Ultimate Laziness Of A Guy Who Wants Nothing But Sleep Chapter 21

20 Final Chapter

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Fedrick is now 15 years old and enough to get married and after 1 year he got married one of the twins although Fedrick was a lazy man he manages to pull and gaining profit because of the projects he had made he has a single kid because of the harsh needs of his wife and after that he upgraded the magic efficiency and now all soldiers can use basic magic making them the strongest kingdom of all after the information went out in the other kingdom they started assassinating the Fedrick because of the aim of conquering the kingdom although all the attempts were miserable and failed in the long run, Fedrick decided to conquering the kingdom who attempting to assassinate him and they win the war and ending it up by making there land large enough and they make a walls and made another village called Balfour and while they did that the demon lord is gaining strength ...

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