The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 837

Chapter 837 A Million Times For You 199

Chapter 837: A Million Times for You (199)
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Ill die in front of her right now! Father, let go of me! I deserve to die for all the sins I have committed. Ill just kill myself, will that do!?! Lin Mingyuan exclaimed.

How could Mr. and Mrs. Lin really watch her die?

Although they detested her for everything that she had done, she was still their biological daughter at the end of the day.

They could not bear to do so.

Mingxi, just forgive your sister this once. If she dares to do this again, we wont care about her anymore and you can do whatever you want with her. Will that do? Forgive her just this once, alright? Mrs. Lin yelled.

Lin Mingxi said coldly, Would you still be saying this if she does it again next time? If she wants to die, let her go ahead. What are you stopping her for?

Mr. Lin interjected, Mingxi! Just forget it, you guys already have the video as evidence. If she does this again, call the police immediately. Your mother and I will be staying out of this if she doesnt repent.

Have you guys ever showed your concern for me before? Have you ever asked about my baby? Have you ever cared about me ever since I came home? Lin Mingxi hollered.

Choking in between sobs, Mrs. Lin said, Arent you doing fine? Otherwise, how would you have had the energy to flip the table? Your father and I have always been trying to be impartial and treat you two fairly. Why dont you understand our intentions at all? You simply insist on going toe-to-toe against each other. The money we gave each of you is more than enough. Your father and I worked hard to build that empire. Mingyuan, your father and I have never ill-treated you. Do you think its right for you to think of pocketing your sisters share? Those assets belong to me and your father, not you. You should be grateful that we gave them to you. Yet, not only are you ungrateful, but you also even tried to harm your sister and bear hatred towards us. We probably owed you a living in our previous lifetime. Otherwise, why would Heaven send you to torture us in this lifetime?

Lin Mingyuan remained quiet.

You may leave. Youre no longer a member of this family, we cant take you in hand either. Youve already gotten married long ago. Go live on your own since you have so many ideas and ambitions. You no longer need us anyway, said Mrs. Lin, tearing up uncontrollably while sitting on the couch with her head hung low.

Lin Mingyuan shrugged her fathers hand away and left the house.

A deafening silence filled the air.

Tears streamed down Lin Mingxis face as she said, Since youve let her off today, dont regret it when one of us dies in her hands one day.

That wont happen. Shell probably change her ways. Shes not a child, she wont be so insensible as to not repent her mistakes, said Mrs. Lin, seemingly comforting herself instead of Lin Mingxi.

Lin Mingxi felt like her mother was extremely pathetic.

She did not feel like saying anything more.

She was utterly dejected.

On the way home, Lin Mingxi asked, Where did you get that recording?

Delete it for me, the recording is fake. I hired some professional voice actors for it. He could mimic Gu Dongchengs voice really well.

Lin Mingxi took his mobile phone and deleted the recording. I know, you were just trying to scare her with that recording, but she was too careful not to fall for your trick.

You could tell?

Yes. I feel so unsafe at the thought of my birth characters and timing being leaked. I feel like Im at the risk of being harmed any second. Beicheng, Im scared, Lin Mingxi said with a sullen expression on his face.

Dont be afraid, we have Xiaoning by our side. Shell definitely help us. Your sister probably wont dare to harm you again. We have a hold on her now.

We grew up together, I know her too well. Shes not one to be threatened. Xiaoning has her own issues to handle too, we cant keep troubling her every now and then.

Noticing how insecure she was, Gu Beicheng alighted from the car and looked at her earnestly. She doesnt seem like the kind to be threatened, but that doesnt mean your husband is a pushover.


We have a great opportunity ahead of us.

On that night, scandalous news about Gu Dongcheng were strewn all across the media platforms, not long after news about the Ye Corporation did.

Videos of Gu Dongcheng flirting with women were first circulated online, followed by rumors of him killing his wife Xu Youran. There were also claims of him abusing his authority and secretly keeping in touch with other corporations to cause harm to the Gu Corporation.

The news went viral and became a hot topic for three consecutive days.

Every mainstream media platform was reporting about him.

However, it was because of the Gu familys fame and reputation, not his.

No one really knew about him before the news were exposed. However, he had now become the hot topic for discussion amongst netizens online.

Three days later, a board meeting was held within the Gu Corporation office. All the directors and shareholders agreed to kick Gu Dongcheng off the panel. The minute amount of shares he initially had were also confiscated by the company as a form of punishment for the mess he had created.

Just as everyone thought the matter was about to blow over, another uproar broke out.

News of Gu Dongcheng contacting the DK organization in order to harm Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi were leaked.

Gu Dongcheng had become the public enemy all of a sudden.

Various media reporters were chasing him. Due to the fact that he would be recognized immediately the moment he steps out of the house, he had no choice but to coop himself at home. The incident had caused a huge hindrance to his life.

Lin Mingyuan was initially rather worried. However, she felt much more relieved upon realizing that there were no reports about her.

She dared not act rashly for the time being.

She had a corporate event to attend at night.

All the business elites and magnates would be present at the event, as well as some insignificant figures of the corporate world. Needless to say, Jin Qingyan was on the guest list too.

The three days that he had given Ye Xiaotian to consider was up. However, the latter still refused to concede.

Jin Qingyan did not expect him to be so obstinate. However, he would find out tonight if Ye Xiaotian was just forcing himself to put on a brave front.

Jin Qingyan was in good shape, thanks to his daily gym sessions and the quality sleep he had been enjoying every night.

Instead of wearing a suit, he was dressed in a navy blue leather top that he tucked inside a matching pair of trousers.

He exuded a charming and suave aura with every step that he took.

Fan Shixin was walking beside him with a bunch of bodyguards behind them.

The bodyguards waited outside the door while he and Fan Shixin entered.

He was the only male guest who had shown up with his subordinate, unlike the rest who had a female date for the night.

Nonetheless, everyone crowded around him and approached to greet him the moment he stepped foot inside.

He responded politely.

Ye Xiaotian showed up in the end.

Jin Qingyan scoffed and said, Hes got guts. What an airhead. I knew he would come.

Hey Young Sir, isnt that Young Madam?

Jin Qingyan looked in his direction to see a familiar figure standing at a distance away.

She was clad in a three-quarter-sleeved dress and had her face covered in exquisite makeup. She was chatting with Gu Beicheng while holding a glass of champagne.

Jin Qingyan walked toward her.

Why are you here?

She didnt even tell me that she would be here too! If only we came here together!

I happened to pass by and bumped into Beicheng at the door. He then brought me in here and told me that youd be coming too, An Xiaoning answered.

Jin Qingyan looked at Gu Beicheng and said, Your best friend is over there, why arent you accompanying him?



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