Versatile Mage Chapter 223

Chapter 223 - Not a Single One Remains!

The trembling carried through the air. When the Lightning Yaksha forked into five branches and landed, it did not just hit its five objectives. In the areas where the Thunderbolt Yaksha landed arose a powerful pressure.

Whether it was those who were directly hit by the Thunderbolt Yaksha, or those who were standing near the area of Qianjuns domain, the little Dark Beasts had no way to survive. The difference in the former and latter was that the former was turned into countless droplets of blood steam. The latter was merely directly turned into minced meat. Who knows which one suffered more pain before they died.

His Qianjun Thunderbolt Yakshas might was much greater than that of a Common grade Lightning Seed. The remaining Dark Beasts seemed to have all died from the explosion of the Intermediate Lightning Magic

One of them seemed to have good luck, only its legs had been completely shattered. Unfortunately for it, it just happened to get stomped on by the Spirit Wolf.

The Spirit Wolf slowly bit this Dark Beast to death. Perhaps this Dark Beast that was being chewed on was regretting why it didnt just get killed along with its group. Instead, it was tormented for half a minute for no particular reason except a Spirit Wolfs curiosity...

In just a moment, all of the Dark Beasts had been completely cleaned out. Just a while ago, Mo Fan was the prey of these people. However, he had immediately turned into a murderous Lightning Death God.

One had to know that it wouldnt be much of a problem for these Dark Beasts to deal with two or three Intermediate Magicians. They were crafty, fast, and they knew how to attack as a team. Although Intermediate Magicians were indeed impressive, they still couldnt deal with a group of these kind of creatures attacking them from all directions.

After these Dark Beasts had been turned into blood and meat chunks, the four disciples of the Black Vatican realized that the objective they were supposed to catch was not a simple sheep, he was a savage tiger!

Their strengths were on a completely different level!

This was completely different from the information given to them from the student concealed within the school!

Re...retreat! Hui Sans face had already turned pale. He turned around and started to run.

Split up! Hui Er could still be considered relatively calm as he advised his three companions.

The four of them knew they couldnt handle Mo Fan, and so they began to run in four different directions...

Mo Fan swept across them with his gaze. Beneath his feet was an intertwining Star Path that wasnt very clear nor bright.

You go pursue that one. Mo Fan pointed at the grey person that was running toward the riverbank as he spoke to the Spirit Wolf.

The Spirit Wolf immediately began to chase in the direction Mo Fan was pointing in. The Spirit Wolf didnt even need to use its burst speed. The Spirit Wolf thought there was no way he could not outrun a slow human with two legs with his own four legs. How about biting off a leg once Ive caught up and then see how much further he can run?

Mo Fan wasnt in a hurry to pursue them. That was because the shadow beneath his foot had turned into a mysterious Star Atlas, a strange dark aura beginning to grow from it.


As Mo Fan pushed out with his hand, a gigantic Shadow Needle noiselessly began to fly out from the center of his chest.

He couldnt see this shadow energy flying in the air, however. In the reflections in the windows in the factory, he could make out from the safety lamps that there was something sharp flying over.

In the next second, Hui Si, who was in the middle of running, came to an abrupt stop. His running movement and his inability to move an inch of his body formed an extremely strange posture. It looked extremely odd!

Hui Sis complexion turned pale as he looked back. He suddenly realized that the shadow beneath his body had a gigantic spike sticking through it like a sword.

Following this,  a shadowy gas began to emerge from the surroundings of his body, and this dark mist began to circle around him. It caused his restrictions to become even tighter, as if even his consciousness had received an attack!

Everyone must die!

Mo Fan didnt even look at the person whose shadow was being controlled before his body sank into the shadows.

A shadow began to quickly move through the pitch black factory. A few seconds later, the shadows emerged in front of the calmest disciple of Black Vatican.

Hui Er ran with his life at stake. Originally, he wanted to turn around to see whether that ferocious death god was chasing him or not, and instead, he nearly crashed into the scary death god.

Fire Burst, Burning Bones!

A ball of flames suddenly condensed in his palm, Mo Fan threw it right into the front of Hui Ers chest from a close distance.

The flames touched Hui Er and quickly covered his body.

Hui Ers clothes were completely burned away. While it was burning his flesh, increasingly more dreadful flames began to invade the inside of his body.

Even his bones that shouldnt be burned were turned into ashes. The flames of Burning Bones burned both the inside and the outside. If Mo Fan was specifically controlling the temperature, he could increase the heat of the flames by a lot

If he was lenient toward those from the Black Vatican, then hed be disrespecting those who had died by their hands!

Mo Fan turned around as he ignored the screams coming from the burning Hui Er behind him. His eyes fixed on Hui Wu, who took this opportunity to run away.

This Hui Wu ran pretty fast. He was a Wind Magician, Mo Fan could see a long wind tunnel behind him as he fled for his life.


Fierce flames began to scuttle forth from beneath Mo Fans feet again. Mo Fans entire person looked like a fiery demon. Although there was an incredibly hot fire engulfing his whole body, he still seemed so calm!


Hui Wu run with his life at stake.

No one knew that while he was a Wind student at Pearl Institute, he had always been a loyal follower of the Black Vatican.

Although he could not receive resources, he had always hoped to receive more power. The Black Vatican was able to give him even more power...

Although he had run pretty far, Hui Wu still had some lingering fear. He already knew of the great strength Mo Fan possessed during the Rooke Competition, but who knew that was only the tip of the iceberg?

He didnt understand how a person who already had a Summoning and Lightning Element would also have Shadow abilities. This information had to be quickly given to the great Deacon!

Suddenly, he heard a voice rising ominously behind him.

Fiery Flames, Exploding Heavens!

Hui Wu turned around eye-piercing red flames! He could only see the furious red flames that were coming for him!

The flames were extremely large, in the form of a gigantic fist raging out from the shabby factory. Even though he was so far from it, the power of the fist of flames did not diminish at all!

Hui Wu wanted to use his Wind Trail to change direction. The heatwave caused his skin to nearly melt while the gigantic fist began to expand in size. Even if he wanted to hide from it, there was no way he could-!

When the powerful flames exploded, Hui Wus entire being was engulfed

At close range, the Fiery Fist was able to turn a creature into black powder. The temperature of the flames after a distance was not as high. However, it was still very much capable of turning a Primary Magician into a black carcass!

Hui Wu thought that if he could run far away, then he would be able to avoid it. However, he never imagined that the demon from the campus actually possessed the power of Fire...

Hui Wu fell to the ground with flames raging around his body, his face charred beyond recognition and stamped with an expression of disbelief.

What he would never understood was how this Intermediate Magician could actually possess magic from four different Elements...

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