Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2488

Chapter 2488 Kun Peng 5

Nonetheless, no matter how irritated he actually felt with the creature, he could conceal his emotions rather well. With a smile, he politely said, “Only you, the surviving member of the devil clan, will gauge the heart of a gentleman with your own wicked measure. I will make sure that the chosen ones will go and return together. What do you have to say about that?” Playing the game of politics, Yun Yanli clearly garnered the upper hand.

“This dragon likes to confuse right and wrong!”

“That is right! Governor, the dragon has disguised itself as a beautiful creature to deceive us. We should turn it into its original form.”

The heated discussion continued.

Among the crowd, Yun Yanli’s men were cursing the loudest. They were eager for Kun Xueyi to become the scapegoat and make their master the ‘good guy’ again.

“Our governor is our real savior. Most of you are unaware that our governor is a descendant from the Upper Bound. His spiritual power is higher than that of a Mighty Immortal. He is here to investigate the cause behind Shura World’s unusual blood rain that has been going on for years. Having tied everything back to the devil clan, he wants to exterminate them once and for all. His goal is to give everyone here a peaceful life,” the young palace master chimed in.

Astonished, the people looked at Yun Yanli in disbelief.

“You have to believe what I have just said. How long has Governor Yun taken over Leguo City? In just a short time, he has done so many good deeds for us. For example, the poisonous swamp no longer exists. He has even caught this evil dragon from the devil clan so that it will not harm the innocent,” the young palace master continued to brainwash the people.

The news caused a stir in the crowd. Some suggested that Governor Yun should turn the dragon back to its original form so that it would not continue deceiving the people. Yun Yanli thought the same. He did not expose the dragon’s original appearance earlier because he was concerned about its size and thought that it would not be convenient to carry such a gigantic creature around. Now that he had already returned to the city, it was time to use the dragon to build his fame.

He put his fingers together and seemed to move it in a repetitive motion while looking at Kun Xueyi sternly. “I will reveal your true appearance to the people. How dare a dragon challenge the peace and order of society!”

A streak of white light flashed and surrounded Kun Xueyi’s entire body. The light was extremely bright that it could be blinding to those who stared at it the entire time. It seemed to have formed a light shield around the creature, and some form of spiritual power could be seen bouncing about within like streaks of lightning.

The crowd waited breathlessly for the final form of the dragon, and as the light slowly faded, everyone was astonished by what they eventually saw! The spiritual net was there, but the creature was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone gasped in astonishment. In fact, Yun Yanli was equally shocked. He could not believe that something so unexpected would occur after casting the same powerful spell that had worked like a charm every single time before. The true form of any beings would be easily revealed under the spell, but apparently, not this time.

More worryingly, the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Had he run away? Yun Yanli took a step forward and lifted the net to have a closer look. It was empty. Determined, he decided to give the net a shake to see if the creature had turned invisible, but there was still nothing.

The crowd looked at one another, at a loss of what to do. They quietly waited for an explanation from Yun Yanli. The man intended to show off his skills but was forced to deal with embarrassment in the end. He was ready to cast another spell to search for the lost being’s whereabouts but was stopped by a sudden disruption. He looked up and was shocked to find that something had blocked out the sun.

The crowd noticed that something was not right and looked up immediately.

“Oh, no! What is that?”

“A giant fish!”

“What a huge fish!”

In the midst of daylight, a giant fish suddenly made a surprising entrance. The size of its body was almost mountainous, stretching across the sky in a prosperous golden color. Only a small part of its body was revealed, however. Even without the head and the tail, people could still recognize that it was some sort of fish. Its fin moved a little to summon the shrieking wind that roared past the land. Rolls of dark clouds started to fill the sky, and in no time, torrential rain started to pour down on the people.

Amidst the falling rain, the fish could be heard laughing. “How could you call the man a celestial being when he could not even identify what I really am? All the man can do is to fool all of you, mortals.”

The voice was coming from Kun Xueyi.

“Kun! It is a Kun!” A panicked voice called out.

“Oh, my! A Kun is a mythological creature; it is not a devil!”

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