Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Blocking The Front Door And Face Slapping

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"Seniors meaning is that the Holy Region is probably long aware of the existence of the son of heavens mandate already. Hence, thats why they would intentionally preserve their strength?" Ye Yuan understood with a snap and guessed.

If the fiend race really unified the Divine Realm, even if the Holy Region was a tortoise shell, with the fiend race gathering the entire Divine Realms strength to assault it, its shell would also be broken.

This point, it was impossible that the Holy Regions powerhouses did not figure out.

The only possibility was that they knew that there was someone capable of saving the Divine Realm. That was why they harbored the thinking of not taking sides in order to save their own skin, and deliberately not exert strength.

Long Teng smiled coldly and said, "The human race and fiend races war has lasted for at least a million years. Whats strange about a major power with a long-standing inheritance like the Holy Region knowing about this? Its just that their actions are truly beneath contempt! Didnt think that 50 thousand years have passed, but they are still like this!"

Hearing Long Teng say so, Ye Yuan was also contemptuous toward the Holy Region to the extreme in his heart.

This kind of major matter that concerned the entire Divine Realms survival, the Holy Region, as the Divine Realms number one major force, actually wanted to look on with folded arms. Truly disgraceful to the extreme!

Other people fought dauntlessly in bloody battles, but they sit idly and reap the fruits of others labor, stepping on other peoples skeletons to move up.

Furthermore, this actually even became a tradition. 50 thousand years ago was like this, 50 thousand years later today, was similarly like so!

Ye Yuan said, "Cloudsky old punk definitely didnt enter closed-seclusion. He wants to use the delay tactic to let me beat a retreat in the face of difficulties.Heh heh,how can I, Ye Yuan, be so easy to send away?"

Long Teng shook his head and said, "Its no use. He has already made up his mind to not see you. Even if you knock on his door to beg him, he wont meet you either!"

Ye Yuan did not speak and started pacing slowly inside the room.

When Long Teng saw the situation, he shut up and did not speak as well. He knew that Ye Yuan was definitely thinking of a way.

After some time, a hint of a smile surfaced on Ye Yuans face. When Long Teng saw the situation, he knew that there was a chance.

Heavenly Saint Plaza was the Holy Regions largest public square. The human traffic here was immensely heavy. It could be said to be one of the Holy Citys most prosperous areas.

The second day morning, an additional stall appeared in the Heavenly Saint Plaza.

On the left and right side of the stall, each had an enormous vertical scroll.

On the left-hand side of the scroll was written All requests will be granted. While on the right-hand side of the scroll, it was Not taking a single penny!

The moment this line-up was put out, it immediately drew a large group of martial artists to crowd around.

"Yii,whats this? Is it fortune-telling? Martial artists all defy the heavens and change fate. How many believe in fate?"

"Are you dumb? You look at this line-up, does it look like fortune-telling? Quite a few medicinal cauldrons are placed over there. Its clearly refining pills on peoples behalf."

"This means that helping people refine pills for free? Theres still such a good thing? But, even if its free pill refinement, this brat is also too cocky, right? Still All requests will be granted, who does he think he is?"

"Heh heh,youre out of touch with the outside world and its affairs, right? This young man isnt an ordinary person. Hes the peak Alchemy Emperor, Qingyun Zi! Back then, Qingyun Zi didnt die. A trace of remnant soul fled to the Lower Realms, and he seized possession and revived!"

"Qingyun Zi! My God, Qingyun Zi actually set up a stall to help people refine pills here. What does he want to do? Right beside is the Alchemist Associations headquarters. This This is also too provocative, right?"

Ye Yuans identity was already not some secret now. The Holy City had no lack of some well-informed people who knew that Ye Yuan was Qingyun Zi.

With this wave of discussion, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

What kind of status did the peak Alchemy Emperor Qingyun Zi have? If it was in the past, forget about begging him to refine pills, even meeting hip was extremely hard to come by.

Today, he was actually helping people refine pills for free. Furthermore, on the scroll, it stated that all requests would be granted.

More importantly, he actually set up a stall at the front gates of the Alchemist Associations headquarters. This was simply monumental.

There had never been anyone who dared to provoke the Alchemist Association like this before.

Even at the Medicine King Halls most powerful and prosperous, they never did such a face-slapping action before either.

The Medicine King Hall and the Alchemist Associations contending, that was all playing tricks in the dark. This sort of posturing and face-slapping action, it never happened before.

Of course, even though the Medicine King Hall was impressive, the Alchemist Association was not to be trifled with either.

Ji Zhengyangs alchemy path strength was merely around on par with Jing Fengtian.

Where did Qingyun Zis courage come from, to dare slap peoples faces at their front door?

At this time, the people surrounding the watching were many. But people who genuinely dared to come forward and request for pills, there was not a single one.

This place was the Alchemist Associations front gate. Requesting Qingyun Zi for pills, wasnt this slapping the Alchemist Associations face? Not everyone had this nerve to dare oppose the Alchemist Association.

Right then, a person suddenly scurried out from within the crowd. It was a middle-aged martial artist.

It was only to see him come before Ye Yuan and immediately kneel down with a thud.

"Lord Qingyun Zi, I beg you, save this lowly ones wife!" The middle-aged martial artist made a pitiful plea.

This middle-aged martial artist was merely a Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artist. In this Holy City, he was merely a minor character that was not important.

Ye Yuan, who was originally sitting rigidly upright, hurriedly went up to support the middle-aged martial artist when he saw him getting so worked up and said, "This elder brother, you dont have to be like this. Since I said that all requests will be granted, no matter who comes, I wont reject it. Speak about it, whats the matter with your wife?"

The moment the middle-aged martial artist heard, he could not help being overjoyed, and hastily recounted his wifes situation briefly.

This middle-aged martial artist was called Lu Wu. Half a year ago, he and his wife went to a mystic realm in the Holy Region to search for treasures. He did not expect that his wife would be bitten by a little snake.

A small snake that did not take human form. They did not pay attention at that time as well and continued going deep in after expelling the poison. But very soon, Lu Wu discovered something amiss.

Many red spots quickly erupted on his wifes body, then her skin started to fester.

Until now, Lu Wus wifes body was practically completely rotten already, looking as if her life was almost going to be lost.

He sought medical help from the Alchemist Associations alchemists, but the Alchemist Associations Alchemy Saint could not diagnose it at all.

As for Alchemy Venerable powerhouses, Lu Wu could not afford that money at all. And the Alchemy Venerable that he found said that without heavenly essence crystals, there was no talk.

Lu Wu loved his wife deeply. Hence, he pestered that Alchemy Venerable every day, hoping to be able to use his sincerity to move the other party.

Except, he did not appreciate it at all.

He did not think that coming over today, he just happened to see Ye Yuan set up a stall here. He did not recognize Ye Yuan either, but when he heard that this one in front of him was the widely renowned Lord Qingyun Zi, he did not hesitate in the slightest to be the first one to step forward.

Hearing Lu Wus circumstances, Ye Yuan immediately had a sudden realization and said, "Thats a Seven Extreme Dual-Flower Snake. Its venom has two kinds of toxins. One type is active, very easy to expel. But the other type is dormant, exceedingly difficult to detect. Want to expel this poison, one requires a Tier 8 medicinal pill, the Taiyi Clear Wind Pill."

The moment Lu Wu heard, his face revealed a look of wild elation.

A peak Alchemy Emperor was a peak Alchemy Emperor. Just listening to his description, he determined what kind of poison his wife was inflicted with.

That Alchemy Saint was simply weak to the max!

But the elated feelings on his face died down very quickly. He said with a dejected look, "Lord Qingyun Zi, I I cant afford Tier 8 spirit medicines!"

Ye Yuan said with a smile, "No worries, I still have some Tier 8 spirit medicines on me. Just happened to have the spirit medicines to refine the Taiyi Clear Wind Pill. Ill refine it for you right away!"

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