The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Found the Suspicious Point
Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

Three further shots found Sheyan's head, but this time, he only stumbled for a few steps. While the secret agents were preparing the next round of fire, Sheyan kicked the side of a coffee table to make it stand on its side, thus using it as cover to shield himself from the bullets.

Sheyan grabbed one of the legs of the coffee table, snapped it off with force, and threw it like a javelin. The table leg piercing through a sofa at a high speed before stabbing through the agent reloading his gun behind it.

All resistance ceased after that.

The villa regained its tranquility.

All the sound that remained was the cheers and applause from the talk show on the television, the dripping of blood, and the chattering sound made by Senator Kane's teeth.

Sheyan, bathed in blood, strode toward Senator Kane. He lifted the senator from the ground and said earnestly, "My dear senator, I hope you can listen very carefully to every word I say from now on, because I'm in a bit of a hurry, and I won't repeat myself. This will determine whether you will live or die."

But Senator Kane merely closed his eyes and resigned himself to death. The thing he was guarding must be really important to make him choose death despite his fear.

Sheyan narrowed his eyes, revealed a trace of murderous gleam. He was not a brutal man who enjoyed killing; he was more inclined to solve problems through gentler means if he could. But when he met with uncooperative people, he would not mind using more forceful means.

At that moment, however, a wolfhound drenched in blood slowly walked into the house while herding a blonde lady in front of him. It appears that she had been showering as she was currently wrapped in a towel and her hair was dripping wet. Her body was seductively curvy, and her face was terribly pale.

The sight of her appeared to have provoked Senator Kane. He jumped up and screamed, "What do you think you're doing?"

Sheyan took in the sight of Senator Kane's white hair and wrinkles, as well as the fury and worry in his eyes. Then, he shifted his sight to the young woman's youthful body. A sudden enlightenment and a hint of disdain entered his eyes. He went forward, grabbed the blonde's hair, looked at Senator Kane, and said in a fierce tone of voice, "If I don't get what I want, the two of you will die together!"

Senator Kane immediately lost his composure. He scrambled to Sheyan and grabbed Sheyan's leg. "I can give you anything you want, but you must let her go!"

Sheyan narrowed his eyes and said, "Stop trying to waste time. Give me all the information you've got on the Knox Factory explosion. You have three minutes! I'll cut off one of her ears for every piece of information you try to hide from me, and I'll cut off one of her fingers for every second you're late!"

Senator Kane was stunned for a moment.

"You want information on the Knox Factory explosion? You're not from the Polar Bear?"

Sheyan was intrigued when he heard that. He said in a cold way, "You have 2 minutes and 50 seconds left."

Kane appeared very relieved as he quickly rushed into his study and fetched a file for Sheyan. The words "Knox Factory Explosion Case" were clearly written on the file. Kane was not gone for long, so should not have had any time to forge a file like this. Sheyan walked away without a word after he got the file.

But the wolfhound was still holding the young woman hostage in a corner. Kane bellowed anxiously, "Why aren't you letting my daughter go?"

Sheyan almost fell down when he heard the word "daughter". He found that his previous assumption was a little too filthy, especially when he saw the beautiful young woman and the old man hugging and crying together in relief after the wolfhound had retreated.

In that instance, Mogensha suddenly spoke in the party communication channel.

"Boss, there's trouble. You have to hurry up."

Sheyan was startled. "We're just about to leave."

As soon as he said that, he saw the security guards of the residential area approaching from more than 30 meters away, shouting for him and Sanzi to freeze.

Sheyan did not take them seriously. He rushed directly at those men, swinging his fist at the taser-wielding guard at the very front, then swiped his leg to fell two other guards. The fallen guards instantly went down screaming and holding their ankles. It seems that bone fractures were inevitable.

The sound of gunshots could be heard from far away -- Mogensha had started his sniping operation. Soon after, the unique whistle of the pulse shot was heard. The roof of a police car was flung ten meters high into the air by the terrifying explosive force! But two police cars still managed to get close to them although their tires had gone flat. The cars drifted and stopped horizontally in front of Sheyan and Sanzi.

There was no need for Sheyan to issue any orders to Sanzi because they had been blocked so many times in the real world that they had lost count. The two brothers understood each other perfectly. Sheyan took large steps forward with the momentum of a bulldozer, ramming his shoulders into two policemen who had their guns out, sending them flying.

But at the same time, Sheyan was also kicked in the chest, followed by a fist to his face. His entire body flew back like a sandbag! The assailant was a man wearing the same police uniform as the others, but his face was as rigid as a plastic model.

'The government have created their own Terminator?? Looks like a T-400 model or somewhere thereabout,' Sheyan was instantly shocked by the pirating ability of the American government.

The Terminator police stepped forward with a deadpan look and punched hard, sending Sheyan tumbling backwards again! But in the process, its arm was also grabbed by the Sheyan. Sheyan yanked hard on the arm, producing a burst of electrical sparks in the joint on the Terminator's shoulder. Simultaneously, Sheyan kicked hard at its knee until it almost bent the other way. The Terminator instantly lost its mobility. It fell to the ground, pushing and twitching in a futile attempt to keep up his attack on Sheyan according to the pre-established program.

By now, Sanzi had found a motorcycle, God knows where. He stopped the motorcycle right in front of Sheyan, kicking up a massive cloud of dust. After Sheyan jumped onto the seat, with a deafening roar of the engine, they quickly left the police in the dust. As for Mogensha who specialised in Agility, there was no need to worry about him.


By the time Sheyan and his group returned to the temporary rendezvous point, it was already eleven o'clock at night.

This place was one of the most chaotic ghettos in Los Angeles, and of course, it had the worst level of public security, but as long as you have the money, you can live like kings.

After greeting Reef and Zi, Sheyan went straight back to his room and soaked his whole body in the bathtub.

Normally, a water temperatures between 40 and 48 degree Celsius (104-118 F) was the best to eliminate the fatigue built up in the body - but Sheyan's water temperature was set at 53 degree Celsius (127 F).

The water at this temperature was not really harmful to the human body, but it did sting. It also enlarged the capillary vessels to their maximum size.

Following the wriggling of Sheyan's muscles, twisted and deformed bullets were squeezed out from Sheyan's body one after the other, bringing trails of blood with it. The strong healing power of the contestants went to work after that. The blood that was squeezed out from the wound was black at first, but it gradually turned red. Finally, muscle tissues grew over the wounds to cover them up.

After replacing the water that had turned a shade of pink, Sheyan once again lay back in the bathtub and moved his fingers slowly over his shoulder and his back. The hard-to-describe feeling returned again.

When Sheyan was attacked by taser guns just now, for some reason, both the 'Stairway of the Sun' and the negative energy in his body had reacted. As electrical currents as high as tens of thousands of volts run rampant in his body, Sheyan had felt a certain numbness.

He did not pay much attention to it during the battle, but on the way back, Sheyan could feel bursts of electric shock transmitted through his body, as if the 'Stairway of the Sun' was waving its branches of its own accord. The negative energy had also disappeared.

Sheyan was utterly shocked. I must be known that the 'Stairway of the Sun' was actually a very brutal creature, and it was only willing to become one of Sheyan's organs because its consciousness had been completely erased. If it regained its consciousness, Sheyan would surely die a terrible death.

But it soon became apparent to Sheyan that the movements shown by the 'Stairway of the Sun' seemed to be a kind of instinct, as if the tens of thousands of volts of electricity were a catalyst bridging the 'Stairway of the Sun' to the negative energy. Whether the change was good news or bad news remained to be seen.

After confirming that he felt alright, Sheyan returned to the living room. The others were having the famous Russian sausage rice for dinner. Zi was perusing the detailed information given by Senator Kane and quickly found a list detailing the items stored in the abandoned warehouse. She went over it carefully.

Sheyan took a mouthful of the rice in front of him and found that it was indeed pretty good. Delicious juice flowed out of the sausages when they were bitten, but the sausage skin would not yield until the upper and lower rows of teeth met. When it did, the content would fill his mouth with a rich, memorable taste. He couldn't wait to get to the next bite.

Zi suddenly exclaimed with confidence, "I think I've found the key item to trigger the mission. It should be the lathe stored in the abandoned warehouse. The metal nut was apparently crafted with this lathe. If we can find the operator of the lathe at the time of production, we will find out the secret behind the SOS microtext."
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