The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 348


The saber energy was as ethereal as smoke. As if it was born of hearts, it nonstop reminded people of unforgettable obsessions.

People in the mortal world would go through all kinds of loves, grievances, resentments, and separations. All of those unforgettable memories would grow on their hearts at midnight when they were sleepless, making them feel extremely regretful and sorrowful.

Fire Demon was not born a demon. It was a man once, so it had to have some profound trauma that could be evoked. Meng Qi’s severe countercharge was living proof. Now, his heart was full of scorching flames. His eyesight was blocked by them, and the heat quickly spread along his other parts. He was in a state opposite of peace and quiet.

Fortunately, he had fought with Jiang Hengchuan, and prepared himself for the impossible countercharge and intervention. He used his heart sutras to forcibly compose himself again after feeling stunned for a little while.

However, much to his much surprise, Fire Demon was not immersed in its past. It used its Devil Qi to absorb all hatred and indignation generated by its traumas, and turned them into fuel.

As its Devil Qi became richer, a shapeless flame layer appeared to emerge from its hairless skin, making it look brighter, hotter, and bloodier.

After a scream, Fire Demon made flames again, creating a magmatic hell.

With its right hand becoming a claw, it drove its crimson flames to affix the claw’s surface, and then the claw swiftly grabbed the Heaven Inflicted Pain Saber.

Devil Qi had a hold on all kinds of emotions brought about by Peace Quietude Split and Mortal Dust Fall. The more furious and greedier a demon was, the stronger it became.

This was the first time that Meng Qi had not given full play to his saber momentum since he had used Ananda Oath-breaking Buddhist Commandment Blade. His saber was stopped.

As the flames surged up, they seemed to enter his body from the saber.

Fire Demon felt the saber empty inside at that moment.

It felt like that Meng Qi had seen it coming, and got prepared for it. He flew backward a little quicker than its move.

As if the Devil Qi of the flames was absorbed into a bottomless vortex, it sent him flying backward instead of hurting him, making his speed extremely fast.

He was cheated again… Fire Demon became more enraged. However, it could not catch up with him or use its genuine Qi to launch a remote attack against him due to its push. So, it completely converted itself into a flame light after a stomp, and then rushed at him with the resolve to burn him alive.

Meng Qi flew backward at an insanely rapid speed, as if he was flying by wind. Additionally, his tunic swelled up, making him look like an immortal befalling on the world. Meanwhile, he brandished his long saber toward Soldier Demon.

As far as he was concerned, the previous two Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship moves were ineffective for defeating demons. Instead, they would drive demons crazier. However, he had wielded them with other ulterior motives.

All kinds of desires, such as hate and anger would fuel Devil Qi, refraining demons from being trapped in their past. Besides, their strength would be improved as well. Nonetheless, all creatures would lose their minds and become insane after their extreme emotions surpassed their logic, including demons.

The already arousing obsessions had driven Fire Demon a little crazier. Therefore, it lost its normal control of flames. He had called in ghastly formidable flames. It had forgotten that it might be cheated once again. As a result, Meng Qi borrowed its strength to fly backward to attack his real target, Soldier Demon.

In his original plan, he just wanted to drag Fire Demon to create an opportunity to jointly attack Soldier Demon with Qi Zhengyan. From the very beginning, he had abandoned defense. He intended to collaborate with Senior Bother Qi to remove the two demons one by one.

Having been slightly hurt, he felt his meridians being burned with two strands of nose blood streaming down. Even so, he oppressed the pain, and used his Eight Nine Mysteries to thrust his Heaven Inflicted Pain Saber out nine times from the top.


As the layers of airflow were condensed, the purple Thunderclap became nine ferocious dragons, pouncing on Soldier Demon.

Since Soldier Demon was in a heated battle with Qi Zhengyan, it was forcing him into a n unfavorable position. But, it had never thought that someone would sneak-attack it from behind.

In its eyes, Fire Demon was at the level of Half-step Exterior Scenery with great power, and Meng Qi had not induced his Nine Acupores. Thus, he should be lucky that he was not defeated quickly, and it never occurred that he would still be capable of attacking.

As all of the airflow was absorbed, heaven and earth seemed to become smaller. The nine Purple Thunders intertwined with each other, spilling out terrifying strength, as if they were real heavenly punishments.

He could usher in thunders out of nowhere. His saber momentum was tough and fierce. He was surrounded by dancing purple electrical lights. The Thunderclaps were so bright and domineering…Huang Dai and Fan Yu could not help shaking both physically and mentally. Now, they considered Young Master Su a real Thunder God From the Ninth Heaven.

“Crack!” Soldier Demon was so startled that it did everything in its power to block the saber momentum even though it would be wounded by Qi Zhengyan.

Everything would be under control as long as it stopped this strike, and Fire Demon came to its rescue.

Qi Zhengyan abruptly became serious, and used Icysnow Genuine Qi to activate Dragon Stripe Golden Sword.

Due to their common experience of life and death, he had known Meng Qi’s thoughts when seeing him flying to his side. As such, he had prepared himself even without using Secret Voice-sending, leaving no chance for demons at higher realms to eavesdrop.

Suddenly, the surrounding temperature plummeted to beyond freezing. Subsequently, snowflakes fell down out of nowhere, and were immediately frozen into icy layers.

Like a hornless dragon, the cold sword Qi pierced through the air, and stabbed Soldier Demon.

As Soldier Demon was about to take the direct hit, it could have turned around to stop the Sky Thunder with its trump card. However, it saw the coming cold lights and immediately made up its mind to resist the sword Qi.

As if the Devil Qi nearby was absorbed into Soldier Demon, they disappeared into thin air. Black weapons were then popped out beneath its skin, like thousands of soldiers charging forward, causing consecutive weapon-launching sounds.

Although the weapons broke the cold lights, they were trapped in the icy layer, frozen in midair, and then became black snowflakes.

Qi Zhengyan swung his afterglows to force the residual demons away while taking a few steps back. A gush of coldness grows on the body of Soldier Demon with the intent to freeze spreading, obstructing its actions.

A back and forth of the Exterior moves lasts only half a breath, however, the time was enough to kill a man. Plus, Soldier Demon’s blood was frozen.

As the purple electric lights flashed, the long saber that turned into Thunderclap followed closely.


The purple electrical lights flew everywhere, dyeing the ground burned black and setting rotten wood on fire. The Heaven Inflicted Pain Saber cut Soldier Demon in half from its head, as if it had cut a piece of wood.

Soldier Demon died so shocked that its eyes were full of grievance, resentment, and loathing. The two halves of its body then fell toward two sides respectively, without another chance at getting together.

There was no blood and guts streaming out, for they had been burned black earlier by Purple Thunder. How could demons resist the heavenly Thunderclap?

The Devil Qi inside its body rolled, and then condensed into a black 12-sided treasure stone. The stone was dark outside with a luminous light inside.

Having landed on the ground behind it, Meng Qi pointed to Fire Demon who ran after him while wielding his long saber. Staring at its furious shocked eyes, he exclaimed,

“It’s your turn!”

“Smack!” The two pieces of body fell onto the ground at the same time, drawing the attention of Fire Demon, Huang Dai, and Fan Yu.

Meng Qi’s momentum became more fierce than ever now, making him look like the real lord of Thunderclap.

On the other side

Zhao Heng’s momentum changed completely after he flapped his clothes with his left hand. Earlier than this second, he looked handsome with his bright eyes and sword-like eyebrows, but he hid his elegance. His grace, however, was totally visible and almost dazzled whoever looked at him. As though his body was surrounded by the brightly yellow light, the airflow behind his back gathered up into a ferocious dragon.

Now, he was the lord of humanity, so high up that immortals were submissive to him, and demons and devils avoided him.

As his right hand clenched into a fist, he slowly pushed, and then quickened its speed. Even his genuine Qi hit the air loudly.


The August dragon flew along his fist momentum at that moment, darkening the sky. The dancing air flows followed it, attempting to be its helpers.

The earth was shaking like there was an earthquake.

The dragon skyrocketed upwards and disappeared, but most of the zombies that had been brought by Corpse Demon had fallen onto the ground with inability to stand up. Several stood still, as they all were in a trance.

Zhao Heng was quite satisfied with his fist while panting. He then walked forward with his long sword unsheathed, and killed the rest as if removing wild grass.

From another side

Standing back to back, both Tong Yao and Zu Wenzhong were infected with cadaver gas and poisonous gas with their bodies tinted with grayish white and black. Tong Yao’s sword was as strong as thunder, and her Upstanding Qi seemed to be powerful lightening. Zu Wenzhong had the powerful palm with his genuine Qi capable of splitting a stone. Regardless of those facts, they could only try their best to remain alive under the attack of Corpse Demon.

Iron Demon had a face like thunder upon seeing that they struggled to stand up on their feet. It had planned to use more forces to kill them on site immediately. It would then naturally get the Fate-protecting Tripod as long as all its rivals were dead. By then, it did not need to waste its strength to make a chaotic situation inside the ruins.

Furthermore, if it had entered the ruins, it might have come across Taoist Baizhang. If so, it would be dead before Corpse Demon and Fire Demon came to help it.

As soon as it thought about Taoist Baizhang, Iron Demon saw him coming toward itself by wind.“I’m so unlucky!”It complained in its heart. It ordered Corpse Demon to stop him, and it strongly assaulted them in its stead. Since they were less powerful, and they were poisoned, it would destroy them sooner or later. It would then collaborate with Corpse Demon to kill him.

As it put the three people on hold, it hoped that Fire Demon and Soldier Demon could annihilate their opponents as soon as they could, and held all the Jianghu heroes in captivity.


When the thunderous sound dissipated, Iron Demon, Corpse Demon, and Taoist Baizhang saw nine electrical lights in the west. These lights interlinked with each other, and became a giant Thunderclap, as wide as a bucket. They gave off bright purple lights that dazzled their eyes.

“What’s happening there?”

The thought arose in everyone’s mind.

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