Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4089

Chapter 4089: Supreme Big Hand

When Qin Chen and Jinlong Tianzun flew quickly on the battlefield of ten thousand races. In the endless starry sky above the battlefield of ten thousand races, in the depths of the universe, in the dark ruins in the depths of many stars, suddenly a pair of eyes filled with endless darkness opened, vaguely, as if seeing A figure that reaches the sky

, Is staring at the ten thousand race battlefield below. If at this time, the top celestial masters look at the starry sky, you can see the battlefield of ten thousand races, just like a huge land suspended in the dark world, boundless, and around that huge land, there are countless of

The stars, halos like eggshells, enveloped the battlefield of ten thousand races. And the entire battlefield of ten thousand races was shrouded in a halo like an eggshell. Looking carefully, the battlefield of ten thousand races is layered on top of each other, layer by layer. I dont know how much space is hidden, not just on the surface, but hidden inside. Endless


This is a lot of secrets and dangerous places, and countless spaces are folded.

And outside the battlefield of ten thousand races, there are endless nebulae. Each nebula contains hundreds of billions of stars, and there are countless creatures on it. Among those nebulae, there is even more mysterious void.

The entire universe, I don't know how big, how many races, how many powerhouses with supernatural powers, and how many legends are being played every moment.

At this moment, this pair of eye pupils actually looked at the battlefield of ten thousand races from the endless dark ruins of the universe, penetrating layers of space, layers of secrets, layers of nebula, layers of planes folded, and finally landed on Qin Chen and Jinlong Tianzun's body.

Suddenly, a terrifying figure towering over the dark ruins appeared, and a terrifying super hand suddenly appeared in the endless starry sky! This super big hand is much bigger than anyone imagined. It flew out from the other end of a huge nebula, and the palm of the hand could actually cover the entire nebula, covering some of the stars' light, exuding monstrous light. Devilish

, Grabbing Qin Chen's location.

This terrifying big hand's violent demonic energy fluctuations directly caused some nebulae around to disintegrate, and countless stars burst out. Such a terrifying existence is no longer a method of the Celestial Lord level. No matter how strong the Celestial Lord is, this terrifying method cannot be used. From the remote battlefield of the ten thousand races directly onto the battlefield of the ten thousand races, the space of the universe fundamentally blocks them. Can't do this

Big hands, layers of space seem to be non-existent, this is clearly the kind of peerless powerhouse with extremely terrifying cultivation. ? This terrifying giant demon hand grabbed Qin Chen and Jinlong Tianzun. It is conceivable that as long as it is caught, Qin Chen and Jinlong Tianzun will be crushed into ashes instantly, leaving nothing behind. , Heaven and earth, no one

Jinlin Tianzun wouldn't be able to save them.

Because of such a terrifying big hand, Jinlin Tianzun could not resist.

The magical power that can travel through the endless void and directly descend on the battlefield of ten thousand races from the billions of stars is no longer the power that a strong man of the Tianzun level can imagine.

At this time, Qin Chen, who was on the battlefield of ten thousand races, was completely unaware of the appearance of this big hand, because he could not see the scene of the endless starry sky above the battlefield of ten thousand races.

But all of a sudden, he was suddenly excited, as if there was a haze over his soul, a huge panic, covering all of his soul, at this moment, he felt great danger?

"what happened?"

This kind of strong sixth sense shocked Qin Chen's heart. He hurriedly calculated his fate. After a long river of fate, he saw that his fate was enveloped by layers of black mist, and a breath of death radiated.

Life and death crisis. Qin Chen's heart was pounding wildly. He didn't know what was going on, but it was definitely very bad, because the entire void of the Ten Thousand Races battlefield began to rumbling and roaring like an earthquake. He didn't know where the danger was. pass

Handed over.

"Human kid, it's the starry sky. Above the starry sky above us, there is a terrifying force that is suppressing it. No, at least it is a master of the supreme level."

Honghuang Zulong and Blood River Saint Ancestor were furious.


Qin Chen looked up and saw only the dark starry sky and endless stars, but could not see any shadows.


At this moment, not only Qin Chen, but also the countless powerhouses on the battlefield of Ten Thousand Races felt a strong heart palpitations, and their souls burst into pieces.

Above the endless void, that super magic hand was about to be caught.

at this time!

From the other end of another nebula in the Great Ruins of Endless Darkness, with a sudden bang, a super-powerful hand with dazzling light also flew out and directly grabbed the terrifying hand.

boom! ?Two big hands covering the sky, fighting in the vast dark sky and stars, the previous horror hand was grabbed by the later super big hand, shrank, suddenly pinched a fist, and the void seemed to light up A few mysterious runes, one

Boxing out.

Rumble! Rumble!

Thousands of stars disintegrated, and stars burst into pieces, turning into infinite meteorite fragments, drifting in the universe.

"The ancestor of the deep demon, you are also a strong man about to surpass the supreme level, hiding in the dark to make such a shot at the junior, is it too much?"

The rumbling roar resounded, and at the other end of the endless nebula, a majestic figure emerged, standing upright and boundless.

This is a strong human race, but his figure is extremely majestic, invincible in the world, and his eyes are like nebulae, blooming with divine rainbows.

"Xiaoyao Supreme!"

A cold and dark shout sounded, with resentment and anger.

The person who displayed the hand of the Heavenly Demon turned out to be the ancestor of the Demon Race, the ancestor of the Abyss Demon.

It's no wonder that the Demon Race did not have a master. It turned out that the ancestors of the Abyssal Demon had been ambushing here long ago and wanted to perform a killing blow on Qin Chen.

At this moment, a figure wearing a magic robe appeared in the endless darkness. Although he did not show his face, he felt like a source of ten thousand demons. The billowing demonic energy was released from him, really like It is a demon who travels.

"Xiaoyao Supreme, you shouldn't stop me." The Ancestor of Abyss Demon snorted coldly, "You should know that you and I have the same purpose, and what I do is not only for my demons, but also for this. All the creatures of the universe."

Xiaoyao Supreme sneered, "No, we have different paths and different goals. The ancestor of the deep demon, you should go. Dont forget the promise that the Supreme Power can not enter the battlefield of ten thousand races. Do you want to set off another one? Is there a big war?"

The ancestor of Yuanmo sneered: "Xiaoyao Supreme, do you think that your ancestor is afraid of you? It just so happens that the ancestor wants to see if you have made any progress in your cultivation level after so many years."

boom! The ancestor of Yuanmo coldly killed Xiaoyao Supreme.

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