The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 349


Chapter 201 Trust

“It’s your turn!”

Thunderbolt Pythons were still jumping around. Their dance impaired Huang Dai and Fan Yu’s eyesight with a bright purple light. A mysterious figure stood upright, blade in hand, intimidating the enemy.

“Soldier Demon died?”

“Soldier Demon really died?”

“The Soldier Demon who rampaged the world died, just like that?”

It was reasonable that they were so shocked that they were not able to stay calm. Soldier Demon was once one of the most famous devils of Skyscraping Palace. He had been so cruel and notorious. Afterward, the whole-body imbuing of Devil Qi caused him to become a real evil spirit. His strength greatly improved. Countless righteous masters were killed or torn apart by him.

One of the Three World-saving Sages had found several opportunities to kill him before, the weaker one among those demons, in order to weaken their strength. However, he had always narrowly escaped or been rescued by reinforcements. Thus, his Devil Whelm spread across Jianghu.

However, today, at this moment, Soldier Demon had been sliced in two within two breaths or so. His death was like a dream happening in front of them.

“Poof!” The halves of Soldier Demon’s body fell down. The sound shocked two girls and Jianghu heroes nearby.

Fire Demon, who had been running, saw Meng Qi’s long saber intertwined with thunder light. His eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

Normally, Soldier Demon would have been protected by Demonic Troop, who were under his control. It would take even a Half-step Exterior Scenery a while to kill him. However, the Demonic Troop had just been sent to fight other opponents…

Normally, if Fire Demon had not been affected by that creepy bladesmanship and controlled by his anger, the hateful enemy would have been attacked by him and badly hurt. It would be impossible for the enemy to attack Fire Demon!

Under normal circumstances, if Soldier Demon had foreseen that his enemy would besiege him, he would have been able to hold out until he regained his strength!

But there are few normal situations in life.

Especially when the opponent is full of intent!

The fire of anger and hatred was again burning in Fire Demon’s heart, stirring up Devil Qi and making him burn with fire.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll burn you!”

Fire Demon’s claw-like right hand launched at Meng Qi. Clusters of fire contracted towards the center of his palm. Its strength was so powerful that Meng Qi was forced to step forward.

While his left hand sphot toward the distant Qi Zhengyan. The fire rolled in the form of a long saber. It immediately split the spreading Cold Qi and evaporated the ice. Suddenly, the scene was surrounded by white mist.

He was confident that he could kill Meng Qi and Qi Zhengyan by himself because Meng Qi had lost most of his mental strength and Qi Zhengyan was much weaker.

Fire Demon used his left hand as a supplement to repress the swordsman and he concentrated most of his strength in his right hand to catch the heart fire. He had tried his best and used his most powerful move!

His right hand was burning with a golden fire. The center of his palm, like a bottomless vortex, absorbed all the surrounding fire airflow. It made them feel that everything around was falling apart. The universe seemed to be in his palm. The attack could not be dodged, so Meng Qi could do nothing but go on defence.

The most horrible thing was that Meng Qi felt that his heart was burning. All of a sudden, he could see nothing but the golden color in front of him. He seemed to have lost his mind and been put in the fires of hell. He was hurt by the burning fire but was unable to escape. It was like a nightmare for him.

This was a mental attack! It was the real power of a Half-step Exterior Scenery move. It not only hurt the body, but also impaired the Vital Spirit!

Evil Spirit Cultivation had all kinds of strange power by merely opening his Evil God Eye instead of Primal Acupore midbrow. Let alone a Half-step Exterior Scenery who had passed the Hidden Latch of life and death.

Among Meng Qi’s previous enemies, Snake King had a weak foundation, so he had forced an opening. It would have been lucky for him if he could have produced some strange effects. Green Cultivator’s realm had retrogressed. Neither Snake King nor Green Cultivator could launch such an attack. Only Duo Ercha could achieve that. But his attack was blocked by His Abbotship Xin Ji’s Buddha treasure. Even so, Duo Ercha was able to use his strong mentality to create illusions to disturb Jiang Zhiwei’s senses.

When attacked by such a move, only masters of Heaven-man Connection level or above could struggle to escape; by using the connection with heaven. Gu Xiaosang was one of them. Gu Xiaosang had Dharmakaya moves and remarkable strength. She was ranked fifth on the Ranking List of Young Masters and was in the realm of Eight Acupores. But even so, she had patiently waited and had not launched an attack until Duo Ercha and Xin Ji His Abbotship had both been badly hurt.

Naturally, he could not rule out the possibility that Gu Xiaosang knew the secret method of concentrating Primal Acupore midbrow or other Dharma Accesss of defending mental attacks ofAdvent of Ajati Matriarch. But she was also uncomfortable at that time. She had long disguised herself as Little Zi and lost all her strength. After she regained her strength, she was unable to reach the peak of her strength in such a short time. Otherwise, when she fought with Duo Ercha face to face, with Gu Xiaosang’s strong and creepy strength, it would not be difficult for her to hurt Duo Ercha and escape safely.

But as for Primal Acupore midbrow, Meng Qi spent more effort cultivating it than Jiang Zhiwei, so he was stronger than Jiang Zhiwei and maybe even stronger than Gu Xiaosang, Wang Siyuan and the others. Meng Qi’s Transformation Strategy, the Immortal Pressing Art and Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth were stronger and stronger. However, even these moves were not stronger than the mental strength of Half-step Exterior Scenery level, but with them, Meng Qi was sure to keep his life!

The “fire” was burning Meng Qi’s Vital Spirit. Suffering from the pain, Meng Qi used Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth. All of a sudden, Meng Qi’s character changed. He became deep and profound. He looked neither merciful nor merciless. He seemed to look down at the vast ground. How could the “fire” keep burning?

Meng Qi’s head hurt and he had a nosebleed. The golden light disappeared before his eyes. The claw appeared again. The fire closely surrounded the claw and the suction power was so horrifying. It was so near to him!

Meng Qi was about to use his Body Movements to dodge the attack when he suddenly sensed the breath of Jiang Zhiwei. She was about three meters away from him with a long sword in hand.

Fire Demon also sensed her coming to Meng Qi’s aid. Her Sky-surging Sword Qi was extremely terrifying. The abhorrent boy in front of him quickly woke up after sufferin from a little pain. Meng Qi’s strength integrated with heaven. He regained the imposing momentum and got rid of the mental attack.

He wanted to retreat. “Where do so many powerful masters come from? They are not masters of nine acupores but they are strong and horrible monsters!”

“It’s good that the mental attack was not so effective. As long as this move can force the enemy to dodge, I can seize the opportunity to run away with the help of the fire escape!”

Meng Qi did not hesitate. The light golden glow was brilliant. He jumped forward and turned his body slightly to the side. He suddenly unleashed his long sword and directly counterattacked!

He believed in Jiang Zhiwei like he believed in himself!

The red flying light shined. It was as beautiful as the sunset clouds at dusk. The sound of air breaking and the sound of the wind both disappeared. The sounds seemed to be assimilated into the pure sword, a dramatic attack.

At the same time, Jiang Zhiwei wielded her long sword. It was so brilliant that it could hit and split the vast sea.

When she withdrew the long sword, she was still about two meters away from Fire Demon. When the long sword was completely unleashed, their distance decreased to within 0.3 meters. The sword light brought out bright lights which could have split the mountains and the seas!

Fire Demon definitely did not dare to counterattack and kill Meng Qi with his claw as Fire Demon was sandwiched by the flying fairy, Jiang Zhiwei, and the desperate man, Meng Qi. Although the strength of their Exterior movements merely equalled a powerful attack from him, because his key points were exposed, if he was hit, he was doomed to die.

He did not have skills like Eight Nine Mysteries and Golden Bell Shield. If he had learnt one of these movements, he could ignore one of the two enemies when he was double attacked by them who were at the same level as him!


The sound of explosion seemed to come from Fire Demon’s body. The golden fire emanated from his eyes, nose and mouth. He was burning like a torch. His hands and legs seemed to transform into wild fires.

He began to spin at a high speed and the fire began to spread in rings. Meng Qi’s Heavenly Fairy pierced the fire but he only felt the heat and hit layers of barriers. His sword was constantly hit by things. Wrapped by the hot fire, Meng Qi’s long sword quickly lost its strength. Any other Refined Weapon was sure to be burned!

“Bang!” Meng Qi was thrown back. His chest had been charred black. The fire was still burning.

His Seven Acupores were bleeding. The bleeding was partly caused by his wound and partly due to the drying up of mentality, the awful headache and low spirits of Vital Spirit caused by his three continuous uses of Exterior moves and Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth.

The sword of separating the sea split the fire sea. Rings of fire broke and retreated toward Fire Demon.

Fire Demon’s hands were ready to counterattack, as if he had been waiting for this. In his judgement, Jiang Zhiwei’s attack was much stronger than Meng Qi’s, thus he saved most of his energy for her attack.

He made a hit and his claws were about to catch Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow. At the exact moment, the sword light suddenly dispersed like swimming fish or flying birds. It flew across the middle of his two claws. Jiang Zhiwei launched two successive attacks.

“It was a feint!”

“She used the most powerful tricks as fake moves!”

Fire Demon did not expect Jiang Zhiwei to be so extravagant. But he could not sense the flow of her genuine Qi or the muscle movements to tell whether her move was real or fake. He could only depend on his eyesight, sense and battle experience to fight. Who knew he had been cheated by her?


He screamed. Although Jiang Zhiwei’s two sword attacks were normal moves, they both hit Fire Demon’s weak points. With Jiang Zhiwei’s own genuine Qi and the sharp Precious Weapons, they also broke the Devil Qi and caused some damage!

Jiang Zhiwei flew above him and landed behind him.

Fire Demon’s eyes bled. The blood was dark red. He wailed mournfully, which shocked Heaven and Earth. If he had not been distracted by Meng Qi, he would have been able to protect his key points even though he had been deceived. At most, he would merely be wounded, not badly hurt!

His body exploded. Flames spattered and fell down in all directions, lighting up the ruins. His real body was unable to be found!

Fire Demon was terrified. He forgot about revenge and all he wanted to do was to escape with the help of the creepy Half-step Exterior Scenery!

Making use of the fire, he jumped. He was about to fight his way out when flakes floated down softly and the ground was covered with ice. The fires gradually died down. His body was frozen.

Qi Zhengyan had practiced Book of Chaos and during his practice, he absorbed all kinds of strange energy since the Qi Concentration Period. Rosy Afterglow Swing had the element of fire, while Azure Blizzard had the element of coldness. Qi Zhengyan sensed the escape, so he immediately wielded his Dragon Stripe Golden Sword. Suddenly, Thousand-mile Freeze was unleashed!

The fire melted layers of ice. Fire Demon’s strength was strong, so even if he escaped in a hurry, he was not likely to be badly hurt, only mildly affected for a split second.

However, Jiang Zhiwei was standing behind him.

The sword, whose name was Yama, was brilliant.

As a sword light lit up, the surroundings seemed to change a little. It was bone chilling and had a hint of Anatta. Huang Dai, Fan Yu and the others felt that heaven and earth were shocked.

Fire Demon was immediately eliminated by the flames. A flying red light clinging to the ground burnt its way ahead. Then it slowly died down and a figure appeared. He lay flat upon his face and remained motionless. Blood and brains slowly oozed from the back of his head, tainting Fire Demon’s red frock.

The deceased: Fire Demon

Identity: One of the Seven Great Demons of Skyscraping True Devil, ranked second.

Cause of death: A sword penetrated his head from the back through the eyebrows.

Murderer: Jiang Zhiwei.

Jiang Zhiwei coughed and spat out blood. The blood quickly burned and then died down, fleeting into the air.

Fire Demon also tried his best to defend that attack. The demon fire invaded her body and she was badly hurt. Of course, her strength was not terribly impaired. After all, Fire Demon had been frozen by The Thousand-mile Freeze for a second.

Fan Yu, Huang Dai and other Disciples completely forgot their search, and forgot the potential attacks of enemies. The Fire Demon, who shocked the world, died in front of them!

“She really was an unsurpassable master!”

“Young Master Zhao’s introduction was right. They are all unsurpassable masters from overseas!”

Among the ruins, one of disciples of Thunderous Sword Godness forced opened the tiles. Suddenly, his eyes brightened. An ancient tripod engraved with numerous ancient words lay there quietly. Its breath was repressed, which is impossible to sense.

“I found it!” He was delighted.

“Thank you. You saved me time.” Suddenly, he heard a beautiful voice.

He looked up in shock, only to see a woman standing in front of him. She was in a dark black frock accented with gold thread. She wore a mask and possessed a noble air. He could not look straight at her.

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