The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 1100

Sheyan finally managed to reach Ronnie. Ronnie naturally would not continue waiting for his death inside the ice block. With a burst of strength, he shattered the ice block into millions of glittering pieces.Before Ronnie could even start running, his arms were already grabbed by Sheyan. He felt as if they were gripped by steel clamps.Ronnie noticed that a pair of extremely sophisticated mechanical gloves had appeared on Sheyan's hands. All the mechanical parts on the gloves seemed to be spinning rapidly at the moment. The gloves were shining with a dark green glow, and also spewing black smoke like a steam locomotive.The next thing Ronnie knew, he was being flung far away. As for Sheyan, after throwing Ronnie, a blinding light flashed from his ring, and he turned into a rainbow, soaring into the distance.'Entanglement of Victory'!'Mind Transmission'!Everything happened so quickly and smoothly that the Violent Beasts had not recovered from their stunned states by the time Sheyan was transported away. Sheyan landed even earlier than Ronnie did, splashing mud everywhere. Ronnie stared at Sheyan as if he had seen a ghost. Sheyan kicked him on the butt and yelled, "Stop daydreaming! Run!"Both of them started running for their lives. At this moment, they were really glad that the attack range of the legendary Violent Beasts was only 20 meters, because they were both just beyond that range. The enraged masses of ordinary Violent Beasts also followed more than 100 meters behind. If the two contestants were delayed for just a few seconds, they would no doubt be submerged in a sea of monsters.Even when Sheyan ran at full speed, he was still a little slower than the legendary Violent Beasts. Therefore, he once again felt the pain of being attacked on his ass. He did not dare to fight back, so he could only bite his teeth and endure it.And suddenly, an event with a very small probability of occurring, occurred. One of the legendary Violent Beasts that were pursuing them caught up with Sheyan and shot a disintegration ray at him. Sheyan's right arm was covered with a dazzling-bright scorch mark, and the pungent smell of burnt skin and flesh came from it. That was nothing.but!!!His battle log was stating a cruel fact:[ You have been attacked by a mental-type disintegration ray from a legendary Violent Beast ][ The actual damage you received is 206 points ][ The attack carries a petrification effect. Check in progress.... The petrification effect passed the toughness check. You will fall into a petrified state for 2-5 seconds. During this period, your movement speed and attack speed will be reduced by 90%, and your defence will be increased by 50%. ][ ..... ]"You've got to be kidding me!" Sheyan's heart sank. "How the f*ck am I so unlucky???!!"At this time, a layer of greyish-white rock had appeared on Sheyan's skin. His movements turned as stiff as a zombie. His speed naturally experienced a sharp drop.He burst out with strength while roaring loudly. Cracks like those on dry riverbeds instantly appeared on the surface of the petrified skin, and blood gleefully dripped down from the cracks. Several legendary beasts had already closed in on him with their tentacles and compound eyes flailing, launching a fierce round of attacks!Ronnie looked back and hesitated for a moment, and in the end, he decided to return to pull Sheyan along.But Sheyan gestured for him to run away by himself.By the time Sheyan recovered from the petrification, he was already injured all over. Not only were the legendary Violent Beasts now only two to three meters from him, the large group of ordinary beasts was now just fifty meters behind him.Sheyan took a deep breath. He suddenly closed his eyes, then raised both his arms high. A weapon with a strong dark gold glow suddenly appeared in his hands. It was a silver double-barreled shotgun.This shotgun gave off a fearless feeling. It exuded a vibe akin to the giant scale carved into the gates of an Ancient Greece courtroom, full of the supreme majesty born of the authority to convict evil and decide life and death.'Verdict'!!A powerful weapon dominated by 'Ambition'!"I testify that these disgusting creatures in front of me are all heretics!" Sheyan's voice felt as if it had descended down from the sky and majestically swept across the land. The night was dark, but a strange hole which spanned nearly 100 meters appeared in the sky, and dazzling sunlight shone down from within it to envelop the ten odd legendary Violent Beasts. Strange wisps of black smoke emerged from the body of these legendary beasts.Then, Sheyan pointed the dark muzzles of his shotgun at the legendary Violent Beasts in front of him and pulled the trigger hard!Amidst the roar of the gun, an intense light surged forward madly like a waterfall![ The passive ability 'Murder Weapon II' is triggered. The enemies you are attacking are legendary creatures, so there will be a bonus of 40% additional damage." ][ The active ability 'The Mourning of the Heretics' is triggered. 50% of the damage done by this attack will be converted into holy light, healing your injuries. The attack will not miss and will also stun your enemies for five seconds. ][ The musket category passive ability 'Ready II' is triggered. The damage from this shot will increase by an additional 100%! ][ Holy attack special effect is triggered. You will deal 150% additional damage to heretics with dark affinities. ][ Wash away your sins with your blood, Amen! ][ .... ]The damage done by the shot was far beyond Sheyan's imagination! The light was like a torrent from a dyke breaching, overwhelming the enemies in front of him.By the time the torrent of light passed, their bodies were as ruined as if they had just been pulled out of sulphuric acid! Dark green body fluids gushed out from the wounds. The tentacles of several legendary beasts had even been severed by the attack. The monsters emitted bizarre cries of agony.The shot covered a fan-shaped area, enshrouding all the legendary Violent Beasts in it. As a result, it won Sheyan five precious seconds!Not only that, the pain and cries of the legendary Violent Beasts were turned into spots of light that were absorbed by 'Verdict' and channeled into Sheyan. Sheyan initially had less than 25% of HP left, but he had now recovered to about 55% in an instant.'Verdict' was a weapon that could be fired twice in a row, so Sheyan could actually fire another shot immediately. However, after some quick calculations, he figured that even if he did so, without the musket category passive ability 'Ready II', it was impossible to kill those legendary creatures. More importantly, even if he did manage to kill them, they would not drop any keys, would they? Would he dare to stay to take care of the spoils? Of course not. Therefore, instead of firing a second shot, Sheyan immediately turned around and fled.Covering 20 meters in five seconds was not a difficult feat for ordinary people, let alone a powerful contestant like Sheyan. Even though he was running in a marsh, he managed to escape more than 40 meters away. With such a distance between him and the pursuers, Sheyan was basically safe.At this time, Ramtas rushed over to receive its master. Sheyan did not show any expression of joy, but frowned instead.Suddenly, he leaped forward while folding his hands in front of his chest!From within the swamp on his right, the same huge black figure which hunted Hedi Curry down previously came pouncing out with a large amount of splattering mud. This time, Sheyan was very close to it, so he could clearly see that the black figure had a jagged black shell, ferocious claws, feet, and a long bone-chain tail flapping wildly in the air. If there was anything it could be compared to, it would be a demon from the depths of hell that had lost its flesh, leaving only the skeleton, but the demon was reborn again into a creature which carried a crazy and wild power! When the black figure jumped out, it extended two large, bony forelimbs towards Sheyan. The black nails on the forelimbs were as sharp as razors!Sheyan's leap was clearly not within the monster's plan. The monster barely missed Sheyan.Its razor-sharp claws scratched across the hard metallic surface of Sheyan's 'Planetary-Grade High-Energy Mechanical Power Gloves', making a sharp scratching sound and producing a long trail of sparks. However, the attack was successfully blocked by the gloves.Borrowing the force from the enemy's attack, Sheyan flew further away. He turned a few times in the air and fell heavily into the mud. The bitter mud splashed into his mouth, leaving behind an indescribable stench. Sheyan continued to flee as fast as he could, leaving a trail of mud five to six meters high in his wake.At this time, the faraway Aldaris wanted to come over to help, but he was stopped by Sheyan because Sheyan could already sense two other similarly strong and evil beings moving at high speed beneath the ground in the distance. A network of tunnels under the ground here had been excavated and reinforced by the Violent Beasts with the power to control earth. If Aldaris came over, the mysterious and powerful enemies would be difficult for him to deal with. He might suffer the same fate as Hedi Curry.***Author's note:I believe some movie junkies among you have already guessed what the creatures behind the Violent Beasts are. But...most people probably have no idea yet!
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