The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle Chapter 14

Wait a minute, Alberto! I had that grizzly meat on my sight, dont take it!

I had it in my sights too!

Hold on, Im the one who supplied the ingredients, so shouldnt you give up that?

Then lets split it in half?

It cant be helped!

Although she may be complaining, I dont hate her

As expected, its fun to have dinner with a large number of people.

I was aiming at that piece the meat too!

Good grief, then Ill have this

I was aiming for that too!

What? Are you aiming at everything that enters in your view?

It was already night and a wide variety of races such as goblins, slimes, high elves, dryads, and a gargoyle crowded together around the fire while having dinner.

It seems that you two became friends rapidly in one day

While we were both contesting for the meat, Mea the dryad who was behind us spoke.

Though her way to talk and actions are a bit like, you know how, but Rize isnt a bad gal

I can hear you! Although I look like this, my ears work perfectly!

Though sometimes she is annoying.


Meas gentle smile was very bright even though it was night.

Its good, the feeling a girl gives.

This is how beautiful girls should be.

Its a waste that Rize does not behave any more this way since she would look better.

What are you doing, Rize-oneechan?

Meat fortune! I can tell tomorrows weather from the light that the meats fat expels! According to my prediction, tomorrow it will snow!

Indeed, what a waste.

By the way, it has been more than a thousand years since snow fell through this territory.

I happy that the matter of cooperation ended well


Mea answered delightlely.

As a result of the conversation between the acting chief Menado, goblins and Mea the Dryad, an alliance was formed.

Although monsters are a problem, they are more for dryas than for goblins. But when thinking about safety within the forest, the deal has a lot of advantages for the goblins.

Even the goblins are able to fight against higher ranked monsters if they possess weapons with fire attribute, It would even help a lot with the werewolves matter.

I think they chose the right option, since hiding behind the barrier is not a definitive solution and wont resolve their problems.

The dryads were already in the process of creating weapons in their village.

Although I have suggested placing a barrier as an extra method of protection, it was rejected.

Dryads look for a new home once a month so it wouldnt make sense to place the barrier.

Although they are capable of eating meat, the reason they move once every month is because the main energy they need to live is included in the earth so if they dont move the land will wither.

Though, it was good that the problem with the monster was resolved.

Since they wouldnt be able to go if the barrier was not there.

Now they can leave with relief.

The dinner ended and now everyone is in the middle of cleaning everything.

The sun sinks completely, and the young goblins begin to fall asleep.

Today too has ended safely.

Or was it what everyone was thinking

Everyone, a big problem!

The harmonious mood was blew off at once.

Mea screams loudly.

For the usually docile Mea to scream, something serious must have happened.

What, what?

What happened?

I with the other goblins gather around Mea.

I discovered a group of werewolves 2 km east from here. It seems that they are heading here.

The goblins began to make noise.

What have you said!

What will we do, what will we do?

Its okay, relax everyone. Right now we have the barrier that Alberto has created for us

Menado wipes out the insecurity of the village goblins.

Besides, in a sense we are lucky that its night and not day since there is no one outside of the village at this time

The majority goes out to hunt by day so it would be problematic if they were to meet the werewolves without any possibility of defending themselves.

Werewolves, eh?

If only we had to fight

then only me and the high elf Rize would be enough against them.

Leave it to me! I will make them regret they were born!

Rize seems like she wants to go out right now.

Like she want to teach them a lesson.

Well go too, Baum!


I think that considering her strength, she is enough to take care of the problem but even so I will go too and take with me a reliable ally.

After all, in a way, Im a little worried about leaving such a problem to Rize.

Wait Rize-chan!! We are still in the middle of our conversation!


There are two two goblin children captured by the werewolves

Two kilometers east of the goblin village

there are five werewolves

Oraaa!! Carry those things fast!

and two goblin children who are treated like slaves.

Their names, Asuta and Rin.

One of the werewolves, sent flying Asuta with a kick from behind.


Asuta frowns from the shock and pain.


Another goblin who could not contain himself when he saw such an act of violence tried to bite the responsible werewolf.

His body full of wounds and blood everywhere.

Youre in the way!


Rin crouches when his stomach is kicked.

Rin! Im fine so

Like Daidarian there were other goblins who regained their freedom when Rannu died.

But unlike him, they had the misfortune to meet with werewolves hidden in the forest when they were trying to get back to their village once the mind control was released.

As a result, they ended as a slaves to the werewolves.

Hey hey, dont be too reckless, well be in trouble if he dies

Another werewolf who was walking a bit further gives him a warning to the werewolf who is assaulting the goblin.

Tch, one or two goblins, whats the difference! Its not like theyre worth so much!

I dont care about that, but youll be the one carrying the baggage if he dies

Tch! Cant be helped!

These werewolves were Rannus subordinates.

Fenrir wolf and werewolves, being a race close to demon king Rannu, they were existences that were treated well in particular at Rannus army.

They were as ambitious and violent as the their master, and they lived freely in their own territory.

So it should be impossible for them to live in a proper way at this point in their lives.

There were few werewolves who changed their posture and went with Beria, a demon king with a serious personality, after Rannus death.

It could be said that was inevitable that they who have lived in their own way until now refused to follow the too serious demon king Beria.

How long will it take us to get to their village?

Lets see. I believe not even a hour. Most of the houses were burned but they should withstand the rains, enough to rest for a while

Among the werewolves are those who participated in the scout unit against Berias army and also those who participated in villages attack.

If that fool didnt lose I wouldnt be going through this! Oraaa! Stand up quickly!



The two goblins were praying.

Praying that there would be no more sacrifices

Praying that there is no one in the village

But they still did not know, that there was the demon kings sister with an ultra-aggressive personality and an unreasonable being.

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