Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4087

Chapter 4087: Good Temper

This is a monster beast with golden wings on its back, but looks like a unicorn. Its wings are not too long, covering the sky and sun.

But these are all secondary. Its aura is too majestic, rumbling, he appeared in this world, bang bang bang, this ten thousand race battlefield is rumbling and roaring, the surrounding void is roaring under its breath Bursts, as if to shatter.

this is

Many people looked up at the sky in shock. At this moment, the countless tens of thousands of powerhouses present, and many heavenly veterans, were all heart palpitations, and felt an astonishing pressure in their hearts.

"Golden Lin Tianzun!" Chi Kou Tianzun was shocked.

"It's the Golden Scales of the Demon God Temple." Moon Snake Tianzun also changed color, and Zhai Ru Tianzun, who had never spoken on the side, was even more palpitated.

Not only them, but Jinlong Tianzun also looked solemn and his heart sank completely.

On the battlefield of thousands of races, thousands of golden rays of light bloomed, the monstrous figure of the demon race, introverted, turned into a man with an extremely handsome face, a golden robe, very luxurious and unassuming, full of golden long hair flying, unruly. .

"Master Jinlin." Qin Chen's heart was shocked. This person was not someone else. It was the Jinlin he had seen when he asked Hantian in the Eastern Heaven Realm. When Hantian was facing a catastrophe, it was Jin Lin who came forward and resisted. Many sages, otherwise it would be troublesome to ask Hantian

I didnt expect to see it again here today.

However, if Jin Lin didn't know him now, he was Qin Chen who asked Hantian. "Be careful, this person is the Jinlin Tianzun of the Demon Race, the peak Tianzun powerhouse, and one of the titans of the Demon Temple." Golden Dragon Tianzun said to Qin Chen through the sound transmission, he can clearly feel it, even if he faces the five great Tianzuns, he is not afraid. Jinlong Tianzun at the moment

Qi has become extremely solemn.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

The prestige of Jinlin came from fighting with Xiaoyao Supreme of the Human Race. On the battlefield of the two races of Human and Demon, Jin Lin accompanied Xiaoyao Supreme, beheading many powerful demons, rising all the way to the peak, and leaving behind. Prestige.

Otherwise, how could a monster race powerhouse who soared up from the lower plane, like the giants of other top monster race powerhouses, become one of the giants in the Monster Temple?

As soon as the Jinlin arrived, the entire battlefield of the ten thousand races was in an uproar, and many Tianzun powerhouses whispered, and their hearts were heavy. If Jinlin makes a move, the Golden Dragon Tianzun and the real dragon kid will definitely fall into the hands of the monsters, unless the top giants of other races come, such as the Star God Palace Lord, the Dayu Shenshan Mountain Lord, but even these giants want From the hands of Jinlin Tianzun

It's boring to rob people for fear, unless many giants attack in groups.

At this moment, everyone's eyes fell on Jin Lin, and the atmosphere was heavy.

"Golden Lin Tianzun!"

Jinlong Tianzun said solemnly.

"Golden Dragon, I have heard of you." Jinlin Tianzun smiled and said: "You...very good."

Jinlong Tianzun looked dazed, what kind of opening is this? Isn't it a fraud?

Jinlin Tianzun turned his head to look at Qin Chen, his eyes narrowed with a smile.

Feeling Jinlin Tianzun's smile, Qin Chen was a little stunned. He felt that the other party seemed to recognize himself.


I am now a member of the True Dragon tribe. Even the Golden Dragon Celestial Venerable cannot see his own specialness. How can the Jinlin Celestial Venerable figure out?

"All the elders of the Yaozu obey the order, leave this place, and let the true dragons leave."

Jin Lin looked at Jinlong Tianzun and Qin Chen with a smile, and then faced Chikou Tianzun and others behind him.

Chi Kou Tianzun's face suddenly changed, and he said in anger, "Golden Lin Tianzun, why?"

"Why?" The eyes of Jinlin Tianzun staring at Chi Kou Tianzun gradually became cold, and he saw a terrifying aura permeating his body, turning into a golden ocean and swept away towards the surrounding void. Oppressed away, suddenly, Chi Kou Tianzun body

The palace above thundered and trembled.

The terrifying golden oppressive force suppressed, causing all the flames around the palace of the Red Kou Tianzun to be extinguished.

The palace of Red Kou Tianzun is like a small boat, swaying in the wide void, as if it will capsize every moment. The surrounding Moon Snake Tianzun and Zhai Ru Tianzuns expressions all changed, and Qin Chen was also stunned to watch this scene. The golden scale Tianzun just released a golden breath, and the oppressive Chikou Tianzuns palace could only Barely

block. "The Jinlin Tianzun is really terrifying, its power is endless, and it is irresistible." In the distance, Tianzun exclaimed in secret: "It is said that this Jinlin Tianzun was already the peak Tianzun powerhouse during the war between humans and demons. Now many thousands of years have passed. , This Jinlin Tianzun heal

It's terrible. "

"I'm afraid it's not far from the Supreme Realm, right?"

"Supreme, supreme is not so easy to break through."

The masters of the ten thousand races breathed solemnly.

"So strong!"

Qin Chen was also shocked. At the beginning, Jinlin Tianzun could not make a move at all in the Eastern Heaven Realm. This also caused Qin Chen to not understand the opponent's strength. At this moment, he knew the opponent's terrible.

This Jinlin Tianzun is already so strong, how terrible is Xiaoyao Supreme, the owner of this Jinlin Tianzun?

"Now, don't you go back? You are embarrassed here, and you two, how can you fight with this seat?" Jinlin Tianzun sneered and looked at Moon Snake Tianzun and Zhai Ru Tianzun.

"Golden Lin Tianzun, I'll leave right away." Moon Snake Tianzun had previously beckoned in front of Jinlong Tianzun, but he didn't dare to say anything in front of Jin Lin, turned around and left here.

The Viper family dare not offend the giants of the Demon Temple.


Chikou Tianzun gritted his teeth, but he didn't dare to disobey Jinlin Tianzun's orders. He knew that Jinlin Tianzun was a lunatic. If he really dared to disobey the opponent, he might even kill him directly.


He gave a cold snort, turned and left here, disappearing.

"Haha, Golden Dragon Tianzun, your true dragons have made a big bargain this time. Next time you have the opportunity, come to my monster clan to sit down, and I will personally accompany you." Jin Lin laughed, and then glanced at Qin Chen. , The whole person has disappeared.

Jinlong Tianzun has been a little confused now.

"This Jinlin Tianzun has a really good temper." In the sky, Tianzun exclaimed: "Rumors say that this Jinlin Tianzun is extremely domineering. I don't think that is the case."

"Good temper?" The Tianzun next to him sneered: "You haven't seen the scene of Jinlin Tianzun's killing in the past, and even the Tianzun masters of the monster race dare to scold like this, but what is the Chikou Tianzun of the monster race? You dont know the character, you are not afraid of the sky

Exist, even if the Jinlin Tianzun scolded him and ran away dingy, if the Jinlin Tianzun had a good temper, would the Chikou Tianzun leave in such a dingy manner? "

That day Zun was stunned.

"Hmph, be careful. There is no one who has a reputation in the universe who is good at it, especially the slaughtered figures like Jinlin Tianzun. If necessary, I am afraid that you and me can be destroyed by turning your hands. "Zun said in a low voice that day.

"Yeah." Another Tianzun nodded.

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