Transcending The Nine Heavens Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464 Absorb Peerless Fortune

Then, after going one around in Rui Butongs body, it entered Dong Wushangs body Then it was Mo Tianji, Ji Mo and Chu Yang

It moved one around in all eleven peoples bodies, and entered Ao Xieyuns Dantian. Then, as new powers rushed in continuously, this process repeated on

After that yellow wave of dragons aura from Ao Xieyun reacted and turned one round in everyones bodies, at the place where Rui Butong right hand touched the phoenix, a colorful glow of light also quietly appeared. It leaped like a flame, and a heated force entered his right hand. It entered his Dantian through the meridians in his arm, turned one round, and entered Ao Xieyuns right hand. It moved in the opposite direction, through Ao Xieyun, to Gu Duxing, Xie Danqiong, Luo Kedi and back to Rui Butongs body at the end.

And this light was actually red!

Right when the yellow dragons force and the red phoenixs force each turned one round, suddenly, everyone felt a shock. These two forces suddenly seemed to have been accelerated, they started flying rapidly in an instant.

Two huge forces, from two separate sides, entered the body of everyone.

Originally, it was a trickle. Then, it turned into a clear stream in the blink of an eye, and then turned into a river, and then a wide river was surging into everyones bodies

Chu Yang closed his eyes and felt the changes in his body. He could clearly feel that after the dragon and phoenixs power completed a circulation, it always left some traces of impact in his own Dantian.

Slowly, in his Dantian, a yellow-red cyclone was formed.

And this cyclone gradually became larger at a visible speed.

Although he didnt know how it was for the others, such gatherings of spiritual energy are completely even, so Chu Yang was sure that their situation must be the same as himself!

Of course, there was one thing that Chu Yang didnt know.

At present, the nine people he, Gu Duxing, Dong Wushang, Mo Tianji, Mo Qingwu, Mo Leier and others, had absorbed such power, but in the Dantians of the first two, it was actually pure Dragons Original Force and Phoenixs Original Force.

In complete yellow and complete red!

This was due to the physical condition and bloodlines of the two

At this juncture, the Nine Tribulations Sword looked up suddenly and showed a hungry excitement.

Chu Yang frowned, and immediately pressed the thing down!

Seriously? This is the common wealth of the brothers! If the Nine Tribulations Sword also took a part in it, wouldnt he himself be absorbing most of it?

How could that be justified?

The Sword Spirit was a bit anxious. He couldnt help but say, "Lord Sword Master, this is definitely secretive. Besides, the powers of the dragon and phoenix, one cannot encounter them in thousands of years! Just let the Nine Tribulations Sword absorb a little, so that it can increase its power by a few times Moreover, these brothers would probably not notice!"

Chu Yang did not speak, but suppressed the sword spirit as well.

He said quietly in his heart, "Even if nobody notices it, I still know it!"

The Sword Spirit jumped anxiously in the Nine Tribulation Space. Chu Yang ignored it completely!

The power of the dragon and the phoenix was constantly transformed. On the dragons body in front of Ao Xianyun, a space the size of a palm had already completely lit up.

It was the power of the dragon and the phoenix that was extracted now. Chu Yang had an estimate for this: the power of the dragons physical body would be extracted, and then it would be the Dragons Original Force, Dragons Divine Power, and then the Dragon Core.

Finally, it would be the power of the Dragon Crystal.

And for the Dragon Core and Dragon Crystal, hed have to see the situation; if they could be transformed, they would all be transformed, if they couldnt, they would be left for Ao Xieyun himself.

The same went for the powers of the phoenix, of course.

Chu Yang estimated that he and his brothers were really getting a huge profound treasure this time!

If the dragon and phoenixs original forces were to be equally divided among eleven people, then it was estimated that it couldnt be all absorbed in the Nine Heavens. Besides, the existing conditions of the Nine Heavens Continent were not enough to allow them to fully dissolve this force to use as their own.

But in this way, no matter where they went, he and his brothers would cultivate more than twice as fast as others because they would have two sources: one external from heaven and earth, and one internal from the powers of dragon and phoenix in the body

Then, the dragon and phoenix powers in their bodies will be used up sooner or later. Chu Yang was now considering how to make this power change from the rootless water to a rooted spring in their bodies.

In that case, wouldnt it benefit them for life?

One had to say that Minister Chus plan was quite long-term; he was still in the Nine Heavens right now, and he was already planning about things thousands of years later after he went up to the Nine Heavens Imperial Court.

Even Mo Tianji, who had always been most famous for this matter, would probably call Chu Yang "Master" if he knew about his current plans, his precautionary and forward-looking vision

The eleven people seemed as though they became eleven statues in an instant, set in the cave.

Yue Lingxue watched these people walk into the cave and couldnt help but laugh helplessly. "These little boys are really resting, reassured about me They actually went in without precautions, so assured of my protection."

He smiled self-mockingly, but still seriously and intently examined the grounds around him. Then, he sat down cross-legged at the entrance of the cave. The divine sense of the ninth-grade Supremacy was spread out widely. Movements within dozens of miles around were all monitored by it without missing anything.

Although Yue Lingxue was confident, he was never arrogant.

Although with his cultivation, it was absolutely foolproof to be protection for others in the Nine Heavens Continent, he was still cautious and dared not be careless.

He knew for himself that his protection was actually not completely foolproof.

For example, right now, if someone like the Dharma Supreme came here, then He definitely wouldnt be able to ensure the safety of the eleven people inside!

In all things, there were always accidents.

To be cautious is the first rule of traversing the martial world, and also the supreme secret to maintain a peak position without being defeated!

Although he now sat still and stable like a mountain, he was still confident: within tens of miles, no matter where the enemy appeared, he could arrive at once!

He knew the great significance of his protection this time: the people inside now were the Nine Tribulation Sword Master and his Nine Tribulation Brothers, who definitely had the ability to change the fate of the Nine Heavens Continent!

If something happened to these people Yue Lingxue really couldnt guarantee what would happen to the Nine Heavens Continent!

After a long time.

Yue Lingxue looked calm and continued his protection, his breathing was as usual.

Suddenly, an inexplicable force rushed out of the cave! Then it spiraled into the sky and scattered in the air.

In Yue Lingxues mind, there seemed to be a peculiar charm in it.

He couldnt help mumbling, "Strange. What did this kid do? Why did it feel to me that millions of huge suckers suddenly appeared in the sky? Its a little suffocating"

One had to say that Yue Lingxues senses were very sharp.

Because, at the next moment, Yue Lingxue clearly felt that the spiritual energy across thousands of miles in all directions was suddenly sucked away in an instant! With a loud bang, it rushed into the cave.

The spiritual energy was so pure that there was even an entire blue light beam!

The large amount was even more terrifying.

It came with such a raging rush that all the flowers and trees in the mountains and fields were neatly broken!

Yue Lingxue was caught off guard, and was almost hit by a pure spiritual current on his chest and fell into the cave.

Yue Lingxues face froze. Immediately, he was shocked, confused and unsettled. "Whats going on? What did they do inside that can actually draw such a large amount of spiritual energy?"

Immediately, only a moment later, this huge amount of spiritual energy actually stopped moving and suddenly became still.

As though whatever that was inside the cave didnt need it anymore!

Furthermore, a mysterious force came from the cave that actually showed some rejection to the spiritual energy.

But Yue Lingxue already couldnt breathe now.

Because the spiritual energy was too dense, if he breathed, he would be cultivating with too much intensity! The spiritual energy within dozens of miles in front of and behind him almost became solid and sticky.

Yue Lingxue examined it again and finally smiled. "Since you dont need it anymore, Ill take it for free. I have actually never seen such pure spiritual energy in my life."

He opened his hands and the powers of the Supremacy rushed out powerfully, covering up tens of miles of space, holding all the solid spiritual energy still!

Then immediately he activated his internal energy, took out dozens of Purple Crystal Cores from his ring and rapidly made a few bottles.

He muttered to himself, "I hope the thick spiritual energy this time can condense a few Moon Breeze true souls."

He activated his internal energy with full effort.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy from all directions pressed in towards him, and with the pressing, a lot of air also leaked out, just clear ordinary air.

And the spiritual energy in front of Yue Lingxue became more and more solid and dense, and slowly it actually started to make slight popping sounds

After a long time, a drop of purple liquid suddenly condensed from the air and slowly dropped down.

Yue Lingxues breathing was slightly heavy, as he controlled his original force to let this purple spirit liquid fall into a Purple Crystal bottle, which was immediately sealed. Then he repeated the whole process again

He repeated the process seven times and actually condensed thousands of miles of spiritual energy into seven drops of purple spiritual liquid. They were put away like treasures.

"This time, Rouer and I have actually benefited. Im protecting them, yet Im owing them another one out of nowhere" Yue Lingxue let out a helpless laugh, wiped the sweat on his forehead and sat still.

Inside the cave.

On the huge dragon that was hundreds of meters long, many bright dots tens of feet wide already appeared

And the speed of output of the powers of the dragon and phoenix also became faster and faster

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