Transmigrated: How Many Lifetimes Chapter 10

10 Mother Ming

After the shadow guard and Que Li left, the family of three sat to eat dinner,

Father Ming smirked to both of his children, earlier he saw his son laughing with Que Li, he then saw from another corridor his daughter and the shadow guard sharing googly eyes at each other.

He was content, he saw his kids happy.

That's all he needed.

After his wife died, he was worried that his children will not be able to recover from the loss of his wife, his wife was a commoner, however he had noble blood, his family completely didn't accept them together and soon cut ties with him,

His wife was awesome, the most caring loving mother you could ever meet. She was perfect, even her few flaws were beautiful to him.

Then his talented daughter came along, he couldn't be happier, they were both the apple of his eye. Always finding ways for him to laugh, they both had such similar personalities and looks that people mistook them as sisters,

Then she gave birth to her son, how happy he was that day, tears dripped down his cheeks when he held him for the first time, everything was perfect.

However, his family did something so terrible to him,

Something so bad, he will never forgive them for it.

They took the life of his charismatic wife,

She was poisoned.


His mother bribed the head maid from that time to add an effective poison in her meals,

His wife trusted the head maid a lot.

She betrayed her, in result the death of his wife.

The poison slowly began eating her internal organs slowly, his wife would run to the bathroom, coughing up blood, he never realised, she always gave excuses of a stomach ache.

He felt stupid, of course she wouldn't tell him.

After five months of ingesting this poison she died, in their bed. While he was hugging her bare back through the night, she left him to go to the heavens while he slept soundly.
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