The Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 228

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The spiritual stones of the darkness had been deserted out of place there for long. Hence, they would probably generate a burst of a fierce force of the darkness that one could hardly take.

Fortunately, that would not happen to Li Taixuan. He acted on every word of Lin Xiao.

"Martial master, give me the spiritual stones of the darkness and step back."

Li Taixuan soon got all keyed up on receiving Lin Xiao's mandate. He knew he would incur a disaster if he insisted on staying there.

Lin Xiao found his nervous reaction pretty hilarious.

As a matter of fact, he intended to cla.s.sify the spiritual stones of the darkness right there. Li Taixuan's over-reaction, however, made him give up on that.

With a wave of his hand, the spiritual stones lying on the ground disappeared right away and flew into his storage ring.

The mesmerizing scene struck Li Taixuan's eyes wide open.

He had seen Lin Xiao's storage ring before, but he hadn't experienced its unusually miraculous function like this.

Lin Xiao's storage ring originated from the Forsaken Cemetery. Having undergone vicissitudes for millions of years, it boasted numberless striking merits.

Lin Xiao didn't go any further with his explanation, on seeing Li Taixuan confused.

He simply went up to Li and shifted the topic.

"Martial master, I'd like to have a look around in the wonderland of the SUomo Sect."

"Good! I shall keep you company."

Li Taixuan responded in haste.

Lin Xiao shook his head.

"I think the spiritual stones of the darkness we just saw came from the wonderland. There might be loads of the element of the darkness out there. I reckon it will be too risky for you to tag along."

On hearing that, Li Taixuan's unwillingness for Lin Xiao to risk his life grew all the stronger.

Totally unexpected, Lin Xiao took out a spiritual stone straightaway and held it in his hand.

In a short while, the spiritual stone got graded into a handful of fine black powder.

Lin Xiao beamed happily.

"Martial master, does it suffice to take your worries off your mind?"

While Li Taixuan was nodding, s.p.a.ced-out, Lin Xiao already left.

As he recollected himself, Lin Xiao was already nowhere to be found.

He was about to catch up when he paused right after he made a step forward.

If his junior martial uncle was telling the truth, he would only end up more of a hindrance than a help.

"Well, I'll have to consult him more often from now on!"

Li Taixuan told himself in an unswerving manner. He would seek advice about martial laws from Lin Xiao.

He witnessed an unprecedented spectacle his junior martial uncle absorbed the element of the darkness from the spiritual stones just now.

Apart from that, Lin Xiao also absorbed the energies of the Heaven and the Earth the other day while practicing the Refining Divine Pithy Formula. Later, he modified the Refining Divine Pithy Formula without any efforts.

Li Taixuan came to realize he was completely out of the league when comparing his proficiency in martial laws with that of Lin Xiao.

As a matter of fact, his martial cultivation was way superior to Lin Xiao.

Boasting a martial capacity at the Yinyang Realm, he had to consult Lin Xiao a third-level warrior at the Refining Divine Realm.

People might think he had gone insane if he had laid it bare.

Nevertheless, he was the only one aware of Lin Xiao's unfathomable martial capacity.

It seemed that Lin Xiao was literally unconquerable.

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