Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2485

Chapter 2485 Kun Peng 2

The palace master was also very intelligent. Following his line of explanations, she said, “Everyone, think about it… If the God that appeared last night was really an immortal who was sent from heaven to save human beings, why would he run away after he saw me? Obviously, he was guilty! However, because all of you confronted us, you gave him the opportunity to run away!”

In a way, part of the young palace master’s explanations was true. The chaos in the city made it impossible for her to track Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu.

It would appear that the master and the servant complemented each other in this situation. Furthermore, the presence of the evil spirits had certainly convinced some people that they were mistaken.

The people who were still unconvinced continued to question Yun Yanli. The pointed out that the blood rain stopped abruptly in the middle of the night, which was something the array was never able to do. Among the public, there was an exorcist master who was present. Using some tests, he could assess the fierceness of the grievances. Being a rather direct man, he stood up and said, “City owner, I am an exorcist master. Although there are evil spirits attached to the crystals, the presence of these grievances is not new. It has been more than a month since these people were killed.

Furthermore, it looks like someone has purified the grievances recently, which is rather odd. Finally, the overall nature of this array is indeed auspicious. Any evil spirits have been subdued.”

Yun Yanli paid attention to the man. He recognized that this person was a famous exorcist master in the city. Moreover, he was quite popular and had a good reputation among the people. In fact, as he finished speaking, someone immediately agreed with him. Yun Yanli had to pause for a moment to carefully address his concern. He knew that if he did not carefully address the point he raised, he would lose the faith of his people. He smiled and asked, “Don’t you find the spirits rather aggressive?” He suddenly lifted his sleeves and wrapped his arms around the man’s shoulder. “I invite you to go and verify it yourself.”

Using a spell, the person was brought directly into the array. In the people’s eyes, they only saw him use his sleeves to throw this person into the array. However, the innocent exorcist master felt as though he was attacked by a giant python! His internal organs were instantly displaced, and he could not even utter a word. In the array, he was stumbling about as if some wicked spirits had taken control of his body when, in fact, he was suffering from severe pain. After a while, he seemed to have fallen on a spiritual crystal. The slumbering grievances smelled the food, and immediately swooped toward the exorcist master.

Sadly, the public witnessed the exorcist master being ripped apart. Utterly shocked by what they saw, everyone seemed to take a step back subconsciously. They did not want to be next.

Yun Yanli dismissively asked, “Who here still does not believe that this is a vicious array?”

Everyone retreated further. Watching the evil spirits eat up their acquaintance, they were no longer willing to question the truth of his statement.

Yun Yanli continued, “Recently, the devils have gone rampant. Some people in our human world have secretly turned into spies for the devils and took the opportunity to confuse people. He is one of them. I have not interrogated him, and he actually came to me himself. What is the use of having such a person here? It is not good for the stability of our city!”

Playing this card naturally shocked the people. Moreover, they would not want to raise any conflicting points against Yun Yanli at this moment as they were afraid to be seen to be working with the devil. Yun Yanli’s eyes swept through the crowd, knowing that he had achieved his desired purpose. He smirked in his heart.

Yun Yanli was a leader in the Upper Bound who was in charge of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Thus, he was good at playing politics. There had also been many thorns among the soldiers in the past. They either disappeared or grew to become loyal to Yun Yanli.

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