Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 236-2

Chapter 236.2 - Marrying a new love

Thanks to KS for the chapter (1/2)


His head hurt too much from the pressure.

But now its alright, except, Night Prince, ah, why did you suddenly want to marry a consort?

Feng Yege looked at him with eyes filled with hurt, which made the emperor silently close his eyes.

It was as if he shouldnt have mentioned that topic.

But thats right, the person that he loved was marrying someone else so if marrying a consort was going to help him overcome that hurt, that was fine.

Night Prince, dont you think that youre rushing your marriage date a bit too much?

Ye doesnt think its rushed. At that time, Ill definitely be able to give the Yuebai clans princess a grand marriage. Furthermore, isnt ten days from today an auspicious date?

.... The meaning in Feng Yeges eyes was too much.

The emperor silently lowered his eyes, how could it not be a good date?

The date that Feng Yege had proposed was the same date as when the Lou familys daughter would be married.

That auspicious date was one that him, the emperor, had personally handpicked too.

Was the Night Prince trying to take revenge on Lou Qingwu by purposely getting married on the same date? Was he just too hurt by her?

Yege, ah, even though the Lou familys child is a good girl, but this is your marriage after all. If you really cant get past it, it really wont be good for your or for her.

Feng Yege was unmoved, Emperor, you're thinking too much.

Emperor: .

Feng Yege was very persistent, Ye only wants to be married on that date, could the emperor please agree to help me.

Emperor: But

The empress dowager has arrived! Suddenly, just as the emperor wanted to try and persuade him once more, a voice suddenly announced the empress dowagers arrival outside of the imperial study.

Soon after, the imperial studys doors flew open.

The empress dowager was escorted by her personal maid as she walked in.

When she saw Feng Yeges exhausted and tired handsome face, her eyes reddened, What a pitiful child, youve suffered.

Emperor: ..

The emperor quickly stood up, Empress mother, why are you here?

What, I cant come?

No, of course not, I didnt mean it like that! What are you all doing, cant you see the empress dowager is just standing there?

The emperor bellowed as his eunuch, Liu Jin quickly went over and personally helped the empress dowager onto a seat.

Feng Yege looked down as his eyes were empty, Empress dowager,r Ive made you worried.

Yege, ah . The empress dowager held his hands in hers, and felt like she was always worried over him.

He could like whoever he liked but how could he have fallen in love with such a woman.

But luckily, hed finally gotten past her, Yege, ah, youve finally seen the light. No matter who you want to marry, Ill support you!

Feng Yeges eyes were desolate as he heard this, he closed his eyes, Thank the empress dowager for your edict. But, the emperor isnt happy with the date that Ive chosen.

Not happy? The empress dowager instantly grew furious. Royal son, whats the meaning of this? Hes just marrying a consort, why are you making things so complicated?

The emperor immediately shook his head, I didnt! What is empress mother saying?

He gritted his teeth.

He thought about how if he still refused her, the empress dowager would probably keep grumbling by his ear for the next month.

So what if it was the same day, that wasnt that big of a deal.

He looked at Feng Yege again, Seeing as the Night Prince has thought this through, then that day it is.

The emperor is enlightened, but the Yuebai clan is too far away so they might not be able to make it. So for the sake of making sure shes married in a grand manner, Yege hopes that the emperor is able to give Ye Ji a rank.

The emperor's heart jumped, What rank?

Feng Yege slowly looked up, his face icy cold but still very handsome, Seal her as Countess of Rende.


TL note:

So if Feng Yege accidentally calls Ye Ji Rende, he has an excuse.

Leave a comment and because the emperors a grown up but still super scared of his mum xx

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