Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 236-1

Chapter 236.1 - Marrying a new love

Im fine, Xiahou Qing just took me to another place. He didnt do anything to me. But, it just felt strange. Thousand Face, can you investigate, did anything happen while I was out of the capital? Nothing happened to Lan Bai and Thousand Face, so what was Xiahou Qing trying to do?

Yes! Thousand Face said and immediately went to investigate.

When only Lou Qingwu and Lan Bai weer left in the room, Lou Qingwu suddenly felt like something was missing.

Her eyes looked around before looking at Lan Bai , Wheres Little Bell?

Ah? Lan Bai froze, and then realised that Little Bell was missing. At the time, I was too anxious and trying to find you, so i told her to wait here for me. But I havent seen her since Ive been back. Ill go look for her.

En. Lou Qingwu nodded but her eyes were dark, there was a chill in her bones.

Lan Bai quickly came back and told Lou Qingwu that shed searched the whole Lou residence.

But she did hear that not too long after they left, someone had seen Little Bell leave.

Lou Qingwus pupils shrank, Can you find out where she went?

Okay. Even Lan Bai felt that something wasnt right.

Firstly, it was the third prince taking her master away and then someone coming to tell them that their master had gone missing.

And then Little Bell disappeared shortly after they left to find their master?

Why did she leave the residence?

Everything started to look suspicious once the pieces started to come together.

Lan Bais face started to pale as her heart grew uneasy. She just hoped that her suspicions were wrong.

At the same time, Feng Yege brought Ye Ji back to the Night Princes residence and asked Feng Qi to change Ye Jis clothes, before secretly bringing her back to the third princes residence.

After everything was done seamlessly, he changed his clothes and entered the palace.

The emperor thought it was strange that Feng Yege was entering the palace so late at night.

After all, the emperor could count on his hand the number of times that Feng Yege had come into the palace, especially after what happened last time.

The emperor still felt a bit of guilt towards Feng Yege, because his own son s.n.a.t.c.hed the person that Feng Yege liked.

So even though it wasnt his fault, he still didnt feel entirely comfortable.

The emperor saw Feng Yege at his imperial study, but he didnt think that Feng Yege would be here to ask for an imperial decree.

Night Prince, what did you say? The emperor looked at him in disbelief, he was unable to hide his astonishment.

Ye would like to as the emperor for an imperial decree, I want to marry a consort.

A, a consort? He wasnt hearing things was he?

The empress dowager was always pressuring Feng Yege to marry a consort, but he didnt yield under pressure.

So why was it that after the Lou familys daughter was about to be married off, that he suddenly thought things through?

This couldnt be because he still hasn't recovered from his heartbreak, right?

Yes. Feng Yege lowered his head. The emperor couldnt see his expression.

But Night Prince, who who do you want to marry? He didnt hear that Feng Yege wanted to marry anyone else?

Furthermore, in such a short period of time, could he have already found a new love?

Wasnt this a bit too fast?

Yuebai clans princess, Ye Ji.

Cough cough! The emperor suddenly started coughing loudly. Night Prince, are you feeling a bit muddleheaded? Why would the Yuebai clans princess be here?

Ye isnt muddleheaded, and she is actually here. Furthermore, shes currently the third princes G.o.d-sister. But thats only in private, so they didnt tell the emperor. If the emperor doesnt believe me, you can ask the third prince.

The emperor heard him speak so confidently that he waved his hands and started to think seriously.

The emperor didn't actually care about who Feng Yege married, as long as he married well and the empress dowager would finally stop pressuring him.

His head hurt too much from the pressure.

But now its alright, except, Night Prince, ah, why did you suddenly want to marry a consort?


TL note:

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