Versatile Mage Chapter 222

Chapter 222 - Qianjun, Thunderbolt, Yaksha!


Lightning emerged around Mo Fan, arcs of electricity spiralling around his body.

A beautiful Star Path emerged beneath Mo Fans feet.

Zhang Lulu watched Mo Fan draw the Star Path, astonished to realize his control of Lightning was much better than Xu Zhaotings. Whether it was control of the Star Path or interlinking the Star Atlas, it all went smoothly. There were no pauses in the middle.

Another Thunderbolt? So what if its Intermediate level Magic! At most, it can kill a single Dark Beast. With the amount of people we have, you can forget about killing all of us, even if you used up your mana! Hui San was acting savagely. When he saw Mo Fan use the exact same Magic as Xu Zhaoting had before, he began to ridicule him.

The Lightning Element was indeed impressive. The might of the Intermediate level was very hard to defend against.

However,they were from the Black Vatican, and they could command from one to five Dark Beasts each! A Thunderbolt could at most kill one. Even if its power was excessive, it was still useless!

Mo Fan heard the ridicule coming from the disciple of Black Vatican. The corner of his mouth curved up into a cruel smile.

This dog-like thing was really not your normal naive fool, did he really think that an Intermediate Magic Spell only had a single form?


He pointed toward the sky, and a thundercloud quickly emerged in the pitch black sky.

The light flashed as it fell down at an astonishing speed!

A thick purple Lightning bolt split open the skies, its body brimming with destructive powers racing down. Even the air was being scorched.

Mo Fan took control of the Thunderbolt. When it was halfway down, he yelled out the chant of the spell once more. Thunderbolt, Yaksha!

Halfway down, the purple Lightning began to split apart, and forked out into several Lightning branches!

Cross Thunderbolt!

There was total of five branches coming down out of the Cross Thunderbolt. Its power didnt seem to have decreased as it struck the five Dark Beasts in the very front.

The five Dark Beasts was originally running over fiercely. However, in the very moment they were hit by the branches of Thunderbolt, they were directly turned into pieces of flesh!

The blood droplets were very thin, blood mixed with flesh. They were thoroughly electrocuted, their heads had been instantly turned into ashes, and their flesh blasted apart!

Thunderbolt, Yaksha was extremely fast and cruel. In a flash, the five Dark Beasts were turned into scraps. The only thing that remained was the blood steaming on the ground.

The bright flash made it hard for Zhang Lulu to open her eyes. When she was able to see everything clearly, she discovered that the five Dark Beasts had turned into steaming puddles after being hit by the Thunderbolt.

This...this was the second level of Intermediate Lightning Magic!

Mo Fan had actually cultivated all the way to the second level of the Intermediate Lightning realm!

He had instantly killed a third of the fifteen Dark Beasts. The Hui Yi who had a ridiculing attitude  before had suddenly turned stiff.

Their objective was much stronger than the Lightning elemental kid from before. Whether it was the Lightning Star Atlass formation speed, or the might of his Lightning spells, they were all on a completely different level.

Hurry up and go, take the opportunity while his magic is down! Hui Er commanded furiously.

The Dark Beasts didnt dare to even hesitate. They all continued to charge toward Mo Fan. These Dark Beasts had always been the most optimal cannon fodder for the Black Vatican. Even if all of them were to die, the disciples of the Black Vatican wouldnt care as long as they accomplished their mission.

Facing the remaining ten Dark Beasts, Mo Fan was not scared in the slightest.

There was Lightning flashing within his palm, the Lightning Strike spells were extremely simple for him right now. They didnt even see him make a movement to use the spell.


Sharp claws flashed by, practically streaking across Mo Fans throat. This attack was extremely dreadful. If the artery in his throat was sliced, he would definitely die!

Mo Fan had already seen this extremely quick Dark Beast, and took a small step to the side.

The moonlight was being dimmed by a cloud, it formed into two gloomy paths. Mo Fan was just standing by one of the gloomy paths. When the Dark Beast made its move, Mo Fan had sank into the boundaries of the shadows

The second Dark Beast charged toward the darkness and hit the air. It was extremely furious as it kept looking for Mo Fans shadow everywhere. However, it did not know that Mo Fan had already moved ten meters away, to another dark area.

Qianjun, Lightning Strike, Wrath Shock!

This time, it was no longer a purple lightning!

Within the purple of the Lightning strike were some darker colors. The beautiful purple Lightning had turned into an indigo current!


The Lightning Strike seemed to be far from as strong as Thunderbolt, but coupled with the dark energy, it was extremely ferocious. Originally, Lightning Strike was used to whip and paralyze. Adding on the dark force, it caused the surrounding air to tremble and form into a completely vibration!

This Lightning Strike, Wrath Shock lashed onto the body of the quickest Dark Beast. The second the Dark Beast came in contact with the lightning, it had no way to move. A jolting pressure effect came along with the Lightning Strike as it shocked the Dark Beast multiple times!

It was like a thick indigo iron chain had slammed down heavily. The Dark Beasts body was instantly covered in series of scars. Once the Lightning Strike completely whipped over it, the Dark Beast was turned into mincemeat!

The only smell was the fresh tang of ozone from the aftershock. This Dark Beast had been turned into mincemeat only twenty meters away from Zhang Lulu. The atmosphere was still trembling a little, and Zhang Lulus heart was unable to calm down.

This was this still Primary Lightning Magic, a Lightning Strike?

A Lightning Strike, even a third level one ,could at most cause some damage to a Dark Beast. People had to take the opportunity when they were paralyzed to use another magic to inflict serious damage on them

However, the Lightning Strike used by Mofan was different from that used by the other Lightning students, including Xu Zhaoting!

His Lightning was indigo!

His Lightning carried a power that shook even the air, it was an incredibly strong pressure. Originally, it was just some normal Lightning Strike, but it had turned into some heavy chain-like thing that crushed the Dark Beasts body, killing it just like that!


When he used his Lightning Strike, he did say that.

Could it be that his Lightning is no longer the common grade??


This Great Demon that once received the worst reputation in a stroke at the Rookie Competition was actually this powerful! Those dreadful Servant-class Magical Beasts were just like children in his eyes, he only needed to use Primary Magic to completely whip them to death!


While Zhang Lulus heart was billowing, Mo Fan once again drew a Lightning Star Atlas.

This Star Atlass speed was relatively fast, and didnt seem to have been affected by the continuous assault of the numerous Dark Beasts.

An ominous noise was heard once more, as this time Mo Fan used his Spirit grade Lightning Seed on his Intermediate Lightning Magic.

Primary magic with his Qianjun Lightning Seed could already kill a Dark Beast, then what about an even stronger Intermediate Magic? Coupled with the effects of Qianjun, what kind of might would that be?




An indigo-hued Nebula began to condense.

The indigo bolt struck down without pause

When it reached halfway down, it split into several Lightning branches equally strong...

From a place not too far away, the slowly flowing Huangpu river reflected this incredible destructive dance. That was an indigo Cross Lightning; thick, irascible, and carrying a strong aura of death!


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