The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 990

Chapter 990: Forced to Kill
Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

Sheyan started to take a few steps, but after 4 steps forward, he retreated 3 steps back.

It looked silly, but it was the only way to stick to the surveillance cameras' blind spot. If someone were to take an eagle's view of the area, they would suspect that Sheyan must have a spy planted in the surveillance room, because not once was he caught by a camera.

Sanzi followed closely behind Sheyan. After traveling so for about 60 meters, Sanzi suddenly stepped in front of Sheyan. The reason was unclear at first, but soon after, several fierce and strong looking dark silhouettes slowly emerged from the darkness, gradually approaching them.

They turned out to be four German Shepherds!

Sheyan could hide from high-tech cameras, but he could not hide from the sensitive noses of canines!

But Sanzi, standing in front of Sheyan, did not look too concerned. He rolled up his sleeves and stretched out his hands in front of him. His face was filled with a warm smile, as if he had met an old friend whom he had not seen for many years.

Sheyan saw the accessory on Sanzi's waist, 'Chieftain's Hobby', glow with a dark gold light. That was surely a sign of Sanzi busting out his moves.

The four German Shepherds approached cautiously, but unlike before, their tails were swaying in a coquettish manner rather than standing upright threateningly like a flagpole. Then, they jumped forward a hurry, eager for the touch of Sanzi, as if Sanzi's touch was more tempting than the most delicious meat in the world.

Next, under the lead of those four "insiders", Sheyan reached the outside of Senator Kane's villa. He motioned for Sanzi to cover his back, then dipped his hands in some dirt on the ground and daubed his face before he pushed open the villa's front door.

Senator Kane had locked his door, of course, and the quality of his security door was absolutely top class, but a solid push from Sheyan immediately was enough to leave a clear palm print on the double-layered door with a five centimeters thick steel plate. More crucially, although the materials that made up the security door were top class, the concrete wall which the door was fixed to was not as sturdy. The door, together with the part of the wall surrounding it, collapsed amidst a flurry of debris and dust. At least 7 square meters of the wall were completely destroyed.

Sheyan brazenly strode in. His eyes went past the long corridor, green plants, and a Chinese porcelain vase to Senator Kane at the dining table who had raised his head in shock.

"So sorry to disturb your dinner, senator," Sheyan politely said, "but please spare me a few minutes of your time to answer some questions for me.... "

Before Sheyan had even finished, a few people of excellent physique had already stood up at the side. Their hands were clearly empty before this, but in the process of standing up, they had completed the action of drawing, aiming, shooting the gun! At the same time, they shielded the senator with their bodies!

Sheyan had forgotten one thing. Senator Kane probably had something important in his house, so besides the secret agents outside, there were also secret agents in the house!

Not only that, instead of bullets, the secret agents had fired some kind of triangular cone connected to a slender wire. The cones flew forward at a surprisingly fast speed while hissing in the air like vipers, crisscrossing at multiple angles.

If Sheyan were to dodge the cones, even if he succeeded, they would hit Sanzi who was behind him!

Therefore, Sheyan could only cross his arms in front of him and take the cones head-on.

*Pa Pa Pa Pa*

Four triangular cones hit Sheyan in the chest. The four secret agents who found their target pulled the trigger again!

A piercing blue light immediately burst forth from the wires connected to the triangular cones, and they seemed to be high-power electrical currents!

After the city of Los Angeles had suffered multiple Terminator attacks, of course the humans were not willing to just take things lying down. These newly-developed taser guns had the capacity to fry a T-750's core CPU chip in one attack, and could even cause considerable threat to T-800s.

Sheyan crashed down to the ground, all the while shuddering from the electric shock. Those four wires looked a lot like thick blue light whips that were flogging his body! He continued to spasmed on the ground, unable to climb back up. Smoke rose from his body.

One of the secret agents walked towards him after the shots. The agent's colleague was more cautious and issued a warning to him, "Hey! Be careful."

The secret agent, however, appeared unconcerned. "What's there to be careful about? Even if he's one of those monstrous Terminators, he certainly can't move now. And he doesn't look like a Terminator; he looks like a human. God bless him, he's lucky he's not burnt to a crisp by now."

Right as the agent got close to Sheyan, a ferocious German Shepherd suddenly appeared from the side, biting into his palm. The agent immediately cried out in alarm. "What the hell is happening? Ain't this one of the police dogs trained by Buck? Oh my God, it's chewing at my bone! "

At the same time, three other large German Shepherds rushed out and zig-zagged towards the rest of the agents. A secret agent took out a Submachine gun and sprayed a volley of bullets towards the dogs while Senator Kane left quickly under the protection of two secret agents.

But right then, the seemingly dead Sheyan suddenly rolling over and bounced up! He then rushed forward with all his might while crouching low. The traces left by the electric shock on his body were visible through his ragged clothes, but they also revealed his tense and swollen muscles. They were like the flowing muscles of a tiger when it was hunting, bursting out the strongest force to propel himself forward.

The enemy's taser guns were so powerful that they could threaten Sanzi's life and cause a lot of trouble for himself, so Sheyan could no longer afford to hold back. Sometimes, showing kindness to the enemy was being cruel to yourself!

He covered dozens of meters in the blink of an eye.

From a lowered pose, he exerted strength on his legs and suddenly sprang up.

One of the agents seized the opportunity to shoot at Sheyan, leaving a trail of bullet holes on Sheyan's back. The remaining bullets that missed swept through a golden fish tank to the side, shattering it and flooding the floor with water. Broken glasses flew everywhere as did some tropical fish.

But Sheyan rose to his feet in complete disregard and kneed the chest of the astonished agent closest to him. The blow made a huge dent on the agent's chest, causing the agent to vomit blood and fumble the taser gun he was holding.

With a tumble, Sheyan landed right on the taser gun, stomping down on it with a heavy foot. The gun was instantly reduced to rubble. By this time, these well-trained agents had already killed all the German Shepherds that had "gone crazy" and were trying to help Senator Kane escape.

Sheyan naturally couldn't let them do that. He picked up the double-door Siemens refrigerator which happened to be next to him and flung the huge object at the stairs over ten meters away!

With a thundering roar, a hole of more than two metres was smashed in the revolving staircase to the second floor. The mistress of the house must like shopping very much because the refrigerator was chucked full of groceries and food, which were now lying on the ground. It would not be easy for Senator Kane's aging legs to cross the gap on the staircase.

In the process of throwing the refrigerator, Sheyan was hit with three more shots - one between his brows, one to his heart, and one to his throat. They were all explosive hits too because they had hit his vitals. Sheyan was instantly drenched in blood, cutting a terrible figure. The agents' proficiency with guns were evident.

Sheyan was truly angered now. He picked up an ashtray and flung it at a nearby agent. Under Sheyan's monstrous strength, the sound the ashtray made while it tore through the air was akin to the horrible sound a plane made when it took off or landed!

The secret agent couldn't avoid the ashtray. When his skull was smashed by the fist-sized ashtray, the ashtray shattered in an instant, but he too shot out as if he had been hit by a shotgun. His whole body flew over three meters backwards. When he landed, his head was pulled back at a terrible angle. A terrible dent the size of a bowl was made on his skull. Blood rushed out to fill the dent but could not fill it up! There was no way he was still alive.

Another secret agent was still trying to shoot Sheyan. Sheyan pulled a nearby chair to act as his shield and charged towards the agent. The agent fired furiously, but his effort was in vain. The collision sent the agent flying backwards like a matador that was hit by a charging bull. His back slammed heavily against the wall, then he slowly slid down. He still wore an angry expression on his face, but a careful examination would reveal that it was because the enormous impact before his death had caused his eyes to bulge.

The agent was not spared even after death had claimed him. Sheyan seized the agent's corpse and threw it in the direction of Senator Kane. The corpse was shattered by the terrifying force upon landing.

But even now, there was still a secret agent who rushed up to Sheyan from behind, hugged him tight, and screamed,

But even now, a secret agent still rushed up to Sheyan from behind, hugged him tight, and screamed, "Take the senator away, I'll...."

Before he could say the words "stall him", Sheyan's elbow had already met with his head. Willpower was useless in the face of such violent force. The agent turned soft and slid down.
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