Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326 Begging To Differ

An intense struggle occurred within the cave. Xu Que managed to get the victory by finally managing to break free of the embrace of the two old souls.

In fact, Xuanyuan Qishang had only held Xu Que for a short moment before letting go of him. This was probably the way the old man expressed his paternal love, and a simple, brief hug had been enough for him. He didnt need to do anything more.

However, Xuanyuan Qishangs towering body was still right next to Xu Que, and Xu Que felt dazed for a moment due to this. He felt an inexplicable sense of security because of this wonderful display of paternal love. Xu Que felt slightly envious for a moment, before he chuckled bitterly.

Even though this married couple werent his parents, he was still slightly moved by them. When the couple started treating him as their own child, he managed to feel an affection that in his life he had never enjoyed. However, he realized he was reacting emotionally. He wasnt a youngster anymore, and he wasnt going to acknowledge this couple as his parents because of a misunderstanding. He had taken advantage of the situation for his own benefit, and that was it.

After Xuanyuan Qishang finally let go of him, Xu Que regained his freedom. At the same time, Buttface, Duan Jiude, and the others outside the cave were also freed from their fetters. So they promptly strode into the cave.

Xuanyuan Qishang and Guan Chuchus souls became silent, and they stood next to Xu Que, observing him with vacant looks. They seemed like parents who realized their child would shortly leave.

F*ck! Kiddo, they have really taken you for their daughter. When Duan Jiude detected the affection emanating from the two souls, he spoke in surprise.

Thats right! Kiddo, I feel like you should change into womens clothes and act like Xuanyuan Wanrong to satisfy their wishes, Buttface nodded and spoke.

Xu Que glared at Buttface, and he raised his hand to slap Buttfaces head.

Buttface jumped with fright and quickly moved away. He shouted loudly, Stop! What the hell, kiddo. This time, Im serious. They make me feel terrible, theyre so pitiful. I cant stand it.

Does someone like you still have a heart? Xu Que spoke disdainfully, as he thought to himself, When did this fool have a conscience?

Alas! Buttface sighed and said, This time, its a different case. Kiddo, do you know how painful it is to have a soul stranded by an obsession? When a soul that should disappear isnt willing to accept its fate, it suffers Heavenly Mights pressure constantly, and this isnt any different than being cut constantly by Void Wind Blades. The souls torment is more painful than bodily torment by innumerable folds.

You shouldnt be deceived by the fact that they dont have any spiritual consciousness, and that they are both blank and dull. As a matter of fact, they lost their spiritual consciousness because they were tormented for innumerable years. But the couples obsession was left behind, and it has always stranded the souls here and doesnt allow them to dissipate. The couple did this just so they could see their daughter once again, stay next to her, and continue protecting her.

After Buttface spoke, he looked at Xu Que and said, Cant you sympathize with such great paternal and maternal love?

.. Xu Que was left at a loss for words.

Xu Que really hadnt imagined that the two souls had paid such a horrifying price to survive. It was no wonder that even though many almighty experts were buried in the ancestral tomb, only those two souls appeared. It turned out that the reason behind this was that they didnt want to leave, even though they had suffered intense torment for tens of thousands of years.

SIGH! Their actions arent any different than giving up on their chance of reincarnation, and they will never get to reincarnate again. But the most amazing thing is that the torment they endured for innumerable years exceeds my imagination. Its too horrifying, and it can stir any mans emotions. Buttface wore a sorrowful look.

Mr. Buttface, you arent even a man, Xu Que spoke to correct Buttfaces statement.

It can touch and stir any wolfs emotions. Buttface continued, sighing with sorrow.

What do you want to do? Why dont you just recognize them as your adoptive parents? Xu Que looked at Buttface and spoke.

No! Buttface immediately waved his paw and spoke righteously, I think that we should properly protect them and let them stay by our side. We should take them with us wherever we go. We mustnt leave them alone.


The corners of Duan Jiude and Mo Junchens mouths twitched.

As for Xu Que, he rolled his eyes. It turned out that the reason why this fool had caused such a scene was that he was afraid that Xu Que would abandon the two souls and waste those two bodyguards.

Ah, what a silly, cute dog! Buttface was lucky that his friends thought about him like this.

Buttface, I hope that you wont be so stupid next time, and stop trying to use such cheap tricks to stir up peoples emotions. You shouldnt try to dupe me, understood? You are already a hopeless case, and you arent able to stir peoples emotions, Xu Que said.

Okay, okay, okay. Brother Xu, what you have said is correct, and I understand it clearly, Buttface quickly revealed a mischievous smile as he spoke.

It was at this moment that Xu Que nodded and collected the rod placed behind Buttface. It was the Tough-Acting Kings Purple-Gold Rod. Afterward, Xu Que swept the tomb room with his gaze.

Li Xuanqi had already taken the Heaven Palace Academy members with him, and the tomb room was empty. It was obvious that Li Xuanqi was really afraid of Xu Que because he realized that Xu Que was trying to use any trifling affair to cause a scene. Li Xuanqi was afraid that if he stayed here, some grave misunderstanding was going to arise. This was why he had taken everyone away and left Xu Que some space. In any case, Li Xuanqi had already achieved his objective and managed to start cooperation between the two sides. He hoped that no unnecessary conflict or misunderstanding would occur between Xu Que and the others.

Lad, we have made great gains, and we have managed to get you the Deputy Deans position. I feel like its time for us to make something great, Buttface spoke boldly and revealed his great ambition.

Thats right, I have suffered patiently for innumerable years in the Heaven Continent, just awaiting an opportunity. Now, an opportunity has presented itself to us, and, if I dont make something great out of it, I wont have the nerve to go back and face the Exploding Heaven Factions million members, Duan Jiude also spoke firmly.

Something great? Mo Junchen asked in surprise. He was quite confused.

According to reason, since Xu Que had already managed to get the Deputy Dean position in the Heaven Palace Academy, his status in the Heaven Continent was already lofty. What he should do next was look for an opportunity to take revenge against the Heaven Palace Academy, or hide up in the academy and make use of some of its natural resources and treasures for cultivation, before making a fierce counterattack. Those could be considered feasible schemes!

However, when Buttface and Duan Jiude stated that they wanted to do something great, Mo Junchen got confused and thought to himself, What can two fools like you do?

Ah! Guardian Mo, what is wrong with your face? Why do I feel like your gaze is filled with contempt? Buttface noticed Mo Junchens gaze, and he shouted as he glared at him.

Mo Junchen chuckled bitterly and helplessly. I dont have a different option, and I was just wondering what great matter you want to achieve?

F*ck, do you have to raise such a question? Buttface wore a disdainful look.

The next moment, Buttface and Duan Jiude suddenly spoke at the same time, Its obviouslydoing whatever pleases us.

As their voices echoed out together, the Wicked Trio of two people and a dog strode forward, walking vigorously. They left Mo Junchen alone with the chaotic wind.


After a short while, Xu Ques group had bypassed the tomb room and run into Li Xuanqi and the Heaven Palace Academy members outside the tomb passage. Xuanyuan Qishang and Guan Chuchus souls still wore a vacant look and floated in the air as they followed Xu Que.

When the Heaven Palace Academy crowd witnessed this, they couldnt help but hold their breaths, while their hearts shivered. They became respectful and solemn!

Even Li Xuanqi seemed reserved, and he bowed respectfully in greeting Xu Que . He said, Brother Xu, you have arrived! I have already instructed those unfilial descendants. Even though you have the Deputy Deans position in the Heaven Palace Academy, your authority wont be any less than the deans, while in every matter, you have the right to make a final decision. If anyone dares to disobey you, you can go ahead and punish them as you see fit.

Understood! Xu Que kept an aloof attitude and nodded calmly.

As a matter of fact, Li Xuanqis speech was needless. He just wanted to give Xu Que a good impression. After all, with the current power of Xu Que and the two souls, of course he was able to call the shots in the Heaven Palace Academy. Who would dare to disobey him?

Xu Que knew this quite clearly, while Li Xuanqi also was aware that Xu Que knew it. However, when people interact harmoniously, they sometimes have to depend upon such hypocritical words to maintain a good relationship. Ordinarily, people wouldnt expose them.

Fine, since everything is settled, its time for me to leave. If I have calculated time carefully, I will find out that my son, Xu Que, will shortly reach the Heaven Continent, Xu Que spoke once again and looked into the distance with a profound gaze.

The crowd was startled. They didnt understand what Xu Que was implying by such words. They were thinking to themselves, If your son comes over, so be it. Even if you want to let him join the Heaven Palace Academy, it doesnt matter. After all, you are the eldest here, while you have great backers and support, so you can call the shots.

Haha, Elder Xu, the Heaven Palace Academy would be honored to have your son come over to cultivate here. When the time comes, we will surely welcome him warmly, Li Qinghe responded quickly. He had kept the deans position for a long time, and he had keen observation powers. This was why he quickly spoke with an amiable smile.

Xu Que turned around promptly and glared at Li Qinghe. He said in a deep voice, Dean Li, I beg to differ with your words, as this is what Im most worried about.

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