Versatile Mage Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Chapter 174 - Clearsky Hunter Agency

The woman was quite well qualified for her post, as she did not take long to find a private hunting organization for Mo Fan.

The private hunting agency is called Clearsky Hunter Agency, one of the private organizations that have been around here for years. They are very well known, but no one knows why they take in people often, and why some of the hunter mages are not willing to join them, said the assistant.

A well known organization, shouldn't there be many mages that would want to join them? Mo Fan asked curiously.

No idea, perhaps the leader of the organization had unrealistic demands for their members? Just so you know, the information and details of these private organizations are not completely known to us. If you wish to join them, we can give you their contacts and you can head over there directly for an interview, she replied helpfully.

Fine, I wonder if the surname of the leader is Bao? murmured Mo Fan to himself as he nodded to her suggestion.

After paying the agency fees, Mo Fan headed straight to the address of the Clearsky Hunter Agency provided by the assistant.


What surprised him was that this hunting organization was not far away from the institution, which was a great convenience to Mo Fan.

Just imagine in a place as big as Shanghai, if he had to spend a few hours a day just to traveling back and forth from the places he stayed, studied, and worked, how would he have enough time?

After passing by Jing An Temple and a few busy streets, Mo Fan entered a street that had the appearance of the olden days.

At the end of this street, an old fascia could be seen swimming in the air against the wind.

Clearsky Hunter Agency!

What a huge name! Mo Fan thought, feeling that with this name, this organization would be able to complete all the tasks they accepted!

Mo Fan then walked closer and finally got a clearer look at the old shop that looked like an inn.

By the front door sat a little girl with twin ponytail hairstyle who was reading a story book with pictures while she swung her cute little legs.

Through the glass, Mo Fan saw no one in this inn, and everything seemed very organized...

Are you here to commission a task? If so, the minimum price to commision a task will be three hundred thousand, and the pricing will be altered after we assess the difficulty of the task. We will not accept any task that worth less than that, said the little girl without raising her head. Her voice was beautiful, but the tone was extremely cold.

Three hundred thousand dollars!

Immediately, awkwardness struck Mo Fan and he did not dare to give the fruit sweet he took out from his pocket to the little girl anymore.

Uhhh Im here for an interview, I believe the Hunter Union has written an introduction letter to you already. Are you the shopkeeper? asked Mo Fan.


Upon hearing this, the little girl finally put her book down, raised her beautiful face and looked at Mo Fan with wise eyes as she replied, Are you sure you can handle it? You are so young!


Mo Fans jaw dropped onto the ground.

My age is too young?

Why dont you look at yourself, little girl! You are at most only twelve years old!?

Ling Ling, is there a customer? and at this time, from the deeper part of the shop came an old mans voice.

Grandpa, he is here for an interview but he is too young, I suggest that we reject him, Ling Ling replied to the old man before she continued reading the book in her hand.

...... Speechless, Mo Fan looked at this little girl and he did not know if he should laugh or cry.

Being young is very good! Young men tend to be not afraid of dangers, but if they die, then it would be a shame that they have yet to enjoy the even greater things in this world, said the old man.

...... Hearing this, Mo Fan felt extremely awkward.

But since he was already here, Mo Fan did not want to get rejected at his first interview.

Just when he was about to enter the shop to talk about the interview with the old man, a lady who was walking hurriedly appeared at the junction of the street. It was obvious that she was looking for the Clearsky Hunter Agency. She, however, seemed to have failed to see the signs, and entered a few other shops recklessly.

Grandpa, a rich target, the girl named Ling Ling said to the old man.

How so?

A lady who dresses in the style of the rich and seems to be very nervous while her mentality is shaken greatly.

Mo Fan who was listening at the side had goosebumps all over.

What the hell? Is this a hunting organization, or a murderous shop with murderers!

As expected, the luxuriously-dressed lady entered this shop in the end and under the lead of Ling Ling, was led to the room where the old man listened to the ladys request, a tobacco pipe in his mouth.

Meanwhile, the now clueless Mo Fan had no idea what to do and just sat down somewhere close as he listened to what the lady was about to say.

Tsk tsk, they said that this kind of organization would attract young ladies like this one easily, see? There is already one right now on the very first day I arrived, so it is a must for I, Mo Fan, to become one of the members of this Clearsky Hunter Agency...

You are saying that your husband, who is now ill, is probably a monster, and he goes out every midnight to commit foul play? asked the old man, who squinted his eyes and appeared to be listening to the lady very seriously, but Mo Fan clearly saw the old man was staring at her cleavage.

Yes, yes! At first, I did not believe this but this morning This morning when I washed my husbands clothes, a piece of skin soaked in blood dropped out from his pocket. I was once a nurse so I can differentiate between animal skin and human skin said the beautiful and curvaceous woman with a pale face as she recited what happened this morning.

Mo Fan, who was listening at the side, also felt slightly shocked.

Back in Bo City, Mo Fan learned that there would be different monsters that lived among people with their very own special methods, but he had never heard of any monsters like the husband of this lady.

He had never heard of any monsters that possessed the ability to turn into a human!

If your husband really is a monster, you wouldn't be here to tell us about this anymore, replied the old man.

I really have no idea either! He looks normal in the day, and I rushed here quickly after lying to him that I was going for a facial in the beauty salon. Mister, you have to help me! I heard that you guys could decimate whatever monsters. I can no longer differentiate if my husband is still my husband or not. My four year old child is still at home! I wanted to take him back to my parents to hide, but as soon as I brought this topic up, my husbands eyes turned red and thank heaven that I changed my idea right in time. I still have to go back tonight, or Im afraid that my children will said the lady as she broke down into tears.

Have you reported this to the police? asked the old man.

No, I know that they will refuse to look into this matter.

Ling Ling, on the other hand, looked at the crying lady and said calmly, Whatever you said just now is not enough to be evidence that your husband has turned into a monster. Think positively, perhaps your husband is not a monster, but a murderer with a weird fetish to collect human skin.

After listening to the words of the young girl, Mo Fan immediately lost his voice.

Was that supposed to be more positive!?!?

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