionto suppress this world and intimidate everyone.

In reality, with his current status, who would dare to cause misfortune for themselves? His teacher was an old and well-known heaven-illuminator expert. Nowadays, he himself was on the verge of success and was regarded as a rising power in the universe.

Finally, outer space returned to tranquility and was no longer dim. The stars once again bathed everything in their light, and the people could see Kun Yu and Yaoyao.

“Yaoyao, you really won’t come with me? My master traversed the edge of the primal chaos to explore an ancient universe. He narrowly escaped death and obtained an immortal panacea. Perhaps it can save you.”

The people didn’t know what they had previously spoken about, but they caught Kun Yu’s final words.

“Leave and don’t come back again.” Yaoyao rejected him.

The people didn’t know what had happened; they only saw Kun Yu turn around and step onto a prismatic path. He dared to directly penetrate the solar system and walk out from this part of the cosmos, soon vanishing into the distance.

There was a whooshing sound as Yaoyao transformed into a beam of flowing light and disappeared from the heavenly vine. She lifted a hand, and a rain of light danced about, shrouding the area. People of the outer realm were unable to peek through.

She stood entranced in the mountains and was extremely silent.

“Princess Yaoyao, are you okay?” Black Ox carefully and solemnly asked her.

“Who doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend? This is nothing! Who is sister fairy? In the heavens and on Earth, only she is supreme. Naturally, she’s okay,” cried Ouyang Feng with an air of indifference. Then he encountered utter tragedyhe was directly flipped over and landed on his back with his feet in the air. His frog belly was especially swollen and continuously inflated like a huge balloon being blown up. That was the energy inside his body surging and on the verge of exploding.

He instantly understood what was happening and began flattering her excessively. This buffoonery had irritated Yaoyao and put her in a bad mood. She wanted to teach him a lesson.

“Sister, I’ve made a mistake. Forgive me!” he shouted.

“I want to eat divine beast meat, Chu Feng. Stew him for me,” said Yaoyao.

“Alright, I wanna eat too.” Chu Feng walked over, picked up Ouyang Feng, and soaked him in the creek. He was washing the toad thoroughly.

“Hey, save me! Sister Fairy, I was the first divine beast raised by your family. How can you treat me like this? Nowadays, you and I are the only two people left from such a big family,” cried the toad. Then he looked at Chu Feng once again and said, “You, Surnamed Chu, are you really going to do me in? I’ll fight it out with you. I can’t believe I wanted to let you be my brother-in-law! Sh*t, you dare to stew me? I’ll beat you to death or I’ll take you down with me!”

The Kunlun mountains were petrified. Regardless of whether it was black yak, Yellow Ox, the old donkey, Zhou Quan, or the other demons of Kunlun, all of them were flabbergasted.

Yaoyao cast a sideways glance. Her figure was elegant, her skin was like congealed resin, and her beautiful hair danced in the wind. She was especially lustrous as she looked at Chu Feng with something that was almost a smile but not quite. Her fair face was flawless, and even Chu Feng fell within the scope of her smile’s destructive power.

In just an instant, Chu Feng’s heart jumped, and he felt a bit absent-minded. The former number one in the starry skies and the most beautiful woman in those days was truly the most splendid in the world.


At this time, Yaoyao reached out a hand and pressed forth. She was not only teaching Ouyang Feng a lesson, but even Chu Feng had become the target of her attack. They became her punching bags.

However, there was one thing that was certainher attacks carried a hint of testing. This was because all of her movements were only at the visualization energy level and hadn’t surpassed Chu Feng’s tolerance.

“Croak!” cried Ouyang Feng. His entire body was covered in gold streaks which emitted piercing light. He was activating a typical toad attack. His two palms blocked as he shouted at Chu Feng, “Brother, this is a test for you. You must win!”

Sh*t! Chu Feng was furious. This damned toad intentionally led him astray and caused him to become the target of Yaoyao’s attack. This divine beast’s conscience was completely rotten.


Chu Feng saw that Yaoyao had indeed activated visualization-level power. He instantly made an all-out effort, hastily pulling out his picture scroll. The hundred most powerful stars appeared and covered the area, causing the mountains to tremble.

At the same time, quick-wits brought about fortune. He once again experienced that feeling of confining the void and condensing the heaven and earth; this was the power of a certain type of “field”.

Not only did he target Yaoyao’s slender jade finger, he also wanted to confine her here.

While he was fighting fiercely with Luo Hong not long before, he had this type of understanding at the very beginning. Unfortunately, he was only successful once.


Yaoyao was surprised and felt this was quite unexpected. Her figure was sluggish; it had been hindered by Chu Feng’s picture scroll and that domain’s energy. It was as though she were sinking into quicksand.


Yaoyao’s other hand formed a spotlessly white and crystalline fist that smashed toward Chu Feng. She was really attacking this time and wasn’t the least bit modest. However, her style was still as exceptional as ever.

Chu Feng instantly sensed the sharp increase in pressure. The formless field he had just revealed was about to be ripped apart. He wouldn’t be able to restrain his opponent.


In an instant, he shot out the hundred coarse stone balls. This was energy form he had developed.

Afterward, the space between Chu Feng’s eyebrows glowed, and in a flash, he completed the task of carving runes. He turned the hundred stone balls into magnetic stones, and he had carved all kinds of mysterious symbols into them to form an extraordinary domain.

He then continued to suppress her with this. At the same time, his picture scroll glowed and flew forward with multiple combinations. He was going to seal the visualization-level Yaoyao.

Unfortunately, he had only just passed the threshold of comprehension. He still wasn’t adept and strong enough. Yaoyao’s body erupted with light as she also activated an indescribable field power, forcing him to fall back.

“In the visualization realm, only by truly touching the wonderful use of ‘fields’ can you continue to develop and be counted as a top-notch young expert of the universe. Otherwise, your reality will not live up to its name.”

Yaoyao spoke, warning Chu Feng.

“In our generation, the truly exceptional talents had all touched this field. I assume it’s pretty much the same now.”

For Yaoyao to speak like this, it seemed as though she feared that after Chu Feng’s victory over Luo Hong, he would get complacent. She was afraid that he would feel as though he had become one of the universe’s peerless talents and show contempt for the experts of each race.

Chu Feng solemnly nodded upon hearing this. He was starting to understand that the road of evolution was without limit. No matter how strong he was, there would always be someone stronger.


It was at this moment that Yaoyao’s body staggered and almost fell to the ground. Clearly, her body had some issues.

Chu Feng subconsciously ran over to lend an arm for support. The instant he laid a hand on her, he felt the warm softness of her small waist. Her body was very real; it had warmth and fragrance.

This time, it was Chu Feng’s turn to be bewildered and a bit shocked. Wasn’t Yaoyao a lingering will? He had thought that she might be an existence formed of energy, but now it was clear she had a body of blood and flesh. She was like warm jade.

Yaoyao lightly brushed him away. Chu Feng let go and couldn’t help but fall back.

Then, she saw the toad opening his big mouth while staring at her and Chu Feng. In an instant, he was kicked into the air.

“Why did you kick me!? I won’t accept this!” cried the toad while rolling in mid-air. There was a booming sound and rolling smoke and dust as he crashed into a distant mountain peak.

At this moment, the black yak, Manchurian Tiger, and the old donkey exposed a peculiar look.

Yaoyao had a serious look on her face when she stared at them and said, “My body isn’t well. My time is almost up, so I’ll seize this moment to say some things.”

Whether it was Yellow Ox, Chu Feng, or the demons of Kunlun, everyone grew serious and listened carefully.

“Kun Yu was the third under the starry skies, but now his power is terrifying and boundless. He wants to make me use the inherited ancient energy pagoda of this world to bring him into Earth’s space. He wants to use this awakening planet to cast his own peerless body and illuminate the heavens here. That will inevitably exhaust innumerable years of accumulation.”

The toad hobbled back over and said, “Ah, this kid is no good after all. Back then, he ran faster than everyone, and now he sees some advantages so he wants to come back once more and monopolize them. No way is that happening.”

Yaoyao kicked him once again and sent him flying before she said, “Although I rejected, I understand him. This person will inevitably think of any way to come back and reach illumination here to prove his peerless form. As soon as he’s successful, this place will surely decline forever. So your time is urgent!”

She looked at Chu Feng, then at Yellow Ox, and then finally she shot a glance at Ouyang Feng. It was clear that among these people, these were the three that she had the greatest hopes for.

“He said that even his disciples’ disciples are an exceptionally talented generation and can suppress all of the true ones and false ones on Earth.”

Yaoyao mentioned the conversation held not long ago and reminded Chu Feng and the others that Kun Yu’s bloodline might be an unimaginably great foe.

This instantly infuriated Yellow Ox, Ouyang Feng, the black yak, and the great demons of Kunlun. This person’s temperament was so cold that he could leave the Earth. Now, he had only come back to make demands; later on, he might go so far as to become a terrifying enemy.

Yaoyao continued and said, “Time will not wait for me. Now, everyone is eying covetously. I cannot keep following the prescribed order. I might have to leave Earth to go and revive myself!”

Yaoyao’s words made their eyes go wide with apprehension.

Chu Feng was also watching her and exposed a look of worry.

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