Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Costly Method

Is there a solution? Xu Que immediately looked at Liu Jingning and asked in surprise.

What? Lil Que, do you take me for just a useless flower vase since your cultivation overtook mine? Liu Jingning smiled. It was a charming and beautiful smile, yet it still seemed malicious and poisonous like a belladonna flower.

Xu Que was amused, and he made fun of Liu Jingning. He said, Demoness, you have misunderstood me. How is it possible for you to be as ice-cold as a flower vase? In my eyes, you are like a warm bed.

You! Liu Jingning raised her eyebrows and her hand, as if she was about to slap Xu Que angrily. Even though this guy often acted like a scoundrel, it was okay. But now Mo Junchen and Duan Jiude were there next to them, and he still acted so shamelessly.

Ah, stop acting so mischievously, and speak quickly about this business. If you dont do so, I will make you cry tonight, Xu Que held Liu Jingnings arm and spoke with a smile.

Liu Jingning snorted coldly in response. This guy was shameless and hateful, but she still had fallen in love with him. Im not sure whether this solution is feasible, but its worth trying. You may ask them to attach themselves to a Celestial Artifact, and they would continue living as Artifact Spirits. They could manage to deceive the Heaven Ways laws, and they could manage to evade most of the power of the Heaven Ways laws, Liu Jingning spoke bluntly.

A Celestial Artifact and Artifact Spirits? Xu Que was taken aback.

Buttface waved his hand promptly and spoke, Its useless. If you do so, you will only lower their souls dissipating speed, and they will at most manage to persevere for two days.

Xu Que looked at Liu Jingning. He said, Demoness, continue speaking.

Liu Jingning was a smart woman, and Xu Que was aware of this clearly. He didnt believe that she wouldnt think of something that Buttface could think of, and since she had mentioned a solution, she surely had a solution to solve this issue.

Little rascal, since when have you become so confident in me? Liu Jingning smiled once again, revealing a smile as mesmerizing as before.

Its a matter of course. I have a keen eye for judging people, and I never make a mistake. Xu Que was quite confident.

Liu Jingning spread out her small hands. If I informed you that what I have said previously is everything about my plan, would you be disappointed?

.. The corners of Xu Ques mouth twitched and revealed an awkward yet polite smile. I wont be disappointed, but, in the dead of this night, I surely wont disappoint you, and I will make you cry out of pleasure.

Liu Jingnings cheeks became flushed, and she glared at Xu Que, thinking, Dont you have any sense of shame? You are speaking too bluntly.

Is it possible with your current body? Arent you in bad condition? Liu Jingning was also infuriated, and she revealed a charming look on purpose, while her pretty eyes looked in provocation at Xu Ques lower body.

At this moment, Xu Que was displeased, and he thought, This lassie is really daring. She dares to play with fire, doesnt she? If you want to know whether Im apt for it, why dont you just ask Madam Ya? She will provide you with an answer. Lets walk, let me show you my little treasure. Xu Que held Liu Jingnings hand and acted as if he wanted to take her into the tomb room.

Liu Jingning became flustered. If it had been someone else, she wouldnt be sure about this, but it was Xu Que. She was sure that he dared to do such a matter, even though they were in some other peoples graves, and even though two souls were watching them. When did this guy ever have any shame?

F*ck! Brother Que, what do you mean by this? You have a treasure, yet you didnt show it to me, and you want to show it to her? You care more about your lover than your friends. Buttface got anxious and started shouting at the top of his lungs.

Duan Jiude and Mo Junchen exchanged a glance, before they turned around. This was a matter related to humans reproduction. So, how could a dog understand it? Moreover, the dog species even have a certain position imitated and used by humans. This fool had really disgraced all dogs!

Fine, dont cause a scene. I have really come up with a solution, but the price we have to pay for it is quite great. Do you still remember the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines that we got by conning the Divine Farmer Clan members? At this moment, Liu Jingning stopped and spoke resentfully.

Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines? Xu Que was taken aback for a moment, before he nodded and said, I remember. It was an object I got through conning them, so how could I forget it Huh? Hold on, something is amiss. What do you mean by conning them, do you think that Im that kind of person?

That is right, do you think that brother Que is that kind of person? This isnt called conning, but a scam, extortion, or fraud. Buttface stepped forward and corrected Liu Jingnings mistake spiritedly.

However, Buttfaces actions only made Xu Que desire to beat him even more.

Well, hold on? Since you have mentioned it, I have recalled something. It seems like the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine is specially used to preserve ones life. Xu Que suddenly recalled the main point. The elixir concocted with Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine could preserve a dying cultivators life, and what they meant by life were the cultivators soul and life force. It could let them be in a special state where they wouldnt disappear.

Currently, the two souls had only souls left and didnt need life force. This was why Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines could be used on them directly. As long as the souls attached themselves to a Celestial Artifact, their dissipating speed would be slowed by much. Then they would have to refine Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines and merge them with the Celestial Artifact. The souls would then absorb the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines, and they would recover.

The souls would suffer some losses, but they would still get supplements and manage to survive. The souls would be preserved by the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines!

Not bad. The Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine is quite useful but its still unknown how useful it is, and we dont know if the amount of Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines that you have is enough Liu Jingning nodded and spoke. It was needless to finish her speech, as it was obvious that if they didnt have enough Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines, then they could only take the two souls back home, and nothing else could be done.

We will know whether its enough for use once we try it, but I have suddenly realized another issue. Xu Que continued, If I have to attach them to a Celestial Artifact to preserve them, why would I still take them out with me? I wouldnt be able to summon them to fight, while I still would have to use the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines to raise them. Wont I be just raising two ancestors that are only a burden?

That isnt necessarily the case. It could be seen from their current dissipating speed that if you run into danger, they can still fight for around six or seven minutes, Buttface said.

Xu Que frowned. The two personal bodyguards had quickly turned into summonable bodyguards that couldnt be used unless it was absolutely necessary. It just didnt seem worth it.

Moreover, even if he released them, he wouldnt be able to use them for more than six or seven minutes. Even though that was enough time for people with their power to raze the land, Xu Que still felt that he would have gotten the worst out of it. After all, he had to consume a large amount of Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines to raise those souls.

SIGH! Fine, fine. Lets first try it before talking about it anymore. If even 200 Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines arent enough to preserve them, then nothing else can be done other than trying to summon Xuanyuan Wanrongs remnant soul. In the end, Xu Que still decided to give this matter a try.

He took out the Firestorm Wheels that he hadnt used for a long time. He decided to use these as the necessary Celestial Artifact!

After all, he had recycled all the Inferior Celestial Artifacts he had to make the Tough-Acting Kings Purple-Gold Rod, while his only Celestial Artifact Sword was occupied by the Sword Spirit. Xu Que couldnt bear to take out the Acting-Tough Kings Purple-Gold Rod and use it, while the Ancient Life and Death Wheel contained Lifeless Qi and Life Qi, and wasnt suitable for the souls occupation. As for the palace, it was enormous, and taking it out wasnt convenient and easy.

This was why the only option left that was suitable for the two souls was the Firestorm Wheels, and they would have to stay in them for now. Xu Que could still change the two souls residence after he went out and found new Celestial Artifacts. It was never too late for that!

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