Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688 Thrown Into God Refining Abyss

"W-What?! C-City Lord personally invited him to take the post?"

"What a joke! What What capability does he have?"

"Even if he broke through, becoming the head elder is also too forceful, right? Im not convinced!"

When the elders heard Zuo Shujies words, each and every one of them was extremely shocked.

A brat who just broke through to the Divine Lord Realm actually became the Pill Towers head elder. This was also taking things too lightly.

They all did not understand why City Lord would regard Ye Yuan so highly.

Ruo Xu was extremely unwilling in his heart. Xuan Yu riding on his head, he was already very upset to begin with.

Now, it was actually changed to Ye Yuan riding on his head. He could not tolerate it even more.

He gritted his teeth and said, "City Lord, this Im not convinced! A Divine Lord who just broke through becoming our Heavenly Eagles head elder, this is also taking things too lightly!"

Zuo Shujie gave him a glance and said coolly, "Head Elder this position has always been reigned by the strong. Otherwise, how to convince the masses? Inviting Ye Yuan to be the head elder is naturally because his ability is sufficient to convince the masses!"

Everyones faces could not help changing when they heard that, all revealing disbelieving looks.

Those present were all Alchemy Dao major powers. They were not characters who were easy to fool.

Even if a person refined rank three divine pills until it was transcendent, it also did not mean that the person could similarly do so with rank four divine pills.

Same for those of the Martial Dao, there was similarly a massive gulf between Martial Dao rank three and rank four.

This gulf needed time to bridge.

Rank four divine pills, an alchemist needed to integrate world power to be able to form a pill.

And the technique involved in this absolutely could not be utilized to the highest level in one or two days.

Ye Yuans Alchemy Dao talent was unparalleled, so no one doubted that he could refine rank four divine pills as impressively as rank three divine pills in the future.

But, at the very most, Ye Yuan merely broke through in the past several decades. How could he possibly have such profound Alchemy Dao strength?

Ruo Xus expression was very ugly as he said in a solemn voice, "City Lords meaning is that Ye Yuans current Alchemy Dao strength already surpasses mine? Ruo Xu isnt convinced! I want to compete with him!"

Zuo Shujie smiled and said, "No need! Let you see a person, youll understand! Zheng Qi!"

At this time, a figure outside the great hall slowly walked in. It was precisely the Zheng Qi who had already been missing for a long time!

Seeing Zheng Qi, everyones faces changed.

"Half-step Celestial Deity! Head Elder Zheng he he actually broke through?"

"The stubborn injury on him is already all healed!"

"This Could this be Ye Yuans work? This is impossible?"

When the group of elders saw Zheng Qi, their expressions abruptly changed.

Forget that injuries fully recovered, he actually even broke through!

Zheng Qi slowly stepped into the great hall. The past declining trend was swept clean and what replaced it was boundless enthusiasm.

He clasped his hands at Zuo Shujie and He Chong and said, "Paying respects to City Lord, Grand Elder!"

Zuo Shujie slowly nodded and said to everyone, "Ye Yuan already completely cured Zuo Shujies hidden injuries. Furthermore, he even helped him improve a step further. Ye Yuans strength, Xuan Yu also candidly acknowledged his defeat. Thats why he would take the initiative to resign. Do you all still have any objections?"

The group of elders exchanged glances, being dumbstruck by amazement with todays sudden turn of events.

Before coming, they were even mocking that Ye Yuan had no face to see people.

But now, with a sway of his body, he actually became the head elder.

What shocked them even more was that Ye Yuan just broke through not long and his strength actually bested even Xuan Yu already.

Such horrifying strength, it was naturally more than enough to be the head elder.

However Ruo Xu was awkward.

Seeing that no one spoke anymore, Zuo Shujie said coolly, "Actually, Ye Yuan originally already resigned from his post as an elder and wasnt willing to come out of retirement again. Yesterday, I found Ye Yuan for a long talk before he reluctantly agreed to it. Starting from today, Ye Yuan is the Pill Towers head elder, presiding over all matters of the Pill Tower. Xuan Yu is the second elder, Ruo Xu is the third elder, so on and so forth."

Finished talking, Zuo Shujie said to Ye Yuan, "Ye Yuan, the Pill Tower this whole works will be entrusted to you in the future. However, your most important task is still cultivation. After all, youre my Heavenly Eagles future!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "City Lord rest assured, Ye Yuan has a score in my heart."

Zuo Shujie was not overselling Ye Yuan. He really talked until his jaws ached before convincing Ye Yuan.

To Ye Yuan, the reason why he returned to Heavenly Eagle Imperial City was primarily still because of the 500-year agreement with Li-er they all.

Ye Yuan still had feelings for Heavenly Eagle. At least, in this place, there were quite a few of his fetters.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan also understood that making an exception to promote him to become a Pill Tower elder back then was naturally Zuo Shujies intention too.

If this were not the case, he might still have to wait until God knows when to find Qin Xiao to take revenge back then.

In the end, he owed Zuo Shujie a favor.

Hence, that was why he agreed to take on the post of head elder.

Ye Yuan naturally understood that this position of head elder was not easy to be. But he did not mind either.

Ruo Xu could bully Xuan Yu, but wanting to bully him, Ye Yuan, he was still a bit too tender.

Moreover, in front of absolute strength, any tactic was utterly useless!

In Alchemy Dao, Ye Yuan had such confidence.

Zuo Shujie said coolly, "I can naturally set my mind at ease with you. Alright, this matter is settled like this!"

Finished talking, Zuo Shujie and He Chong two people left straight away, leaving behind everyone with baffled faces.

Ruo Xu shot Ye Yuan a glance coldly, gave a cold snort, and turned around, about to leave.

"Halt! Did I let you go?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ruo Xu suddenly turned around, eyes spewing fire as he said in a cold voice, "Ye Yuan, you dont be too smug!"

Ye Yuan looked at Ruo Xu and said coolly, "Its true that a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow! No wonder back then, Song Qiyang, a disciple, dared to even turn his nose up at me, this elder. Turns out that it was taught well by you, his master! City Lords words earlier, could it be that you didnt hear?"

Ruo Xu was already beyond furious and roared loudly, "If this old man wants to leave, could it be that you can still stop?"

Finished talking, his figure moved, directly walking out of the great hall in large strides.

Right at this time, Coldfeather and Zheng Qi got up at the same time, one left and one right, stopping Ruo Xu.

The power of half-step Celestial Deity emitted off the two peoples bodies. Ruo Xus expression finally changed.

He suddenly realized that these two great half-step celestial deities were both Ye Yuans close buddies.

Ye Yuan said coolly, "Brother Coldfeather, youre the Martial Halls head elder. Defying ones superior and affronting the prestige of the head elder, what should be the punishment?"

Coldfeather broke into a smile and said, "Apart from City Lord and Grand Elder, the head elders authority is paramount and isnt permitted to be affronted. If there are offenders, throw into the Martial Towers God Refining Abyss!"

The God Refining Abyss was a separate space inside the Martial Tower, a place used specifically to punish prisoners.

That Qin Xiao was currently imprisoned in the God Refining Abyss.

Ruo Xus expression changed when he heard that and glared at Ye Yuan as he said, "Ye Yuan, you dare?!"

Ye Yuan laughed when he heard it and said, "Why wouldnt I not dare? Today is this elders first day taking office and you gave me an opening gambit. If I let you go out like this, how will I still be a head elder? Brother Coldfeather, Brother Zheng, take him down and throw him into the God Refining Abyss for three months, so as to punish him!"

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