Transmigrated: How Many Lifetimes Chapter 5

5 Fan Wae

We spent the whole day having fun with my father and brother,

they have become so attached to Kim Nari as the previous Ming Lan barely spoke to her family as she was so busy being infatuated with the prince.

However, the soul in Ming Lan's body isn't Ming Lan but Kim Nari.

Its been 2 months since she transmigrated into this world and eventually got used to her useless weak body.

Today she was going to meet the deeply hated prince,

the prince started to become worried that his disgusting love-sick puppy had fallen out with him as she didn't contact him for months.

He thought that he had to meet her, or his well-thought-out plan would fail,

tonight he had plans to poison Ming Lan, so the sick beauty would soon pass, so people could look at him with sympathy and agree to let him marry the female lead Fan Wae as compensation, he also planned to go visit them with Fan Wae to make Ming Lan jealous and behave badly to make her look bad, he would then most likely try to scold Ming Lan for being rude to his 'friend'.

Kim Nari smirked.

Suddenly amused,

her brain beginning to concoct a terribly great plan, a plan only she could probably pull off.

10 minutes later, her father gently knocked on her room door, beckoning her to come down and meet the 'unexpected' guest.

She came down in an embellished beautiful kimono, simple yet elegant.

The kimono was tight around the bosom but flowy downwards. In the sunlight where she was standing made her look like an imperial beauty, no, not even a beauty, a goddess. She could beat Fan Wae's 'beauty' any day.

She sighed to herself, her face took up a 'genuine' smile, her juicy cherry red lips looked delicious, no man can deny how delectable she looked.

She walked down the staircase with her eyes facing down as if she looked almost sullen. All eyes were on her, she arrived at the dinner table, greeted by her little brother.

She looked up to see the crown prince and Fan Wae staring at her in shock, surprise evident in both their eyes.

'it's a pleasure to see you here crown prince, may I ask what you are doing here' Kim Nari replied in a gentle tone, not filled with adoration and love but more of a business-kind of tone.

Crown prince suddenly became more aware, He needed to be careful on what he says to her, she sounded more dangerous.

'we just came to visit' he said, simply.

'ooh is that so and who might you be?' she asked

Fan wae looked up to the crown prince first as if she was looking for approval, he gave her a small nod. She looked up,

'I am called Fan Wae, my lady' she then proceeded to curtsey

'there is no need for that as for I am nothing more than a commoner'

'my lady that is defiantly not true, I have seen some of your majestic paintings, I could call you a goddess'

'please rise, those were nothing, would you both care to have some tea as we converse'

Kim Nari looked over to her trusted maid, asking her if she could make some tea for her guests, as the maid was about to leave, she gave her a look as to say, be cautious and report back to her on anything suspicious.

Once the maid had left, Kim Nari looked back to her brother, Ming Jie.

'brother, would you like anything?' she asked, with her full attention on her brother.

'sister.' He muttered looking down,

He stood up walked over to Ming Lan and whispered into her ear.

Once he walked back to her seat, Ming Lan's eyes were full of shock.

She looked back to her guest with a cold gaze.

'do not mind me, Miss Wae for being rude but, why did you start rudely calling my little brother terribly rude names ,something about how worthless he is and should live with dogs. Is there something you have against me or my brother Miss Wae' Kim Nari replied coldly.

Her face void of any emotion.

'I don't understand what you are trying to say my lady, I have not said anything of such, to young master' sweat-building up on her forehead

'are trying to say my brother is a liar, Miss Wae'.
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