The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 226

At the same time, Lin Xiao cast the Martial Law Gestation Elixir at Li Taixuan in style.

"Lin Xiao, you despicable p.r.i.c.k!"

Wen Biyun almost burst out spitting blood out of sheer rage.

She wouldn't have got captured if Lin Xiao hadn't persuaded her into procuring the Martial Law Gestation Elixir.

Right then, she sensed a threatening vibe of murder around her.

Looking away from Lin Xiao, Li Taixuan's murderous eyes popped into her sight.

"WhatWhat are you gonna do? I'm a disciple of the Piaomiao Pavilion of swordsmanship. My patriarch wouldn't let you get away with that if you had dared to kill me!"

Wen Biyun threatened them in a feinted composed manner.

"Martial Master, please kill the malicious b.i.t.c.h! Then we can gloss it over by putting then blame on the Suomo guys."

Wu Gui stood out and urged Li Taixuan, pointing at Wen with anger.

He had long flown off the handle since she kidnapped him with a sneak attack. It was no different than profanity in his eyes he already took Lin Xiao as his G.o.d.

On hearing that, Li Taixuan's intention to kill grew all the stronger.

He couldn't bear her hurting his junior martial uncle either.

"Could you please spare my martial sister?"

Right then, Qin Xiaomei broke the ice and plead. Previously, she had stayed silent.

Wen Biyun took advantage of her plea as the last resort.

"Little martial sister, please, please turn to your brother for help!"

"Humph! That came once in the blue moon! Now Qin Shou became Qin Xiaomei's senior brother!"

w.a.n.g Manyun put a long face, sneeringly dismissive.

Nevertheless, Qin Xiaomei only stared at her brother, saying nothing.

Even so, Qin Shou got submitted forthwith he hastened to intercede with Li Taixuan for Qin Xiaomei on his knees."

"Esteemed Patriarch, could you please spare my junior sister?"

"Qin Shou! How come you still see her as your sister? Don't you remember how she treated Brother Lin? She didn't repay him for his kindness of saving her. What's worse, she did nothing when her martial sister kidnapped him!"

w.a.n.g Manyun scolded Qin Shou in spite of herself. She found it pretty outrageous.

"SheShe is still my junior sister anyway."

Qin Shou stumbled over his explanation.


w.a.n.g Manyun went lost for words.

"We won't rock the boat as long as you spare us. We can take a vow with blood for that."

At that moment, Qin Xiaomei spoke in a surprisingly poised manner.

Her striking self-composure even turned Lin Xiao's head.

"For your information, we don't dread troublemakers at all."

Lin Xiao responded.

On hearing that, Li Taixuan and the three chief seniors let go of Wen Biyun.

While she was zoned-out, Li Taixuan spoke in haste.

"Get lost before I change my mind!"

As a matter of fact, Wen Biyun felt tempted to talk back.

But she dared not stay there any longer Li Taixuan still retained a ghastly vibe of murder.

She soon dashed off along with Qin Xiaomei.

"JuniorLin Xiao, are you okay?"

Hardly had the two Piaomiao girls left when Li Taixuan rushed to inquire about his junior martial uncle in a terribly concerned voice.

Shaking his head, Lin Xiao extended his grat.i.tude to Li with full respect.

Li Taixuan figured him out right away Lin Xiao deemed it advisable to stay master and disciple in full view.

Hence, he responded in a shoddy master-like tone.

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