Thors Little Brother In The Mcu Chapter 1

1 Chapter 1

My name is Aaron Harvey the things that you know from the Movies anime manga...

all real

I found out the hard way when I was forcefully teleported to the universe we know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and found out that their was more to me then I knew about my self

this is my life... this is my story


I let out a huge breath I had just finished the last page of my math homework I got Up and started to head home I Pulled out my Iphone and decided to watch Thor ragnorok on the way home

when I was walking home the wind started to blow harder as I looked up from my phone my eyes widen as I saw what it looked like a vortex

My eyes widen even more when my phone broke

"No No NO" I yelled distraught

the wind started to blow even harder I lost my balance and was dragged into the portal


I was falling

fast i was only thinking one thing

"{m gonna die Im gonna die Im gonna die}

suddenly the edges of my entire body started glowing blue as Ice started to cover my entire body ( I looked similar to ice man)

instinctively I shot a wave of snow from my hands forming a hill of snow

a snow board made of ice appeared on my feet as I slide down the hill towards the ground where I landed safely towards the ground

the pieces of ice started to break off and the holes started to shine soon the rest of the ice broke off from my body neon blue light shot up towards the sky giving off humongus pressure that could be felt throughout the entire universe


Shield Headcorters

the Alarms were going off and everybody was going nuts

Selvig talk to me whats going on"? Nick fury

Sir it seems that the energy source is coming from ohio for some reason it feels similar to thor " Selvig said as they walked across the hallway

"do you think it could be a possible relative" Nick fury asked

"yes sir "

" Thor said he had a relative that disappeared in his mothers arms on the day of his birth but Im not sure"

nick eyes widen before he

" thank you selvig " nick said firmly Selvig nodded his head before he walked off

nick then tapped the enter-come on his ear

"Agent Romenoff. Report to the main desk I got a new assignment for you"


meanwhile on asgard

Frigga's eyes widen at the feel of familar energy tears of joy started to form in her eyes as she ran toward the castle

as she got inside the people inside of it were startled no more then Odin who narrowed his eyes

"Frigga whats wrong"

"Aron hes alive hes alive I can feel it "

Odins eyes widen

"HEINDALL" he yelled

Heindall who heard him walked in

"yes allfather" he asked

"is it true is my son alive"?

"yes he had just arrived on earth not to long ago the his energy is the same as the baby their is know doubt that this is your son"

Odin smiled

"thanks hindeal you are dismissed"

he nodded before he walked out

"hes alive" frigga cried holding on to her husbands arms

{ after all this time we thought he was dead hes alive} Odin thought

tears starting to form in his eyes as well as he stared on to space

mean while with me

when the light dimmed I I stood their shocked at what just happened

"woah" I gasp as I started looking at myself in complete awe

My appearance changed

no longer was I skinny

I now had rock hard arms I also had white pants a blue armor with a silver cape flapping in the wind

{It kinda looks asgardian} I thought to myself I lift my armor up and I gasp I had a hard six pack that rivals chris hims-worth

I then started to feel them

{yep their real} I muttered before I put my armor back on

i looked at the reflection on my ice board and myeyes widen even more

I was gorgeous

My face was filled up looking more toned my hair had gotten longer as it came down toward my neck

but thats not even close to what was most shocking the most shocking thing was I had WHISKER MARKS yes 3 whisker marks on each of my cheeks

there is only one anime that i have heard of that has 3 whisker marks on each cheek

my eyes now looked like they were about to come out

"NARUTO" I shouted out loud before I fainted
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