Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2068

Chapter 2068 Specially Made For You

“Bai Ze, she has nothing to do with me starting from today, so you do not have to report anything about her anymore. Also, stop following her around.”

Bai Ze nodded. “All right, master.”

The eight mythological animals were instructed to follow Gu Xijiu to ensure her safety. It was because of this that Di Fuyi could arrive in time when Gu Xijiu was in danger at the Yaori Mountain. Certainly, the eight mythological animals had done an outstanding job. Perhaps it was time for them to take a break. However, could their young master really lay down everything between him and her? Bai Ze doubted it.

He looked at his master and realized he was drinking again. After all, His Highness was good at drinking; hence, it was not easy for him to get tipsy. Bai Ze used to worry that his master was overconsuming alcohol. Soon, he realized that it was normal for him. His young master was generally good at drinking like his father. In fact, it was not easy for the Divine Lord to get drunk. Therefore, Bai Ze just let him continue drinking and stood there.

Consequently, Di Fuyi was drunk! All the wines stored in the Fantian Palace were extremely valuable with amazing taste. It was also high in alcohol content, and that made Di Fuyi fall asleep for three days in a row.

He had a few dreams during those three days; the dreams were quite confusing, and it did not make much sense to him. He met Gu Xijiu again in the dream, and they even went on an adventure together. He spent most of his dreams running and escaping in dangerous situations; there was even a cave with many weird and ferocious beasts chasing after them inside. Fortunately, they made it as they fought against the beasts together.

He was holding her hand throughout the adventure. After they escaped from the cave, they saw an ocean with strong waves below a cliff. Suddenly, Gu Xijiu took out a fishing rod and claimed that she was going to make fish soup for him. He then happily waited and watched her prepare the fish soup.

She scooped a bowl of soup and passed it to him as she smiled. “Here you go, it is specially made for you.”

When he was ready to take it, a hand suddenly stretched over and took the soup away. Di Fuyi was very pissed off and saw a man with a purple robe as he lifted his head. Strangely, the man in the purple robe was just standing in front of Di Fuyi without wearing a mask; however, he could not see his appearance clearly. His focus was only on the fish soup in his hand.

Gu Xijiu was shocked and looked at the man in the purple robes. “Huang Tu? Celestial Master Zuo! You are finally here!”

The man in purple robes opened his arms as he looked at her. “Xijiu!” Di Fuyi watched helplessly as Gu Xijiu, who was holding his hand with love earlier, ran into the embrace of another man. Di Fuyi’s hands trembled as he watched them. He wanted to separate them, but he just could not move as if his feet were nailed to the ground.

It felt like a century had passed before Gu Xijiu finally noticed Di Fuyi. Apologetic, she smiled. “Fuyi, I have been looking for him for a few centuries; he is the only one I like…”

“How about me?” Di Fuyi asked with a hoarse voice.

Gu Xijiu smiled with guilt. “Fuyi, I only treat you as a kid; you can have all the fish soup in the pot. Take care.”

Di Fuyi was very upset. He just watched Gu Xijiu turn and left with the man in purple robes, and she did not even look back!

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