Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 3002

Chapter 3002 The Inner Demon

The courtyard that was covered by peach blossoms was finally revealed in its entirety.

There was a small area surrounded by yellow mud and a green plant that looked like a Boston Ivy. Pale purple flowers could be seen scattered around the plants. They looked delicate and intriguing at the same time.

There were several kinds of plantains in the vicinity, along with grass and leaves. A large stone was standing in the middle of the yard. The big rock looked unadorned with moss growing all over it. There was also rattan entangled on it with the same purple flower growing all over it.

As for the only green brick house in the courtyard, it was even more stylish. The windows were octagonal with peach blossoms designed on them.

In short, this courtyard was rustic and elegant, mixed with a bit of a farmhouse style. It looked like the courtyard of a hermit.

“Fuyi, isn’t this yard pretty?” Gu Xijiu was holding Di Fuyi’s arm, and he asked him excitedly.

Di Fuyi looked around and nodded his head. “It is great! Xijiu, I never knew that you were so talented in decorating a courtyard!”

Gu Xijiu smiled happily and sounded proud. “Of course! This is actually my dream house. It is elegant and warm.”

It was indeed exquisite and warm to the point where an elegant person likeDi Fuyi could not even fault it.

He had always decorated the place where he and Gu Xijiu lived. Usually, Gu Xijiu would not get herself involved in the matter. As long as she could live comfortably, she always gave recognition to his taste.

In fact, she typically did not want to get herself involved.

Of course, Di Fuyi had also given her opportunities to leave her mark on their living space. After finding ways to trick her into getting involved, she finally agreed to design something.

However, the courtyard she designed made Di Fuyi laugh out loud!

His ridicule of her design certainly made her angry. Consequently, she did not allow him to touch her body for a month.

For the sake of his own sexual well-being, Di Fuyi did not fall for the same trap again.

Nevertheless, looking at the layout of this house, he would even consider it as a masterpiece! Did she hide her talent before or?

Di Fuyi could not help but continue to praise the design of the place from time to time as he walked through the place.

Gu Xijiu followed him from behind and was practically glowing with all the songs of praises she received. She could not help but ask him, “Do you like it?”

Di Fuyi nodded. “I like it! Xijiu, I didn’t expect you to have such a talent… In the past, you were not very good at these sorts of things.”

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows but said proudly, “As long as I am willing to work hard, there is nothing that I cannot do. In the past, I just wasn’t very interested in such things. But when I put in the effort, I know I can master anything. I am your wife, and you are outstanding in this respect. So, I cannot let myself fall too far behind.”

Di Fuyi smiled and tapped her little hand. “You have improved a lot. However, you used to say that a husband and wife should complement each other. I am outstanding in this respect, so you should not be good at it, right?So that you can give me all the authority in this respect, to avoid any difference in opinions and disagreements. At that time, you were very firm about this and justified it very well.”

Gu Xijiu was a little embarrassed. “It was because I didn’t learn it well, so I gave you excuses to avoid being embarrassed in front of you.”

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