The Wizard World Chapter 601

Translator: _Leo_  Editor: Kurisu

The hole retracted and disappeared like a closing mouth. The area around the hole also sank into the darkness.

‘This is the… dimension shadow? Why am I here?’

Angele only had a head left. It was now floating in the void.

‘The dimension shadow is endless. I don’t think the time here can be easily calculated. One second in the shadow might be ten thousand years in some realms. I need to leave the shadow as soon as possible!’

Red glow surrounded Angele’s eyes.

He tried his best to escape Huan’s world. Angele had the ability to fight back when Huan was still holding back, however, there was nothing he could do after Huan fully activated her power.

The biochip did the calculation before the green rays landed on his body and he finally found a weak point of the dimension. He used all his power to create the dimension fissure and escaped Huan’s world.

Without the biochip, there would be nothing he could do. He would perish in the green rays and his soul would be trapped in Huan’s world forever.

‘The difference between a sealed form and an ancestor is huge… The Light Form was my strongest ability, but it barely damaged Huan. Although Huan took some damage, she recovered so fast that it almost felt like nothing happened.’

Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes.

‘Zero, check Huan’s energy data and analyze the power level of an ancestor’s Siva State.’

‘Task created…’

‘Collecting the data…’

Zero’s mechanical voice echoed in Angele’s ears.

Angele felt a bit relieved. He knew that he would be severely injured since his power level was lower than Huan.

He rested for a while and the black scorpion pattern appeared between his brow again. The pattern vibrated slightly and released a black string.

He chanted the incantation slowly in a deep tone. It was a vibration rune that needed to be used together with the bloodline sigil.

The black string was getting longer and longer as he chanted the incantation. It twisted in the sky and turned into a black zipper several seconds later.

The black string disappeared after the zipper was created.

Angele bit the zipper and pulled it down.


The zipper was unfastened, revealing a dark blue sky. There was a white crescent moon hanging in the center of the sky.

Strangely, the surface of the moon was rough. It was covered with tiny holes, and there were black insects climbing out of them.

It almost looked like that the moon was covered with ants.

A bitter smile appeared on Angele’s face.

‘I have no idea which realm this is…’

He had had no choice—he had to open the fissure to the closest realm using the power of the scorpion woman. The realm was unstable and that was the reason why he opened the fissure so easily.

Angele had no time to think and he moved into the zipper immediately.


Some random realm.

The light from the ant-covered moon illuminated the land. There were insects making noises.

In the sky above a random plain, a black zipper suddenly appeared, and a human head jumped out of it.

The head rolled several times on the ground and stopped after hitting a white stone. The zipper in the sky also disappeared slowly.


It was Angele’s head. He exhaled deeply and leaned against the white stone. He was having trouble adjusting the position of his neck.


A dark green frog crouched in front of Angele and greeted him.

“Well, greetings,” Angele responded. The frog was so close to him that it made him feel a bit weird. He quickly moved away from the frog and observed it carefully.

“Which world are you from?”

The frog was speaking in standard Chaos language; its voice was gentle. The frog was breathing calmly and it almost sounded like it was a young man who just spoke.

“I don’t know.” Angele was telling the truth. “Who are you and where am I?”

This was the question he wanted to ask.

“I’m a green frog, a normal frog. This is the Oblivion Realm; the Chaos Realm is right next to us. You can also call this realm the Oblivion World. The size of the world depends on how you perceive it. Ah, one more thing, which level are you at?” the frog asked a random question.

“What do you mean?” Angele was confused. “What level are you talking about? Does it represent anything?”

“This is a philosophical question. I’ve been thinking that I’m probably not just a frog. I’m probably a great philosopher.” The frog was just saying random things.

“Well, that’s a tricky question…” Angele’s mouth twitched. He had no idea what was going on.

“Alright, let’s end the conversation here. I need to visit the Fountain of Debris. It’ll be opened soon. There’s one thing I need to tell you. Don’t stay here for too long. This is a cursed area. The Lord of Misfortune cursed the 9000 worlds here, and you’ll be cursed too if you are not careful.” The frog jumped away before Angele could say anything else.

Angele watched the frog leave. He hesitated for a second and started rolling in the same direction with his head.

It was hard to roll his own head, but it would consume a lot of energy to rebuild his flesh. He needed to consume some meat and blood so he could save some energy.

He rolled to the forest and traveled for a while. Angele got tired and stopped by a tall tree.

There were a couple of purple flowers on the left. The flower petals were covered with eyes that looked like tiny mirrors. The eyes were staring at him curiously.

“Greetings.” Angele greeted the eyes on the flower petals.

The purple flowers did not respond. Their eyes were rolling; it seemed like they were not intelligent.

Angele was a bit surprised. He scanned the flower using the biochip. There was no other creature around.

He moved to the flower and pulled the flower off its root using his tongue.

Angele bit the flower and chewed the eyes on the petals. Some sweet and sticky liquid spread in his mouth.

‘They taste like cherries…’ Angele swallowed the whole thing and started eating the other purple flowers. Several seconds later, he finished all the purple flowers around.

He returned to the original location and leaned against the tree. He started rebuilding his body.

Minutes later, his shoulders returned, and his arms also returned. However, the growth stopped quickly—only the upper half of his body was successfully rebuilt.

“I need more…” Angele shook his head and looked around. There was no other creature around.


Zero’s mechanical voice echoed in his ears.

‘Analysis completed. Data analyzed. Read now?

‘Sure,’ Angele responded right away.

Huan’s body appeared in his sight. The body was a blue hologram, rotating slowly.

Under the hologram, there was a golden wave that was moving like a snake. Random numbers were being displayed above the golden wave; there were at least ten rows of numbers.

Angele only checked the numbers he needed.

‘Damage level: 3060 thousand degrees to unknown.’

‘Defense level: 140 thousand degrees to 440 thousand degrees.’

‘Stamina: Unknown.’

‘Mentality: 1620 thousand to unknown.’

Angele skipped the unknown part and looked at the conclusion.

‘Based on the data, an ancestor has 23 times your power at Siva State. Please avoid fighting an ancestor.’

’23 times… And this is not the highest number… No wonder I had no way to fight back. My Light Form only damaged her physical form slightly.’ Angele was speechless.

‘I should recover in the Oblivion Realm and figure what’s going on with this place.’

Angele checked the mark on his soul and noticed that the mark was not doing anything. However, he knew that the mark would still alert him in certain situations. It seemed like the old monster left the mark on his body for more than one reason.

He used his hands as his feet and started walking to the deep forest. He could hear things moving through the bushes; there were random voices echoing above the forest.

The ground was cold and wet. He went over some broken pieces of stones and tree branches.

Angele was moving forward slowly. Although half of his physical form was destroyed, his true form was not impacted. The most important part of his body was his head, so it was not a problem. He wondered if Huan already figured it out and just did not want to kill him.

He kept walking; he had no idea how long had passed.

The moonlight was blocked by the trees. The shadows under the trees were dark.

Angele was moving forward quietly. Suddenly, he turned around and stopped by a tree. He quickly hid in the shadows.

He leaned to the side and looked ahead.

A silver deer was eating grass from the ground. The deer’s body was glowing and it was standing by the bushes.

The deer had a clean white body; the light around it was gentle. The deer had two large horns that almost looked like artworks.

Also, a naked palm-sized girl was sitting on the deer’s head. The girl had long blonde hair trailing over her body and a cute face. The girl had a pair of translucent wings double the size of her body.

The girl’s body was white and clean. Her feet were swinging in the air and she was singing a random song on top of the deer’s head.

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