The Trembling World Chapter 476

Chapter 476

Chapter 476 - Social Gathering

TL: LifeisaJourney

During the following two days, Cao Yi was getting tortured by everyone who had the opportunity. Even under distress, Cao Yi didn’t say anything. If it was any normal person, they would’ve gone crazy.

Liu Gan continued advancing with the Galaxy battalion through Nin Jing City. This whole time while the others were fighting, the scepter was just collecting energy. The battalion was uninterrupted the whole time. There were no signs of any enemies.

The fact that they were uninterrupted surprised Liu Gan. Which district was the organization headquarters located in? What was their purpose behind stopping the battalion from clearing the city in the first place? Why weren't they showing up now? The organization must have received the distress signal, so when would they strike back?

Even if he didn't want to think about the root of the problem, it didn't halt the progress of the battalion. He believed that as long as he can show that he can clear the remaining zombies then the organization would be forced to show up. That is when he would fight against them!


Meanwhile, Lin Sui Ya arrived at Moonlight Gulf Theme Park. Since she couldn't find Liu Gan, she chose to slip back into the Village secretly. However, a patrol group with familiar faces made her change her decision and return along with them.

She was very emotional when she saw that Liu Gan was still alive, but Liu Gan was nonchalant about it. He only thought of her as a friend. Naturally, she was angry about his apathetic expression.

It was Liu Gan's order to keep the situation regarding Lin Feng a secret, especially since the laboratory didn't have any good results to show yet. If Lin Shi Ya saw her father now, she would feel needlessly guilty. So rather than have that situation play out, Liu Gan opted to have Lin Feng get treated first.


Meanwhile, in the torture chamber...

That same night, there was loud music playing outside, and even the sound of firecrackers.

“You two are on guard duty tonight! Watch him carefully! He is your responsibility! If anything happens to him, then I will take it out on you!” The intoxicated Cai Hao Chen slurred his words from all the alcohol he had consumed. He locked up the gates, but not before threatening the guards.

“Relax, leader, with both of us here, nothing can go wrong!” the two guards reassured Cai Hao Chen.

Cai Hao Chen quickly disappeared from view, wandering off to the distant sound of music and firecrackers.

“They are all celebrating, enjoying luscious meat and sweet wine, while we are here eating cold bland food. This is too depressing!”

“Yeah, you are right! Why don’t they send some food our way!?”

“I wouldn’t mind a couple of girls accompanying us on this long night...”

After Cai Hao Chen left, the two guards lamented over the fact that they couldn’t join the celebration. They walked over to the prison door and looked over in the direction of the social gathering. There were plenty of women dancing on the stage.

“So, I have something I need to discuss with you,” said the bald guard.

“Well, what’s the matter?”

“You know that I wasn’t supposed to be on duty tonight. I was forced to take this shift since Brother Wang got sick. I had prior arrangements with my girlfriend, and I haven’t told her yet. She will get mad at me if I don’t tell her about my situation,” the bald guard explained.

“How can you do that? Our supervisors wanted two guards minimum, he is a very important prisoner! If he escapes, do you want to take on the responsibility?” The other prison guard shook his head.

“He has chains piercing through his body, he definitely can’t escape. Brother Lee, do me this favor! I will pay you back in the future!” The bald guard shoved a pack of cigarettes into the other prison guard;s hands.

“I will only cover for your ass for twenty minutes! If someone comes and asks me about it, I will say you went to the restroom to relieve yourself. You have to return back within that time frame!” The prison guard quickly pocketed the cigarettes. The cigarettes were a luxury good, something that money couldn’t buy anymore in this world.

“Thank you, Brother Lee!” The bald guard ran out the prison door and disappeared from view.

The lonely prison guard lit up one of his new cigarettes to enjoy. As he was walking back toward the inside of the prison compound, he heard a strange noise. It was coming from a different direction, away from Cao Yi. The prison guard called out several times loudly, before walking towards the source of the noise.

‘Who is it?’

Cao Yi edged as close as he could to hear the sounds from outside. Once he heard the guards leave his vicinity, he was very happy. Day after day, the security was tight. Now was the window of opportunity he had been waiting for. He couldn’t pull out the chains while the guards were watching him closely.

Earlier, when the drunken Cai Hao Chen was beating him up aggressively, the keys fell out of his pants. Cao Yi noticed it and immediately stepped on top of the keys. Even when Cai Hao Chen walked away, he didn’t notice the missing set of keys.

As soon as Cai Hao Chen was gone from view, Cao Yi worked on picking up the keys without making any noise. He removed his shoes and strained his toes to hold the key in the right position to insert into the lock.


The lock holding the chains tight was open!

Cao Yi looked around for the prison guards, and noticed that they weren’t paying attention to him at all. By timing the firecrackers exploding, he was able to remove the chains from his body, the sound masked by the louder noise.

In this slow, methodical way, Cao Yi was able to slowly remove all the chains from his body. The chains had been pierced through him, so it was both a painful and complicated process.

The set of keys that Cai Hao Chen had dropped also contained the keys to doors to the prison compound. Once Cao Yi was free of his shackles, he snuck out through the back door, and quickly slipped into the darkness of the nearby buildings.

Even if there were patrols on duty, their security was lax. Tonight was a big night of celebration, so not everyone was paying attention with so many distractions of light and noise. It was a great opportunity for Cao Yi to slip through the gaps in security. In little to no time, he escaped from the Village!

“Wait until I report back to my teacher! We will kill you all! Then, you will see who is the idiotic one!” Cao Yi cursed in a whisper.

Unbeknownst to Cao Yi, following closely behind him was a small black dog. It was silent and could track Cao Yi by his scent. It would be nearly impossible him for him to lose this tracker, especially since he didn’t know it was there...

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