Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 Stoneman


Inside the forest, a beautiful figure and a desolate beast were locked in a fierce battle.

That was a Hawk Beast. Its movements were extremely nimble, its strength extremely powerful, thoroughly suppressing that beautiful figure.

Not far away, several figures were currently watching the fight and did not have the intention of making a move.

“Icesoul Lotus!”

The woman cried out sharply. An enormous ice lotus condensed above the sky, directly freezing that Hawk Beast.

Her move succeeding, the girl’s face revealed a happy expression.

It was just that very quickly, her expression became ugly.

Crack! Crack!

On that ice lotus, a fissure actually cracked open. The rift became larger and larger.

Finally, with a crack, it was utterly shattered by the Hawk Beast.

Condensing this ice lotus, the girl expended enormous amounts of essence energy. She did not expect that this still could not kill the Hawk Beast.

At this time, she was already powerless to fight anymore.

However, her face did not reveal much of a panicked expression. What there was, was just a face full of dissatisfaction.

That Hawk Beast clearly suffered injuries too. It was just that its combat strength still had quite a bit remaining.

Hence, it swept up a terrifying storm, tearing toward the girl.

At this time, a figure suddenly appeared between the two. A domain opened up, and that storm was instantly scattered away.

Immediately after, a sword slashed out. That Hawk Beast did not even get to escape and was directly annihilated.

Lu-er pursed her lips and said with an unhappy look, “It’s young master making a move to save me again!”

Ye Yuan chuckled with laughter and said, “This Hawk Beast strength is absolutely not beneath peak Void Mystic powerhouses. You’re only middle-stage Void Mystic currently and can already fight neck-to-neck with him. It’s already very impressive.”

Ye Yuan was not consoling Lu-er. He was really astonished by Lu-er’s talent.

Along the way, the four people naturally encountered quite a few dangers while walking.

But the majority of the time, it was all Lu-er taking action.

Only when she could not resolve it would Ye Yuan make a move to settle it.

Coming out from the Soul Refining Sect space, it was also merely a month’s time. Lue-er already broke through from initial-stage Void Mystic to middle-stage Void Mystic.

This comprehension ability was truly rare in this world.

Right now, the four people already unknowingly entered the void forbidden region. The risk factor also increased greatly.

That Hawk Beast earlier was merely an appetizer.

“But being together with Young Master, I’m forever a burden!”

Lu-er had a depressed look. Young Master’s talent was too terrifying. No matter how hard she worked, she could not catch up.

Forget about Young Master, even Li-er and White Light, her gap was huge too.

So along the way, she worked very hard to improve herself. The goal was just in order to not be a burden.

She did not wish to just be able to hide inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda every time she ran into danger.

“How can Lu-er be a burden? If with you, there wouldn’t be the present Big Brother Yuan! Your role is what others are unable to replace. At times, even I’m somewhat jealous!” Li-er laughed as he came up to greet.

Lu-er’s face turned red, and she said, “Big Sister Li-er, you’re teasing Lu-er again!”

Ye Yuan looked towards Li-er rather gratefully. He then said to Lu-er with a smile, “Silly lass, what Li-er said is right! You’re the one and only, and also irreplaceable. You’re not some kind of a burden.”

Hearing everyone say so, only then did Lu-er’s displeasure turn to joy. Pulling Li-er’s hand, she said, “Big Sister Li-er, you don’t forget why Young Master almost fell into depravity. You really don’t know, I’ve never seen Young Master like that for a person before.”

The two girls chimed in one after another. Ye Yuan immediately felt his head swell and he hurriedly changed the topic, “Alright, it’s not early anymore. We still have to continue hurrying on our way. That mountain in front seems to be somewhat unusual. Everyone be a little more careful.”

This was not Ye Yuan deliberately saying, but it really was the case.

That mountain ahead was incomparably deep, faintly transmitting a very dangerous aura.

Ye Yuan comprehended Sudden Impulse and was very sensitive towards danger.

This mountain was probably not easy to cross.

Entering into the large mountain, this feeling became even more unbelievably intense.

“Big Brother, it really seems to be not quite right! Along the way, there’s actually not even a bird feather!” White Light also perceived something amiss.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said with a solemn face, “Everybody, be a little more careful.”

Right at this time, Lu-er suddenly cried out in surprise and said, “Young Master, you look! That boulder, isn’t it like a person?”

Everyone followed the direction that Lu-er pointed at and looked over, and discovered that a rock on a cliff was indeed like a person sleeping.

Ye Yuan’s expression turned fearful, and he said, “Ignore it, let’s continue hurrying on our way!”

That stone statue gave him a very dangerous feeling. Ye Yuan was naturally unwilling to provoke.

If they were able to leave safe and sound, it was naturally the best.

However, things did not always turn out as one wished. When they walked by the vicinity of the stone statue, suddenly, the entire huge mountain started quaking, as if it was an earthquake.

Ye Yuan felt all the hairs on his body stand of its end. That stone statue actually slowly opened its eyes!

“Quickly go!” Ye Yuan cried out fiercely, protecting the other three people so that they could withdraw first.


Debris flew everywhere. That stone statue actually walked out of the rock and turned into a stone giant!

This giant was over a hundred feet tall, its entire body made up of rocks.

“Bold humans, to dare infringe upon my clan’s territory! Courting death!”

The stoneman gave no chance to explain. A fist brandishing, it smashed toward Ye Yuan them all.

Seeing this punch, Ye Yuan’s gaze turned sharp.

This stoneman’s fist actually carried the power of Divine Dao laws!

If this punch landed on the other three people’s bodies, they would be severely injured if not dead.

Ye Yuan’s face fell, divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm releasing brazenly!


An enormous boom came over. With Ye Yuan’s might, he was actually pushed back several hundred feet as well.

However, that stoneman was even more miserable.

Under Ye Yuan’s palm, his figure fell back uncontrollably, sitting onto the ground with a plop, shaking the entire mountain until it trembled.

“Haha,Young Master is mighty!”

“Big Brother is formidable! This stoneman is so powerful and yet is actually not your match!”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s display of invincible might, Lu-er and White Light both cheered loudly.

However, Ye Yuan’s expression did not have any hint of delight with himself.

He knew the might of his palm earlier. But that stoneman was actually completely unharmed!

This guy’s defense was simply freakish to the max.

“This human is so strong, everybody come on out!”

That stoneman did not launch an attack straight away but called out loudly.


The mountain body started trembling once more. Another stoneman walked out of the rock.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan’s expression changed greatly.

This stoneman’s concept comprehension might not be as high as his, but the defense was freakishly powerful.

One was still fine, several coming out at once, even he was not a match either.


Ye Yuan dragged Lu-er, his figure moved, displaying merging into heaven and earth straight away, and instantly arrived ten thousand feet away.

Li-er and White Light’s face also changed drastically, following Ye Yuan closely and retreating.

“Forget about leaving, humans!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each step that the stonemen took, it quaked the ground until the earth trembled.

Ye Yuan turned his head and looked, his expression could not help turning incomparably ugly. There were actually no less than 10 stonemen chasing after.

Those stonemen looked incredibly clumsy. But their speed was incomparably strange and actually not much slower than them!



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