The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 635

Chapter 635 No Need To Aggrieve Myself To Accommodate Her

Chapter 635: No Need To Aggrieve Myself To Accommodate Her

She was a vixen. She was a vixen who tried to take Brother Qing away!

Shi Yiqing scolded her in a deep voice, "Luer, stop spouting nonsense!"

"I didnt spout any nonsense." Chen Xinlu widened her almond eyes and stared straight at Feng Tianlan. "Let me tell you, theres already a candidate to be Brother Qings wife. Youd better not have any funny ideas on Brother Qing."

"Luer!" Shi Yiqings face turned completely cold. "If you keep behaving like this, I wont bring you here again next year."

Chen Xinlu stared at him with an aggrieved expression. She then stomped her feet and stared at Feng Tianlan with hatred once again. After that, she turned around with her back facing her, as if it was better not to look at her.

Shi Yiqing gave Feng Tianlan an apologetic look. "Im sorry, Luer is still little"

Feng Tianlan interrupted him Shi Yiqing coldly, "She should be at least fifteen, right?"

Shi Yiqing was stunned. He then nodded awkwardly. "Its Luers fault. Please dont mind her. I apologize on her behalf."

Fifteen years old wasnt little, therefore, he couldnt justify her actions anymore.

Feng Tianlan replied with a soft uh-huh, then returned the tooth of the Dark-toothed Tiger back to him. "When can I leave?"

She wanted to go to Dongshu Nation. She didnt want to waste any more time here.

"In three days." Shi Yiqing looked at Feng Tianlan. He then blushed and looked away. "Miss Feng doesnt belong to our clan, therefore, its better for us to leave together, as this secret realm is full of danger and traps. If you were to miss the chance, youd have to wait for a year to go out."

Feng Tianlan replied with a cold uh-huh. "Alright."

The secret realm of their family would only open once a year for seven days. She might have been sent here after touching the force field.

Si Mobai must have gone crazy after she disappeared just like that. She wondered how he was doing right now.

When Feng Tianlan realized that it would take her around two months to get to Dongshu Nation, she felt rather anxious. She was afraid that she might not make it on time and miss Xi Jin and Shen Yunyas engagement on the twelfth of April.

"Shes my little cousin sister, Chen Xinlu." Shi Yiqing introduced three other people to Feng Tianlan. The immature looking lady led the way in front.

"How did the tooth or the Dark-toothed Tiger ended up with me?" Feng Tianlan nodded slightly and asked the question that had been in her mind. This tooth had probably been grown for several years. It was very sharp. If she was unfortunate, it might have punctured a hole in her head.

Shi Yiqing was embarrassed to talk about it. "It was my little brother. Hes quite mischievous, therefore, he threw the tooth at Miss Feng."

"Little brother?" Feng Tianlan asked doubtfully. Didnt the Shi Family only have one child? Since when did he have a brother?

Chen Xinlu hmphed coldly. "Hes just an illegitimate child. What do you mean by mischievous? He obviously threw it just because he couldnt prevent me from taking it away from him. So despicable!"

Shi Yiqings face turned sullen. He was very unhappy as he reiterated his statement firmly, "Luer, Moning has been traced back to his roots."

Chen Xinlu pouted her lips and stopped talking. She just sulked silently at the side.

Feng Tianlan didnt question further as it was their familys matter. It seemed like that person was found by the Shi Family after her death. Therefore, she didnt know anything about it.

It seemed like a lot had happened in Xuantian Continent during these two years after her death.

"Im really sorry. Luer is spoilt. I hope Miss Feng doesnt mind," Shi Yiqing apologized to Feng Tianlan sincerely once again.

Feng Tianlan glanced at Chen Xinlu coldly. "She has no relation to me. Theres no need for me to aggrieve myself to accommodate her."

After hearing these words, Chen Xinlu turned around. She then raised her sword and stabbed it towards Feng Tianlan once again. "Who needs you to accommodate? We still dont know whos going to accommodate who."

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