Trapped In Her Heart Book 2 Chapter 114

Volume 2: Love Finds It's Way Chapter 114 N.a.k.e.d

Shopping Mall

Parking lot

"Will you at least listen to me? Please Calvin, let me at least explain myself." Ava called him out again.

Shoving the bags in the back seat, he snapped, "You know what, go on a date with that weird looking guy."

"What?" She frowned.

"Uh-huh you are free to go on a date with that man because I will be going on a date too." Taking out his phone, he opened his contact only to realise that he had already deleted all unnecessary numbers from his contact list when he started dating Ava. Not wanting to embarrass himself, he called Owen pretending he was some girl he used to fling with.

"Yo dude what's up? And how is shopping going on? Fun?" Owen asked.

"Hey Owis, I am Calvin, we had met at the club and you had given me your number, remember?" Calvin asked.

"Dude, are you drunk? Who the hell is Owis? Don't tell me you are cheating on Ava because if you are, I am going to kick your ass." Owen threatened.

"Ah of course you remember me, anyway I wanted to ask you if you are free this Sunday so" he stopped midway and widened his eyes in shock when Ava lowered her head and started sobbing.

Rushing towards her, he lifted her chin and panicked. "Babe why are you crying?" But when she started sobbing even harder, he panicked even more and started wiping his tears. "Ava what happened?"

"You are going on a date with some other woman, you don't love me anymore," She said in between her sobs.

"What? Of course I love you this" showing her his phone, he added, "Look this is Owen."

Turning the speaker on, he snapped, "Owen, tell her that it's you."

"Yeah it's me Ava and not Owes."

Without waiting for her reply, Calvin added, "I'll switch to video call."

Stopping him, Ava wiped her tears away and said, "There is no need for that, I don't want Owen to see me like this."

"Like this? What? Are you both n.a.k.e.d? Did you both fight while having s.e.x?" Owen curiously asked.

"Shut up Owen," Calvin snapped before hanging up the call.

Shoving his phone inside his pocket, he started looking for his handkerchief but realised that he wasn't carrying one.

Taking off his coat, he said, "Here, you can use this to wipe your tears."

"Who gives his girlfriend a coat to wipe her tears you idiot?"

"I forgot to carry a handkerchief today so you can use this because it's clean." Pulling her into his embrace, he sighed, "You can go on that stupid date if you"

Slapping his chest, she snapped, "Why the hell would I go on a date with him?"

"But your mom"

"No Cal, I wasn't even thinking about going on a date or anywhere with him. I was planning to ask Sebastian for help and come up with a reason so that he could tell mom about it." Ava explained.

Hugging her tighter, Calvin breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh thank God."

"Take me home now," she said.

"Oh right, Sebastian must be already home by now."

Shaking her head, she added, "Take me to your place, Sebastian rarely comes home these days and I feel very lonely all by myself."

Kissing the top of her head, he smiled, "Let's go home then."


Sebastian's place.

Sebastian was busy sauteeing the vegetables, he was busy checking on the noodles when Ellie approached him with his phone in her hand.

"Seb, your mom is calling you." Taking the spatula from his hand, she added, "I'll take care of this, you should answer the call first."

Wiping his hands on his apron, he took his phone and walked out of the kitchen.

Ellie pursed her lips and tried not to think about what Patricia had told her about Sebastian's mother.

From what Melissa and Noah had told her about his mom already, she had a rough idea about how his mother was and she always felt very uneasy when she thought about it.

Though Patricia was right that Sebastian would never leave her alone and would always support her, she still couldn't stop thinking about all the consequences that could happen in the future.

Brushing all the silly thoughts away, she sighed and resumed what Sebastian was doing.


Living room.

As soon as Sebastian received the call, Rebecca yelled at him.

"What did you tell Charlotte that she refused a second date with you?" Without waiting for his reply, she added, "If you keep repelling all capable women like this, how am I supposed to find a perfect woman for our family?"

Ignoring her question, he asked, "Why did you call?"

"Mr Nelson is going on a business trip for a few months so I told him that you will take care of Charlotte in his absence."

Sebastian frowned and snapped, "Why do I have to take care of anyone? She is big enough to take care of yourself."

"I already told him that you will,"

"Then that is your problem and not mine," he retorted.

Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Rebecca sighed, "What is wrong with you son? You have stopped listening to me these days. Do not love your mother anymore?"

Massaging his forehead, he explained, "I have many important meetings lined up so it's impossible for me to run after anyone right now so I really can't do this. And mom, please stop looking or planning dates for me, I think it's time for you to stop thinking about me and take care of your health."

"Ask Ava to accompany Charlotte and you both must take good care of her. She can't stay alone in her place so you will also have to invite her over to your place. Since Ava is also staying with you, it shouldn't be a problem." Without waiting for his reply, she added, "I have already taken Mr Nelson's permission for this."


"Do as you are told Sebastian Stewart and don't force me to fly back and remind you that I am your mother."


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