To Be A Power In The Shadows! Chapter 118

Golden retriever

Well, I dont really understand but counterfeit money seems to be a very good strategy. When I got denied, I thought my plans were awful, but I push it. Yukime also give her seals of approval, we just have to wait for the counterfeit money to be made.

I have a bit of free time, but it will be busy once the counterfeit bills have being made.

my work is mainly to end those who try to deception the source of counterfeit notes.

Remove the enemy agents stylishly and I can have fun and have a work that is suitable for an super elite agent.

Fufufu (j.a.panese way of laughing), how should I dispose you.

You can not use a sword to guard against the shadow bullets. In another words, it means that I do not have to stick to swords, this time I can have a new style of battle.

Late at night, while walking in the kingdom, I found a familiar dog ear in a distant away.


The moment when I murmured a little, that dog ear suddenly moved.

She turned around and look, its delta without fail.


She moved her lips.

And in the next moment, she appeared before me with a quadrupedal dash.

Aa, that good for nothing speed. Ordinary people would not be able to catch her in their eyes.


Now it is now the boss.

AhuSid!I missed you!

BunBun, the tail is swaying around.

The face full of smiles, it solidified the next moment.

SidStinks like a fox

I had forgotten, Delta have a nose that is good for nothing.

I..I am hunting fox,

Fox hunting, Delta also!

Deltas face gets brighter.

Unfortunately, I had already hunted the fox.

Ahu then fox hunting now also.

Yeah, we will try that next time. Ah, Stop, marking me as your territory.

Marking, I dont know If English had such use of marking. refer to the image below. Dogs marking its territory. the raws was

I push the Delta who is trying to rub her body with my arm.

But Sid, fox stinks.

its alright.


Gui Gui, I pushed the Delta coming up with muscle, I change the topic.

Gui Gui sound of using strength.

Why is Delta in the royal capital

AhuSid, too strong

Why is Delta in the royal capital


Why is Delta in the royal capital

Delta got up, sort of, early today and ate a lot of meat, I came to the capital after a long time.

Why is Delta in the royal capital

Well, Delta had being hunting for

In capital?

outside, it was fun!Lots and lots to hunt for!Sid hunt together?

Why were you hunting?

Sid lets hunt together!

Why were you hunting?

Alpha sama do so!Sid lets hunt together?

Well, Alpha said so.

Yeah, Sid lets hunt together!

What are you hunting?

Banditsu!Sid lets hunt together?

bandit hunting!

Sid likes hunting bandits!

Un, I like hunting bandits.

Lets hunt together!

I got a bit of free time and Ill hunt together.

yea (Yattaa)

Delta pulls my hand and tries to drag me along.

wait wait, Its impossible right now!I gotta go back to the dormitory once.


Delta have errands coming to the royal capital right?

Do I?

Are you being called by Alpha?

Alpha sama tsu!

You forgot?

Telling Her, she will get angry?

What about it. sooner the better to go by.

But bandits hunting

Delta looked downhearted, and I sees that.

Ill be free for a while so lets do it tomorrow. After you had finished your errands.

I know!Sid, wait!

Ill be waiting in the dormitory. Come secretly.

Go secretly!

Delta Quadrupedal dash in to the cityscape of capital with tremendous speed.

It is absolutely remarkable once seen, but ordinary people can not see it in the first place so it is okay.

Remembers the golden retriever that I had been keeping in my previous life, I give out a sign.

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