Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327 It Isnt Like We Dont Have A Solution

Chapter 1327: It Isnt Like We Dont Have a Solution

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Huh? Li Qinghe and everyone else present were astounded. Even Li Xuanqi wore a startled look as he thought, Would this descendant of the ancestors make trouble once again out of nothing?

HUMPH! Xu Que snorted coldly and denounced the crowd sternly, Even though Im already a Deputy Dean, I still hope that you wont give my son, Xu Que, any special treatment. I wont approve of any extravagant and wasteful welcoming ceremony. We should despise such actions.

Since we have built an academy, we must focus on educating people and setting them on the right path. We mustnt provide anyone special treatment, and we must walk with the crowd No, that isnt right, we must walk along with students and live harmoniously with them. We must keep fair and just education ideals. We mustnt divide students into several grades. Dont you realize that a good education program takes a long time to develop?

In an instant, the whole location descended into silence. Everyone here was confused by Xu Ques long sermon.

Even though the people here were all experienced men who had cultivated for innumerable years, they were still bewildered by Xu Ques ceaseless speeches, and they all felt that Xu Que must be a great teacher.

Li Xuanqi, you were previously a disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect, so you know the Heaven Palaces Inner Sanctum rules, dont you? At this moment, Xu Que swept Li Xuanqi with his gaze.

Li Xuanqi was startled and he thought, What the h*ll, I was previously only an Outer Sanctum disciple.

That is right, its right! Brother Xu isnt mistaken. So did you all hear him clearly? Li Xuanqi spoke to Li Qinghe and the other people.

I understood it thoroughly, Li Qinghe replied helplessly.

As the crowd started pondering over what Xu Que had said, they discovered that his teachings were really reasonable.

Most of the resources of the current Heaven Palace Academy were used on their own people, while the rest of the disciples had to depend upon the factions supporting them and cultivate with their own resources. This was why what he said made sense. The cultivation of some poor disciples who lacked resources was slow due to this, and their peerless talents were wasted.

If the previous Heaven Palace Sect had really operated according to the Sanctum Rules mentioned by Elder Xu, then it wasnt surprising that it developed well and became powerful. This could have been one of the factors behind its great power.

The crowd understood everything, and they nodded, while respect welled up in their hearts. Since Elder Xu had such a side to him, they could set their minds at ease. After all, he had done everything just for the Heaven Palace Academys interests, while he even set an example with himself, and forbade the academy from providing his son any special treatment. Just such a matter alone was quite persuasive!

Elder Xu, you can be at ease, we have understood what you are saying, in the end, Li Qinghe spoke with a smile.

Okay, its fine as long as you understand it. Xu Que nodded with satisfaction, before he continued, However, I also understand your kind respect for my son. So when he arrives, even though you dont have to make any extravagant and wasteful welcoming ceremony, you can still give him some Celestial Artifacts or Immortal Elixirs. I wont oppose such a matter, and I will also bear your gifts in mind, and, when the time comes, I will announce your gifts in front of everyone in the academy to express my thanks to you.

Huh? The crowd immediately opened their eyes wide.

Sending gifts?

You have asked to not make any welcoming ceremony, yet you still want to take gifts?

What? I have to warn you that you mustnt offer him precious gifts. Its fine to just give some little gifts. It isnt the gift that counts, but the thought behind it. You probably can understand such an argument, cant you? Xu Que looked so innocent and spoke righteously.

At this moment, the crowd heaved a sigh of relief. It turned out that they just had to send some small gifts as a formality. If it was just this, it was still fine.

SIGH! However, Im still worried that you will make a mistake and send some precious gifts. If you do so, I will be troubled. However, you should still trust me, as even if you dont offer any precious gifts, I wont make trouble for you later in the academy, and I wont put poison in your elixir bottles, while I also wont throw hidden weapons at you while you cultivate. Will I do so? I wont do it. Its impossible. You can set your minds at ease, as Im surely not that kind of person.

Xu Que started giving the crowd suggestions and hints crazily.

Cold sweat started seeping out of the peoples bodies, while they all looked at Li Xuanqi with an aggrieved look, thinking, Ancestor, are you sure that you want to place such a person in the Heaven Palace Academy and let him become the Deputy Dean?

At this time, Li Xuanqi had a headache, and he suddenly started regretting his actions. He started wondering whether his choice had been a mistake. However, when Li Xuanqi looked at the two ancestors souls standing behind Xu Que, his hesitation disappeared completely.

Those two powerful souls were the reason why he had to ignore what Xu Que had done previously and why he had to tolerate Xu Que repeatedly while in front of his descendants. If those two souls didnt exist, Li Xuanqi wouldnt have wasted his breath on Xu Que, and he would have slapped him to death long ago.

Moreover, Xu Que still hadnt made any outrageous demands, and he just seemed unreliable and rascally. But even if that had been the case, it didnt matter, as what they needed to worry about wasnt Xu Que, but the two ancestors souls.


In the end, Xu Que took Buttface, Duan Jiude, and the rest of his group with him and left in front of the crowds aggrieved gazes. He walked out of the tomb room with swagger and proceeded toward the exit.

Since Xu Que had already become the Heaven Palace Academys Deputy Dean, he didnt have any more to worry about, and he calmly left through the ancestral tombs main entrance. He wanted to go visit Jiang Hongyan on the way.

Li Qinghe had given Xu Que the Deputy Deans badge personally, and it would help Xu Que make his way through the Heaven Palace Academy. The people of this world would get to find out that the Heaven Palace Academy had gotten another Deputy Dean only after the end of the ancestral sacrifices ceremony.

Xu Que felt as if he had gotten a change of fortune and even that he could become this lands master, and he was thinking wild thoughts, Since he was followed by two awesome souls, who would dare to provoke him?

However, just as the group took a step out of the ancestral tomb, a fog started rising from the two souls, and they started disappearing at a high speed.

F*ck! Kiddo, quickly go back, Buttface cried out in alarm and dragged Xu Que back into the ancestral tomb.

As for the two souls, they followed Xu Que inside blankly, and, after they had done so, they recovered to their normal forms.

Xu Que frowned and tried to stay calm.

He could obviously understand the current situation, as it was similar to Li Xuanqis situation. Those two souls werent able to leave the ancestral tomb.

In a certain sense, it could be said that the two souls and Li Xuanqi were beings who werent tolerated by the Heaven Way. They had already exhausted their life spans, and they were supposed to die. However, they had violated the Heaven Ways rules and still survived until today. The ancestral tomb possessed a concealment function, and it covered them from most of the Heaven Ways rules. Those souls remained in good condition only due to this.

However, once they left the ancestral tomb, the Heaven Ways rules would descend upon them, and everything that should return to dust would return to dust. Everything that shouldnt be left behind would dissipate along with the wind.

F*ck! We have made so many plans. So who could have imagined that they unexpectedly couldnt come out! What should we do? Buttface spoke angrily.

Buttface coveted such powerful bodyguards greatly, but now that he couldnt take them out, how could he still do whatever he wanted?

As a matter of fact, I think that leaving them here isnt so bad for us. After all, Li Xuanqi is also here, and he can be considered a hostage in our hands. The Heaven Palace Academys members surely wouldnt dare to mess with us, Duan Jiude stroked his chin and spoke.

Xu Que chuckled bitterly and shook his head. You hope that they can stay here, but its up to them to stay here.

Duan Jiude was right, if they didnt have a better choice, leaving the two souls in the ancestral tomb wasnt bad for them.

But the issue was that the two souls treated Xu Que as their child, and they followed him everywhere. When Xu Que took a step out of the ancestral tomb, the two souls started disappearing, but they didnt care about that and stood blankly next to Xu Que.

It was impossible for Xu Que to leave the souls here unless he also stayed here or replaced himself with Xuanyuan Wanrongs remnant soul and let her also stay here.

Neither option was feasible. Xu Que couldnt stay here, while he also wasnt able to take out Xuanyuan Wanrongs remnant soul. After all, the remnant soul had fallen asleep, and it would only awaken after the arrival of her main body.

Lad, why dont you stay here? I will go out, and do whatever I want in your stead, Buttface looked at Xu Que, winked at him, and spoke.

Get lost! Xu Que gave a brief reply.

As a matter of fact At this moment, Liu Jingning, who had stood next to them wearing a pensive look, spoke suddenly, It isnt like we dont have a way to leave safely without taking them with us.

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