The Wizard World Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Oblivion (1)
Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu


The hand gripped Huan's body; however, it felt like the hand touched nothing. The hand broke into pieces of rock and splashed in the air.

Angele's head was dizzy for a second and he took several steps back loudly. He stopped only after hitting a black stone pillar.


Angele shook his head. His sight blurred and he could only see that someone was walking to him slowly on the dark land.

Raising his hand, he tried to hit the person that was walking to him, but his head got dizzy again.

Angele's sight blurred, he could not hear or see anything. The only thing in his sight was pure white.


A loud noise came from behind. Angele felt like he was hit hard by something and nearly lost his balance.

Huan's body slowly appeared behind, and a green eye appeared on her right palm. The eye released a green ray, which pierced through the stone golem's back.

The ray disappeared after traveling for about ten meters.

"Such a thick skin" Huan was a bit surprised.

She started teleporting around the stone golem's body; she would release a green ray every time she appeared.


With a light noise, the green rays turned into green needles and all stabbed the golem's body. However, the green rays failed to damage it. The wounds would recover within seconds.

The problem was that Angele would be interrupted by the random dizziness every time he wanted to fight back.

The golem's body was leaning to the side; it seemed like the golem could fall at any time. There were countless white shadows flying around the golemthey all looked like Huan. The shadows were hitting the golem's body using the green rays constantly.


A dark-red glow surrounded Angele's eyes and a black scorpion pattern appeared between his eyebrows. He released some dark-red energy waves, which quickly spread to all angles.

The waves were quickly destroyed by the green rays after they left the golem's body.

Time passed.

Angele was still in the center of the golem, but the red glow around his eyes was fading away.

'She's wasting my energy I'm not an ancestor and I don't have endless energy. She'll win sooner or later even if she can't break through my defense. I need to figure out a way."

Suddenly, he noticed that something dangerous was coming from behind. He could feel goosebumps.

'It's coming!'

He suddenly turned around, but it was too late.


A strong force sank into his back like a sharp needle.

On the dark land, more than ten green rays hit the golem's back at the same spot. The white shadows slowly merged into each other, turning into Huan.

She looked at the stone golem calmly; the green light around her hands slowly faded away.

"It's over Isn't this the perfect ending?" she muttered as she stared at the giant in front of her. Her eyes were no longer focusing, and it seemed like she was thinking about something.


The golem's body collapsed; it felt like the golem was hit by a bomb. A rain of stones and mud started.


The stones and mud splashed after hitting the ground.

Huan was standing in the rain, but her body was not dirty at all. The stone pieces and the mud went through her body like she was just an illusion.

She watched the golem collapse. A lion man appeared in the rain of stones, his body covered with dark-red patterns; the fur around his neck was flying in the air.


The lion man shouted and charged at Huan. Bright red light appeared around his body and quickly expanded in all directions.

The lion man left a red trail in the sky and charged at Huan. The area under his feet looked like boiling lava.


The lion man slammed Huan's arms using its claws. They moved away from each other after the contact, green flames sparking in the air.

Although Huan was moving at full speed, she was still calm. Green glow appeared around her eyes.

"Stay in this eternal dream"

Two translucent water beams were released from her eyes and hit Angele's face accurately.


Angele quickly backed off and his eyes rolled. He started running around like crazy because he could not hear or see anything. He could barely think.

'The same thing happened! Her eyes! Her power is from her eyes!'

Angele raised his arm and the high-temperature field around him expanded. Huan was caught in the field right away.

The dark land started turning red, and the fissures on the ground were filled up with red lava. The air twisted; it almost felt like the air was burning. The stone pillars melted, they looked like burning candles. They quickly turned into pools of dark liquid. The smoke rising into the air was poisonous.

It almost felt like that the whole land was melting and evaporating.

Huan's brow furrowed.


She disappeared into the air and teleported hundreds of meters away from Angele.

"You are always like this War and desperation are the only things you want" she complained as a large green flower appeared under her feet.

The flower was translucent, but it slowly solidified. It looked like a humongous lotus. Huan was standing in its center.

The lotus released a gentle green light, which blocked the red light. No matter how strong the red light was, it just could not invade the lotus.

Huan stood on the lotus and span her body. Her long black hair was dancing in the air and her feet were surrounded by countless green light dots. The lights dots floated in the air and stopped moving.


The green light dots turned into green eyes and were all staring at Angele.

Angele finally got rid of the dizziness and stared at the green eyes carefully. He noticed that the power in the eyes might be the reason why he got dizzy.

'I must dodge these things'

The pattern between his eyebrows flashed and he turned into two lion men. The lion men moved in two different directions and raised their arms as they ran. Their arms slowly turned translucent and released a bright white light.


The sky was brightened up by the white light.

Huan was just standing there quietly. Most of her green eyes were destroyed and half of her body was blown into pieces. Her flesh and bones were exposed to the air, however, her body was recovering at full speed.

"What was that?" She had no idea what just happened.


It sounded like glass being broken. Huan raised her head and saw the remaining part of the Ball of the Four Seasons falling down his hands.


The earth started shaking and the world became unstable.


A dark fissure appeared between Angele and Huan. It felt like the space was torn apart like a piece of cloth.

"My chance!"

Blue light dots appeared in front of Angele's eyes as he dropped the destroyed orb. The dimension became unstable and everything was twisted. Dark cracks that looked like spider webs appeared in the air.

Angele was analyzing the situation using the biochip. He was checking the dark fissures.

Huan noticed his movement.

"Trying to escape?"

She laughed and pointed at the sky using her left hand.

Green lightning splashed in the sky.

The gray clouds in the sky slowly moved away, revealing a humongous aircraft with cannons attached to its bottom. The cannons were gathering green light and could attack Angele at any time.

The green light from the cannon brightened up the whole area.


The cannons vibrated and aimed at Angele. The green light was getting brighter and brighter.


The green rays were hundreds of meters long and landed on the ground like green pillars. The green rays were surrounded by dark energy waves. The waves were formed by the unstable dimension.

Angele raised his head and looked at the green rays. Suddenly, the birthmark on his back was aching again and the blue light dots were still flashing in front of his eyes. Rows of data were being refreshed every second. The strike from the sky stopped him from moving.

Something he had never felt before was making him anxious.

Angele had no other choices. His body slowly turned translucent and released some gentle white light. The pure white light, which had no impurities in it, slowly pushed the green light away from Angele. Angele's body almost looked like a large piece of crystal.

"Light Form"

The green rays landed on the ground and swallowed Angele.

Everything was impacted by the endless green light. Angele's body slowly turned into dust and merged into the green light gradually.

The blue light from his eyes was getting brighter and brighter. Rows of data were constantly being refreshed and analyzed by the biochip.

"I'm getting close" he muttered and stared at a certain thing in the air. The white light around his body slowly gathered on his head.

Most of his body was turned into dust, but Angele's head was still floating in the air. The rest of his body all turned into glowing green dust.

Suddenly, Angele opened his eyes and released some dark smoke. It felt like there were countless ants in the smoke; it hit something in front of him.


The area in front of Angele's face cracked and the fissure quickly expanded. Pieces of green fragments started falling, and revealed the darkness in the fissure.

The green fragments looked like dried paint that was falling off a wall.

The data analysis was getting faster and faster. Angele's shoulders disappeared and his neck started disappearing.

'Found it!' Angele was excited.

He had no time to think and hit the area in front of him using his head.


He charged into a dark space, and could hear the furious roar from behind. It was from Huan Ri.

Angele glanced at the area behind for the last time.

There were some pink light dots in the endless green light. The pink light dots turned into pink rivers and ran over the location that Angele had been standing at like sharks that were looking for prey.
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