Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2644

Chapter 2644 Working Out A Scheme

Lan Waihu proceeded to breathe warm air into his ear seductively. It was a pleasurable and yet tickling sensation for the Yan Chen. Little Fox was generally a shy person, so she would not normally take the first step and invite Yan Chen over for the night. Sometimes, she did not even feel comfortable about their intimacy. If she found that Yan Chen had been too aggressive, she would completely shut him out for the following days.

In her personal opinion, a successful relationship should be able to withstand the test of time. A casual stroll under the moonlight would already be a romantic gesture to her. However, she was not very keen on sexual intimacy. Deep down, she did not feel comfortable seeing a man and a woman caressing one another while naked. The physical part of her relationship kind of ruined her ideal picture of a perfect couple.

Yan Chen loved her dearly. He knew that she was not very comfortable with physical contact, so he had been cautious with his needs throughout the years of their marriage. Only in times of desperation would he call for desperate measures and get her into the mood.

Yan Chen was usually in control of himself, but that did not stop him from feeling the sexual excitement that a young man should have, especially when he was alone with his beloved wife. As soon as Little Fox knew that she was pregnant, it became her sole, legitimate reason to turn down all of his invitations. She even suggested that they should be sleeping in different rooms to avoid him from getting too sexually aroused.

The child did not come easy, and Yan Chen cared about the baby just as much as she did, so he agreed to her terms. However, Tianju Hall was now crowded with many refugees, so there were not enough rooms for them to sleep separately. If they insisted on splitting, they needed to share a room with other people. Therefore, Yan Chen moved out and joined his buddies in the same room. He was worried that Little Fox might get bored, so he asked a friendly junior to share the room with her.

Besides, there were too many things that Yan Chen needed to attend to in Tianju Hall. He had been quite occupied trying to figure out a way for them to defeat the aliens, so there was hardly any time that he could spend with Little Fox. They only met once a day.

Yan Chen was a young man full of vigor. Therefore, the sight of his wife was enough to arouse him. When they were alone, he would not hesitate to hug and kiss her to show his affection. There was once when he got too close to her, which made Little Fox aware of his erection. She was appalled by it and immediately pushed him away. Yan Chen was very embarrassed by the incident and left abruptly. For three days, he dared not visit her. However, he was then sent away for a mission, which was when Little Fox sneakily followed him to make sure that he was safe.

Ever since their return, Little Fox seemed to finally understand her husbands needs and started taking more initiative to please him. However, Yan Chens injuries had prevented him from sharing any forms of intimacy.Also, his juniors and brothers had all died during the mission, so he had been feeling quite down lately about the loss of his comrades. Therefore, he chose to ignore all of Little Foxs sexual hints. In fact, he was not quite interested in any intimate engagements with her at the moment.

Little Fox was obviously inviting him to bed right now, but he was not excited about it at all. He caressed her hair gently and said, Go and have some food and then have a good rest. I need to see Principal Gu and discuss some matters with him. He then turned and left swiftly.

Bewildered, Lan Waihu stood alone and watched as his figure disappeared in the dark. After a while, she put her hand on her tummy and gently caressed the baby. With a sigh, she slowly left.

It was their first proper meal in three months. Everyone indulged in the feast. Gu Xijiu had kept the meat from them, so the first meal was only vegetables and congee. She told them that it would not be good for their digestive systems since they had been starving for so long. Since they were so hungry, even the vegetables alone tasted amazing. The amount of food that Gu Xijiu brought was enough to feed everyone fairly well.

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