Transmigrated: How Many Lifetimes Chapter 8

8 Brother Con 2

The next morning, Ming Lan woke up to a heavy thing pulling her waist tightly and their head pressed deeply into her breasts, like a pillow. One leg in the blankets, one out, hooking over her blanket covered legs. Holding her so tightly as if she would run away from his hold.

Low and behold this person was none other than her brother.

Ooh, this boy.

What am I going to do with him, soon this affection will escalate into something more than sibling love, obviously one-sided. She needed to do something, but what?

She can't possibly love her own brother,

What if I make him have a play date with some young girl?

That seems like a good idea, got to do something before he realises, he is in love with me


Soon the figure began emerging from his slumber and looked up to his sister who hadn't noticed he was a awake as she was looking at the ceiling in deep thought.

'what are you thinking about so deeply sister?'

She looked down to his brother and rubbed her finger between his creased eyebrows, 'nothing brother, lets get up. Sister will make you breakfast, today'.

She stood up, he stood up. She walked two steps, he walked two steps. she coughed, he coughed.

She washed her face, he washed her face.

While facing the other way, she asked 'what are you doing?',

'nothing' he murmured, then hugged her from behind

She sighed and continued doing her thing and called for a maid to make tea for her and her brother.

The maid came in and gave her a questioning look, she looked at the maid and shrugged.

How the fuck am I supposed to know what's up with him?

I may be a genius, but I most defiantly can't read emotions

She walked over to the table in the corner, that had the breakfast items, but Ming Jie continued lagging with her.

She soon needed to change how was she going to do that.

'brother, sit down and eat' she said in a stern voice.

He reluctantly let go and sat down, continuing to stare at her face.

She sighed, 'brother what is wrong? you've been acting weird, since last night is something up? If so, please tell me, I will only be able to help if you tell me.'

'it's nothing sister, don't worry' he said with love in his eyes.

'mhhh, ok, I will find out sooner or later. Anyways, brother I have set you up for a play date with a girl name Que Li, from the Li family. Sister is worried as she doesn't see you play with any child, and I think you should get to know her. She's nice I have met her.'

As soon as she uttered these words, her brother's expression changed, 'No!'

'huh, and why not?'

'I just want to be with sister'

'brother please do this for sister' she needs to do this to get some distance between her and this brother-con or things will not end well.

He reluctantly agreed.

She smiled, smirking inwardly, 'she will be here in two hours, make yourself presentable and be nice, ok?'

'yes, sister' he grumbled.
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