The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 227

"Lin Xiao, I did see her hit at your acupuncture points! How did you manage to unblock the congestions?"

"Lin Xiao, you did all the moves so smoothly in style! Could you please teach me?"

"Lin Xiao, it was a great satisfaction! Bet you didn't see Wen Biyun's face as you got hold of the Martial Law Gestation Elixir."

A cl.u.s.ter of Taixuan disciples encircled Lin Xiao out of curiosity. They really wanted to know the way he did that.

Lin Xiao responded with a light-hearted smile and transferred the honor to Li Taixuan.

"As a matter of fact, the credit goes to our patriarch. With his martial capacity standing at the Yinyang Realm, he had long cleared up the acupuncture congestions for me before he imparted me the martial tactics I just used via air as the medium."

Undoubtedly, Li Taxuan had nothing to do with that.

Lin Xiao's body had already become impervious to any external harm any force applied to him would generate a counter force.

Hence, Wen Biyun failed to firmly block Lin Xiao's acupuncture channels, though she did hit right at his points.

Compounded with the supreme martial methods Lin Xiao practiced, his spiritual energy had long surpa.s.sed that of his equals. That greatly benefited him to unblock his acupuncture congestions.

He successfully did that with a single move as Wen Biyun loosened her grip on him when seeing Li Taixuan show up; he waited for an opportunity to fight back after that.

Nevertheless, he would never lay bare the truth behind that he didn't feel like complicating things.

In so doing, Li Taixuan was a proper shield for him to use.

As expected, the Taixuan disciples took a tumble across the board and started to worship their patriarch in a heady atmosphere.

On hearing that, Li Taixuan flushed forthwith he didn't take credit for that at all.

For the same reason, he was unable, to tell the truth, either. Hence, he shifted the topic otherwise.

"This is the Suomo Sect. Do you think you can become men of leisure just because the tertiary chief senior and I am here with you?"

His blame soon ushered in a moment of silence.

They soon recollected themselves and left their excitement behind they already arrived at the Suomo Sect's warehouse.

In there piled up numberless weapons, along with two pieces of spiritual ones.

Apart from that, some of them even spotted books of martial methods as well as martial techniques.

"Esteemed Patriarch, I found spiritualspiritual stones!"

While disciples were busy packing useful stuff, one of them exclaimed in a stuttering voice.

His shout soon drew the attention of all present; they immediately cl.u.s.tered up.

They cast eyes on the disciples' find, however, their excitement soon faded away.

Indeed, there were loads of spiritual stones, but they had a high containment of the element of darkness one of the mainstream elements.

Hence, they could also be termed as the spiritual stones of darkness.

Except for warriors intending to practice the Fiendish Blockade Method, the spiritual stones of darkness were of no use to them.

The sight of them only brightened up Lin Xiao's eyes.

For warriors' part, spiritual stones were nothing but stones containing elements of energy; as far as alchemists and weapon producers were concerned, they meant a lot.

For the spiritual stones of darkness alone, Lin Xiao could name dozens of ways to use them right away.

Hence, they were an out-and-out harvest for Lin Xiao.

Having been following up with Lin Xiao, Li Taixuan beamed happily on seeing him get increasingly interested.

It sufficed to please him that his junior martial uncle found the spiritual stones useful.

He soon turned away other disciples and bade them search for other places.

After that, he approached Lin Xiao, attempting to put the stones away for him.

He was about to do that when Lin Xiao stopped him.

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