Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 Gu Xijiu Is Missing 5

All of a sudden, the ground shook vigorously again! It felt as though it was a magnitude nine earthquake! A few of them were not alert to the sudden change; hence, they almost fell. Luckily, all of them were elites and quickly rose up to in midair when they noticed something was wrong!

The ground collapsed and cracked as the entire plum forest collapsed… Dust was flying up to the sky, and the loud collapse made everyone temporarily speechless. The scene on the ground looked like an apocalypse.

Luo Zhanyu’s facial expression immediately changed as he witnessed the scenes below!

Xijiu! Xijiu was still in the Underground Palace!

He turned around and was about to rush down to the ground, but Lan Yue managed to pull him back. “You can’t go! You’ll be buried alive in there!”

“I need to save my sister!” Luo Zhanyu was panicked as he tried to struggle out from Lan Yue’s grasp.

Lan Yue’s power had almost recovered, and his external ability was about the same as Luo Zhanyu’s. Therefore, Luo Zhanyu could not escape.

“She has already achieved a level ten spiritual power; she should be able to teleport out even if she is buried underground. However, you will die if you go now! Yan Chen was stubborn and look what happened! Do you want to give Xijiu another problem!?”

Luo Zhanyu was unhappy that Lan Yue lectured him. Although he knew that what Lan Yue said was relevant, that was his sister; he really could not calm himself in such a short time.

Suddenly, a white light flashed across the dust with two people engulfed inside who shot up to the sky. Since the dust was too thick, no one could see who those two people were.

“Xijiu!” Luo Zhanyu screamed as he rushed over to check. However, when he arrived somewhere nearby, he realized that was not Gu Xijiu but Di Fuyi and Lan Jingyi.

The two of them looked fine. Di Fuyi’s robe was still neat and clean while Lan Jingyi was floating in a wizardry barrier behind him while she meditated.

Luo Zhanyu was stunned. He grunted, “Di Fuyi, have you seen Xijiu???”

Di Fuyi frowned. “I thought she had escaped with Lan Waihu? Did you not see her?”

Her teleportation technique was the fastest way out of the Underground Palace; Di Fuyi could not even catch up with her.

“She had come out with Lan Waihu; however, Yan Chen was still in the Underground Palace. He had gone in after you because he was worried. He didn’t come out; hence, Xijiu passed Lan Waihu to Overlord Long and then went in again to find Yan Chen. However, she appears to be missing.”

Di Fuyi’s expression changed slightly because he knew how dangerous it was in the Underground Palace as he just escaped from there. The quake was not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster. It was Mo Zhao who initiated the destruction mechanism after he escaped!

All the ‘blood vessels’ burst and the blood from the blood vessels were corrosive. When he escaped, he witnessed all the guards who did not manage to escape turn into ashes as the poisonous blood spilled onto them.

The explosion of the ‘blood vessels’ covered all directions without missing any single spot. Thus, there was no place for them to hide.

Di Fuyi might have suffered the same fate if he did not manage to initiate the protection array and rush out in time.

Gu Xijiu could perform teleportation; hence, she would probably teleport out even if she could not find Yan Chen, right? She knew it was dangerous, so she probably would not risk her life this way.Perhaps, she had teleported tens of miles away; hence, it was normal if no one could see her.

Strangely, Di Fuyi was a little panicked. He took a deep breath and retrieved the jade tablet which he always used to contact her. He dialed and waited for her to answer. However, the jade tablet was unresponsive after a few blinks and then turned back to its original appearance.

Di Fuyi’s concern could be seen all over his face, and the fingers which he used to hold the tablet turned pale.

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