Versatile Mage Chapter 224

Chapter 224 - Killing Someone in Your Spare Time

I beg of you, please let me go I was forced to do this, I While he was stuck with the giant shadow spike, Hui Si couldnt help but kneel down before Mo Fan and beg for his pathetic life.

Four Elements, it really was four Elements! This objective had a total of four Elemental magicks! The great Deacon did tell them that this objective was an Innate Dual Element...

If he used common sense, then the other party would Awaken one more Element when they reached the Intermediate level. He should only have three Elements!

However, four Elements

How could there be trust between humans now?

Mo Fan wouldnt talk smack with these domesticated slaves. He glanced at the Spirit Wolf, whose jaws still showed fresh blood, and said indifferently, Heres your midnight snack.

The Spirit Wolf hadnt had its fill yet, and it knew that this follower of the Black Vatican was currently being controlled by the Giant Shadow Spike, and unable to make a move. It was just thinking about cleaning its teeth before, but then it realized that it would need to clean them again. Thus, it decided to first rip its meal apart and then slowly eat it...

Dark Beasts were too smelly, and were extremely hard to swallow. However, the flavor of the followers of the Black Vatican wasnt bad!

Aaaa! The miserable final cry of the last follower of the Black Vatican reverberated through the factory. Mo Fan had already walked out of the factory toward Zhang Lulu, who was still bleeding.

Mo Fan had seen Zhang Lulu before, she was the girlfriend of Xu Zhaoting. However, the current Zhang Lulu had already fainted. Originally, he wanted to ask her to keep the secret of his four Elements secret. However, it was clear that she already passed out by the time he had used the Fire Element.

Fortunately, Mo Fan always carried around some blood medicine. Although these blood medicines could not heal her, they could at least keep her alive.

First, he had to stop the bleeding. Mo Fan picked up Zhang Lulu and put her on the back of the Spirit Wolf that had just finished his midnight snack.

We can head back, Mo Fan said to the Spirit Wolf. The Spirit Wolf spat out a bone, feeling very satisfied, before he carried Mo Fan and Zhang Lulu back toward the city.

The city had regulations against Summoned Beasts. When Mo Fan arrived at a place where there were people, he had to take a taxi. Fortunately, Zhang Lulus life was no longer in danger, or else she would definitely have died from bleeding. The liquid from a Dark Beasts claw prevented blood from clotting.

After taking Zhang Lulu to the closest hospital and paying a considerable amount for the hospital fee, a Healing Magician finally arrived and healed her.

Zhang Lulu had lost a lot of blood, and wouldnt wake up in a little while. Mo Fan knew that the hospital was just as safe as the school, and so he left behind a contact number before he returned back to his apartment.


Sister Mu, where do you think that Shadow Beast is hiding? We still have nothing on it, its so troublesome! Ai Tutus voice was audible from outside the door.

Mo Fan opened the door and walked in. He didnt talk to the two girls, as he had too much on his mind. With a heavy heart, he walked up to his room.

The two girls stopped their discussion for a while. After Mo Fan got to the second floor and closed the door to his own room, the two finally glanced at one another.

Why didnt you say anything, are you against his personality? And he didnt even peek at Sister Mus thighs this time Ai Tutu muttered.

What nonsense are you saying! Mu Nujiao was a bit embarrassed. Why did this little brat keep running her mouth off like that?

Didnt you see that there was some tawny color on his clothes, it seemed to be dried blood, Ai Tutu noted.

Mu Nujiao didnt say a word. Based on the hint from before, he mustve experienced a fight. The big bloodstain was relatively eye-catching.

Just where did this guy go, and why was he covered in so much blood?

Could it be that this Great Demon likes to kill people in his spare time? That blood clearly wasnt his! Ai Tutu said.

Mu Nujiao didnt want to randomly guess. However, she began to think about it.


In a long alley, the few lamps seemed to be only able to illuminate the surrounding ten meters.

On the green stone walls were a few wooden doors of the old style. Suddenly, one of the doors slowly opened, followed by a stinky creature crawling along on four limbs quickly charging in. It seemed to be carrying a living person, as well.

After this, a grey cloaked man walked inside. Before he entered, he made sure to check the alley to make sure no one was following him.

Inside the place was an old courtyard. There were trees there that no longer had any leaves on them.

The courtyard was very messy, no one had cleaned the place. Standing on the staircase that led toward the old house was a man wearing half a mask. In his hand was something similar to a whip he used to lash the couple of disobedient Dark Beasts at his side, their flesh already lacerated from the punishment.

Great Deacon, our plan was ruined by this kid, Hui Yi said.

Xu Zhaoting? Hmph. The man with half a mask looked at Xu Zhaoting, who was covered in dirt. The other half of his face that seemed fine let out a cold, cruel smile.

Xu Zhaoting was weak and had no strength remaining. However, he was able to recognize just who this strange person was.

After looking carefully, Xu Zhaoting spat with incredible anger, Its you!

Bo City was only so big. Those who were around same age while being known as extraordinary naturally knew of one another. Yu Ang knew Xu Zhaoting, and Xu Zhaoting definitely recognized Yu Ang.

However, Xu Zhaoting had never imagined that the person Mu Zhuoyun had considered his successor was actually someone from the Black Vatican. It seemed like this person was definitely one of the ringleaders behind the disaster of Bo City!

So it was an old acquaintance. Ill have to give you some special treatments, Yu Ang said with a smile.

You half-faced monster, you must not know how to die! Xu Zhaoting cursed him.

Yu Angs smile immediately came to a stop. His entire being began to sink into a gloomy state.

After his face was ruined, the one thing Yu Ang hated was to hear someone mentioning it. The places that he went to nowadays were not even allowed to have a mirror!

Ive told you before, I will give you a special treatment. Not a single person who goes against the Black Vatican will have a good life, Yu Ang said coldly.

Great Deacon Hui Wu, Hui Si, Hui San, and Hui Er seems to have died, Hui Yi whispered as his face suddenly turned pale.

Was it the people from the Magic Court? Yu Angs face immediately changed.

It was the objective that came soon after. He even saved the girl that came along with this kid, Hui Yi said.

When Xu Zhaoting heard this, he couldnt help but sigh in relief.

As long as Zhang Lulu was fine. He was really worried about her ending up in the hands of these insane people.

The whip in Yu Angs hand immediately lashed toward Xu Zhaotings face. It was clear that Yu Ang was extremely angry about losing four underlings in an instant.

You are happy about the girl who survived, arent you? Yu Ang walked over in front of Xu Zhaoting. The whip in his hand lashed out mercilessly once again as he said ferociously, Ill let the two of you regret being alive in this world!

After saying that, Yu Ang directly dragged the bloody Xu Zhaoting inside the old house.

When Hui Yi saw Yu Ang once again drag a living person into the house, his whole body couldnt help but shudder.

In the Black Vatican, some people who had offended others or broken the rules would endure a pain worse than dying, especially when they ended up in the hands of this great Deacon whose heart was increasingly twisted...

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