Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 Your Esteemed Gang Please Change Name

"Y-Y-Y-Your Excellency, just spare me! When they see that its me who brought you over, they will kill me!"

Getting closer and closer to the Dragon Slaying Gangs headquarters, Ah Fours legs went soft and could not walk at all.

Long Zhan carried him like carrying a little chick.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and smiled broadly and said, "Arent you afraid that Ill kill you?"

Ah Fours eyes saw black, and he directly fainted.

In this imperial city, a Heaven Glimpse Realm martial artist like Ah Four was a small character, with only the share of running errands. How could he dare to offend one of the six great factions, the Dragon Slaying Gang?

As one of the six great factions, the Dragon Slaying Gangs headquarters was very grand.

On the door plaque, Dragon Slaying Gang three big words were written using a domineering font; very eye-catching.

Outside the headquarters front door, five to six peak Heaven Glimpse martial artists were standing guard, giving the impression to deter strangers and giving warning to stay away.

Seeing Ye Yuan draw close, even though they discerned that Ye Yuan was an Origin Deity powerhouse, the few people did not take him seriously at all and reproached him. One said, "Didnt you see what place this is? Get lost!"

Ye Yuan smiled slightly. Raising his hand, it was a slash.


The plaque that had Dragon Slaying Gang, three words, engraved, immediately turned into a pile of dust.

Those few guards got a huge fright, suddenly startling awake and saying with an angry roar, "Punk, are you courting death? Do you know what youve done?"

They naturally did not dare to attack Ye Yuan. But they still dared to threaten.

Normally, they were all used to playing the tyrant.

Ye Yuan swept a glance over them and said coolly, "Get your leader out. Im finding them to discuss some matters."

The six people opened their eyes wide, looking at Ye Yuan like looking at a fool.

This guy destroyed the Dragon Slaying Gangs door head and did not think about escaping, but actually still wanted to see the leader. Was this tired of living?

"P-Punk, you wait! Dont run if you have the guts!" said a guard.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Relax, I wont run."

That guard said to the others, "You all keep an eye on him, dont let him run. Ill go and find Fifth Head over!"

Before long, that guard led a big man with a stocky and imposing build toward them. Presumably, it was that whatever fifth head.

The fifth head had a fierce-looking body, faintly exuding golden light. Clearly, he was a body-refinement expert.

"Fifth Head, its that kid! He smashed our signboard without saying a word when he came over!" said the guard and pointed at Ye Yuan.

When he saw Ye Yuan, he immediately roared loudly, "Hoy! Where did this brat come from, to dare smash my Dragon Slaying Gangs signboard?! Prepare to die! Chasing Thunder Heaven Splitting Fist!"

The fifth head was clearly a barbaric man. Giving no chance to explain, he directly smashed a fist toward Ye Yuan.

With this, the fifth head radiated resplendently with golden light. His fleshy body actually already reached late-stage third transformation.

This level of body-refinement strength virtually swept across all in the same rank.


The place where Ye Yuan was standing previously immediately had a large pit smashed out by the fifth head.

"Humph! Blind and reckless brat, became a meat pancake now, right? Come, men! Clean it up!" The fifth head patted his hands and said lightly.

"F-Fifth Head, b-behind!" The guard had an expression like he saw a ghost and said quiveringly.

The fifth head suddenly trembled, turning around to look. He discovered that a sharp long sword was currently pointed between his eyebrows.

The power of laws leaking out on the tip of the sword made the fifth head palpitate.

Such swift speed!

He, a late-stage third transformation golden body, actually could not keep up with an initial-stage Heaven Glimpses speed!

This was too terrifying!

A powerful physical body did not mean being impervious to swords and spears.

The head was clearly still a vulnerable spot of a body-refinement powerhouse.

As long as Ye Yuans divine essence urged, he would take flight to the land of immortals.

The fifth head broke out in a cold sweat and said stammeringly, "Little Brother, if if theres anything we can sort it out."

Ye Yuan said coolly, "I wanted to talk nicely, it was you who didnt give me the chance."

Finished talking, Ye Yuan put away the sword and stood there.

The fifth heads heart turned fearful. An initial-stage Origin Deity actually had such daunting strength.

Could it be that this guy came out of the inner city?

In the fifth heads view, only those peak geniuses in the inner city had such terrifying strength.

For a moment, many thoughts flashed across in the fifth heads heart.

The muscles on the fifth heads face twitched several times and he said with an awkward smile, "This Little Brother, you tore down our signboard the moment you came up, it makes it very hard for Meng Huo!"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Im very understanding, so youre not dead yet."

The fifth head had an embarrassed look and said, "Little Brother, I wonder what you tore down our signboard first? Could it be that our Dragon Slaying Gang offended little brother? Which bastard was it? As long as little brother says it out, Ill definitely beat that bastard to death!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "There was indeed someone who blocked the road to commit highway robbery, saying that it was to teach newcomers."

Meng Huos expression turned stiff and said, "N-Newcomer? You didnt come out of the inner city?"

Ye Yuan said, "Its my first day entering the city today. Didnt expect that I encounter your esteemed gangs preferential treatment."

Meng Huo was speechless. Robbing rich newcomers, this was something that all of the gangs would do.

He did not expect that they actually kicked a metal plate this time.

The strength of this kid in front of him, even though the Dragon Slaying Gang did not fear him, he reckoned that it at least needed the third head to take care of him too.

But speaking of it, it was coincidental. The first few heads went to discuss matters with the Silverfeather Gang today and were all not around!

"But I didnt come here today for this matter," Ye Yuan continued talking.

Meng Huo was stunned, not this matter?

"Little Brother feel free to say what you have! Our Dragon Slaying Gang still has some power in the south city. As long as we can do it, we definitely wont refuse," Meng Huo patted his chest and said.

While Meng Huo was rash, he was not stupid.

Ye Yuan had such terrifying strength at a young age. At least in this south city, few people could do anything to him.

As long as he was willing to join any faction, that was a hegemon of a region!

These kinds of people were not good to offend.

At least before the boss returned, they could not offend.

He could not suppress this kid!

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said with a smile, "Thats good then. I want your esteemed gang to please change name."

Meng Huo was stunned. His expression suddenly turned dark and he said, "Punk, the name Dragon Slaying Gang has already been used for several thousand years! Youre deliberately finding fault?"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "Nay, nay, its just that your name has violated my taboo!"

Meng Huos face turned dark and he said, "What a joke! Who the hell are you? Violated your taboo and we have to change name? If I say no?"

Meng Huo was a man with a hot-blooded nature too. It was impossible to change names because of a word from Ye Yuan.

Moreover, this was also not something that he could make the call on.

But changing names, this kind of thing, had too much impact on the gang. The few heads absolutely would not change the name easily.

Moreover, even if they really changed the name, it also could not be changed because of a brat.

If this were to spread out, how would their Dragon Slaying Gang still keep a foothold in the south city?

Ye Yuan said indifferently, "Give you guys three days to consider. After three days, Ill come again. If you guys are still not willing to change that name when the time comes, then all of your branches will be eliminated! If you dont believe me, you can go ahead and give it a try!"




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